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My name is Zarla and I collect various Pokémon songs. I HAVE A FAIRLY EXTENSIVE COLLECTION ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Since I know they can be hard ta find, I thought I'd try and make a big, collective page fer lyrics and mp3s.
This page is actually a subsection fer my main Pokémon website. You can also check the update LJ fer more timely updates on what I'm doing.

If a song is listed as available on request, email me (Astronia@aol.com) with the name of the song and I will send it to you, probably using sendspace.
If a song is listed as unavailable or has a strikethrough it like this, then I don't have the song. Please don't ask me for songs I don't have.

It also might take me a while to respond to your email. It can take days to weeks. Just be patient, I'll get around to your email eventually.

10 songs at a time is usually my limit before I get irritated (particularly for songs I don't like in the first place), and 15 is way pushing it. And please don't ask me for all the songs listed here. Or all the karaoke versions. Do you realize how many songs there are?

Currently Looking For - Anything with a strike through it. If you have any of them, feel free to send them to me. I'll put it up here eventually for others to enjoy.
If you've sent me something and I've miscredited or forgotten to credit you, just email me and I'll fix it.

Another option fer those who are desperate fer Pokémon music goodness is da Pokémon Music Network. They have a ton of stuff fer yer everyday needs. Also try the Pocket Monsters Repository, they have a TON of music there.

There's also Try Galbadia Hotel! They have A LOT of Pokémon CDs, organized alphabetically! If you can't find a song here, try checking there!

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If the songs are offline, that means that I am running out of bandwidth for the month and I broke the links to keep my domain up. The songs will be back up by the beginning of next month.


Zar's Ratin System:
*****-I want to make love to this song! Download it NOW!
****-This is pretty neat! But it was not love at first listen.
***-This is okay, I guess. I found it either forgettable or just boring.
**-Meh. >:/
*-This song makes me want to kill.

Lyrics are from various sources, such as Animelyrics.com, Anything Goes Anime Lyrics Archive, and other sources unless otherwise noted.