(About 9mb, if the preloader doesn't show. There's a few seconds of rapidly flashing light at one point.)

Did this back in 2007! A lot of frame by frame animation in this one, really digging into it now! Just basically all the Ace Attorney characters I like goofing around. This was done before AA3 came out in English! So it's just the characters from the first and second games. Well except Godot. Back in the day people used to joke about what they'd localize his name to be, and someone suggested "Javado" and that he'd have a thing for tacos instead of coffee. There are so many random little obscure in-jokes like that in this video.

Song is Mamboleo by Elissa, and the credits one is Ryuichi Naruhodou ~ Objection! by the Magical Trick Society.

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