Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters

Made by Accolade, released in 1992

Melnorme Infodump

Current Zar note: I did this LP in 2006! I left my write-up mostly unchanged.

Insult? Compliment? WHO KNOWS.

Little late for this, but who cares!

Wait, return to my ship? Am I hanging out in the Melnorme's living room?


There we go. This'll be useful later when I'm beating up the Thraddash.

Huh. Technically, this is pretty much all I needed the Melnorme for since I already know where everything and everyone is, pretty much, but sometimes their info can trigger quests easier than other methods, so I'm gonna keep spending my credits cause hey, why not.


Hee hee, quality death.


I'm trying to remember which species tell you about the portal to Quasispace. The Spathi do, the Orz do, I think the Pkunk do, and maybe the Thraddash do too. So you can find out about it from various sources.

I think I liked the Spathi's description of the star the best.

Captain: Hi folks, what's new?
Spathi: Very little, I'm afraid. We've just been watching the stars.
You know, actually there was something that happened
last month on the 17th; we saw a new star appear between the Circini and Chandrasekhar star clusters.
We watched it and watched it -- for three days, we just watched it
Then it went away, vanished, just like that.
I hope it comes back.

Spathi looking up wistfully at the sky. I hope it comes back. :(




Which is the best kind of way to sell something.

In case you were wondering why the bomb was still on Zeta Hyades and such. Yup, the Utwig totally conned the Druuge and gave them the...what was it...the Rosy Sphere, Wimbli's Trident, aaand...the Glowing Rod, I think it was. We'll learn more details about it later, but for now you've got a basic idea of what happened.

The thing I mentioned I needed before.

Heh, the Thraddash. We'll be seeing them fairly soon.

That was the piece I mentioned before! Surely you guessed that it was a part of the Ultron.

Well that was pretty useless to me, cause I knew where the Aqua Helix was anyway, but I guess it come as news to anyone who HASN'T played this game a billion times.

On that note, I should go drop by the Zoq-Fot-Pik again at some point.


Happy birds, aww. I love the Pkunk.

The Kohr-Ah have completely lost their marbles, basically.

hee hee.


How do you pronounce that?

Yes, that was their brilliant plan. Races just keep destroying each other left and right in this universe.

You said it was the Aqua Helix you liars.

I'm gonna hafta kill a looooot of Thraddash ships.

Not really, as we'll later find out, but they're still extremely good ships.

The Chmmr! Or that's what they'll be eventually. I'll probably do their quest after the Thraddash.

This is important information. Remember those Deep Child egg fragments?

NOBODY knows what happened to the Androsynth. Well, except the creators, I guess.

Heh, interesting. It'd make sense that the Arilou would keep watch over any non-shielded humans.

No one really knows! I've already gone into why I don't buy what they did in SC3 for the Arilou.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the Shofixti. They had just been "uplifted" decades before the war, altho the exact meaning of that is kinda unclear. During those decades the Yehat helped influence and shape their culture, and the Shofixti became very attached to their parent race. The Shofixti are commonly refered to as "feral" by other races, and that's why. They weren't "uplifted" for very long before the war broke out, then they blew themselves up shortly thereafter. Talk about a short timeframe.

sob Admiral ZEX

No suing the Melnorme then.

Notice how many info things I had to buy before they talked about them? Alex pointed out that the Spathi quest might be one of the last ones you're supposed to do. Me and Alex always made it our first goal because we love the Spathi, but we're not sure if this indicates that maybe you're not supposed to do the Spathi quest until later on in the game. Or at least, later on than when I did it. Oh well, DOESN'T MATTER.

Delicious Spathi flesh.

Most evidence points to the Umgah doing this. I think the Umgah would find transporting Evil Ones to Spathiwa HILARIOUS and I don't doubt for a second they'd do that. Haha, technically, the Umgah have almost wiped out the Spathi and the Pkunk with their pranks.

Umgah: Har! Har! Har! Evil one!

They'd just rather sit their with their googly eyes and tongues lolling out.

I guess in case you murdered Fwiffo or just didn't find him or something.

There, that's what I needed. That info with the egg case fragments should be enough for me to trigger the Syreen quest eventually. I just don't wanna do it tho, it feels like such a hassle. I'll probably leave it for last.

Well, that wasn't entirely useless, I got the info for the Syreen out of that.

I like the word creche.


Haha I already spoiled all of this for you before. OH WELL.

That was all the credits I had, so back to the Druuge to get that Rosy Sphere!

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