Over the course of making your ghost, some things may go wrong. I'm sure there are ways to get errors and glitches that I haven't even seen yet, so I'll add those when I hear about them. For now, I'll just cover the ones I know.

The Ghost does not appear.

This is the most common one. You run, switch to, or reload your ghost, and nothing appears. You look in your taskbar, and you can see the SSP icon, but not your characters. If you right click the icon, most of the functions in the menu will be grayed out, except for ones like reloading your ghost and possibly changing ghosts as well, I forget. But most of the menu will be inaccessible.

What this means is that there is an error somewhere in your .dic files. If you've been coding dialogue, this is when this problem will come up. I told you in the scripting section to take things very slowly and to save after every change you made, and I really hope you followed my advice because that will make things much easier for you.

Go to the last file you were editing, and undo your changes. Save the file, and reload your ghost. If it appears, you fixed the problem! Something about the coding you were doing didn't work. Rewrite your dialogue, if that's what you were doing, or rewrite your coding again, this time paying close attention to what you're doing. Make sure your brackets are closed. Make sure your quotation marks are closed. Make sure your functions are all named properly. Make sure you don't have punctuation where it shouldn't be. Save, reload, test. If it breaks again, undo your change, save, and unbreak it. You may find that there are certain things a ghost just will not do. Adding new .dic files to aya5.txt I've found can be extremely picky, and sometimes it just won't take (it is doable though). Sometimes, you've just got to know when to let something go and give up.

This shouldn't apply to dialogue coding though, there's no reason a line of dialogue shouldn't work unless it's been coded improperly. So in that case there's a mistake somewhere in your line of dialogue. Find it and fix it. Reuse a working line of dialogue if you have to.

If you've been editing large chunks of files without reloading and testing, or even multiple files at once, then finding the problem will be much harder for you. Try and think about all the edits you made, go back through them one by one. Check every file. Check them over and over. The mistake HAS to be in one of them. It HAS to be in one of the segments you were changing.

If you are in this situation and you are desperate and saved a copy of the GT_Template folder, there is something you can do. First, make back up copies of your .dic files. Then, copy the original gt_template .dic over your edited .dic, save, reload. Did the ghost come back? If not, copy another template .dic over another one of the .dics you've been editing. Did that bring it back? Keep doing this until you find the broken .dic. Once you find it, replace the .dic files of your ghost with your back up copies so you don't lose all the work you did. Go into the .dic you've pinpointed as the broken one. It still won't tell you exactly where the problem is, but at least you know what .dic file it's in.

While making the template, at one point I accidentally deleted a function's name in one of the files and I hadn't been reloading regularly so I didn't know which file it was, and I had a heck of a time finding the problem when it broke like this. Even a small oversight can be painful. So be careful and save and reload often. It will save you a headache in the long run.

The ghost is frozen and won't let me double click it.

This usually happens if you reload using the developer panel. This is the same thing as above, one of your .dic files was broken by a recent change. Because you reloaded using the developer panel though, you can at least still see your characters. It's the exact same thing as above though, and fixed the same way.

Every time you save a .dic file, the ghost breaks.

Make sure you do not have Smartquotes on in your text editor! They look almost exactly like normal quotation marks at a glance, but Smartquotes WILL break a .dic file! Make sure they are off, save, and see if that fixes the issue.

The eye frames won't line up right.

Make sure your eye frames and your main body frames are the same size. If the default frame is 450x450, your eye frame should be 450x450. Make sure the surfaces.txt setting for xy is set to 0,0 at the end of the eye lines. See surfaces.txt for more information on that.

(Unless you're using replace for your eye frames, but why would you?)

The Network Update won't go through.

This is usually caused by inconsistencies in the files on your server and the files on your computer. Did you delete a file on one and not on the other? Did you add a file on one and not on the other? Did you upload all the files you changed? ALL of them? Are they in the right folders? Did you upload the updates2.dau in your SSP/ghost/yourghost directory? Did you upload it to the right place?

If you're sure you did all these things but it still won't go through, try going through the update process again. Make a note of which files you changed. Make the update file. Upload all your changed files. Upload your update file. Try again.

If that doesn't work, you can just upload ALL your ghost files from your computer to your server, so you'll just be replacing ALL of them. This may find a file you forgot to upload or forgot that you changed and fix it.

Sometimes though the server will just time out, that's not really your fault though. You may just have to try updating again.

The ghost is always complaining about being off-screen!

This is a weird problem I hadn't really run into until lately. It may be a problem more for large ghosts? Either way, if you're getting annoyed by it, you can go to the MikireTalk section in your aitalk.dic file and just blank out the function. So it'd look like


And that should quiet them down. You can also put %(RandomTalk) in there for them to just talk normally, or you can also disable the screen check in Preferences.

You can find this in the Preferences menu when you right click your ghost and go to Options -> Preferences. Just check disable screen boundary check and that should also work, tho it'll apply to all your ghosts and won't solve the problem for your users, if they also get it.

I'm still stuck!

If you're having trouble with something not listed here, or have other questions about ghost development and such, there is a discord set up where ghost developers talk to each other about projects or trials they are struggling with. It might be worth asking someone there if they can help you! Especially if you have a really esoteric or strange problem.

Will probably add more to this page as it comes.

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