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Warning! Warning! Going out ta all Pokémon trainers! There is a dangerous pokémon on da loose! It's destructive power and carelessness is leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake.

Yes, Raichu. This electric pokémon has been running rampant, destroying and zapping anyone or any Pokémon that gets in it's way. Da only thing it wants...
is Pikachu, it's sworn enemy.
This Raichu will do ANYTHING ta get it's paws on Pikachu! It has set multiple fires, zapped helpless bystanders, and done countless things, all in it's quest ta defeat Pikachu. It's battles with it's lower form take place anywhere, even da air.

This pokémon uses it's incredible cuteness ta decieve others inta thinking it's not doing anything wrong. But beware!
Beneath that cute mask lays da mind of a fanatic. It seems cute enough, until it sees it's enemy.

This Raichu's previous trainers have proclaimed that it can be a caring and loving pokémon and even some claim that their Raichu's and Pikachu's get along fabulously...wonderfully in fact.
But in either case, this highly hazardous pokémon should NOT be approached alone. They don't trust strangers at all. They only trust their trainers, often with a fanatical devotion.
They're highly dangerous, extremely powerful, and not a good idea ta be around when they get angry. They can let out tremendous bursts of power that would put a exploding electric plant to shame.
This Pokémon is solitary, although sometimes will join gangs, usually consisting of other, dangerous pokémon. It's said ta be contemplative, although no one has ever survived getting close enough ta it ta find out.
Do not, repeat, DO NOT approach this Pokémon unarmed! It should only be attempted with a skilled trainer with powerful Rock Pokémon and a good supply of pokéballs!
If Raichu is seen, report ta yer nearest Police Station IMMEDIATELY! Thank ya fer yer time.

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Information has been gathered on Raichu concerning it's attacks and abilities!
Raichu can learn nothing as a Raichu, but if it is left a Pikachu, it can carry it's attacks to it's next form.
Pikachu (25) starts with these attacks...
and Learns these...
ThunderWave at lvl. 9
Quick Attack at lvl. 16
Swift at lvl. 26
Agility at lvl. 33
and Thunder at lvl. 43.
If Pikachu is given a Thunder Stone after all these attacks are learned, it will evolve into the much more powerful Raichu. But Raichu can't learn these attacks. Only Pikachu can. Be careful with stones, or ya could make a mistake.

If ya have any pictures of Raichu not featured on this page, send em ta Astronia@aol.com. Thanks a bunch!
I saw this SO many times. Name: Nova
Species: Raichu
Sex: Female (>_<+)
Level: 100
Type 1: Electric
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 305
Attack: 256
Defense: 191
Special: 266
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 266
Special Defense: 246
Speed: 267
Thunder 16/16
Thunderbolt 24/24
Hyper Beam 8/8
Rest 16/16

Zarlas Editorial On : Raichu

Okay, let me say something I hate. Pikachu.
Okay, let me say something else I hate. I hate how Pikachu always has the spotlight. I hate how it's in every episode. And I REALLY HATE That it DIDN'T EVOLVE! EEERGGGH!
::calms down::
Anyway, I had da game by da time that da famous episode "Electric Shock Showdown" or whatever came on. I had already evolved my Pikachu (Because some MISLEADING information at da ANT Pokémon Lounge on AOL said that Pokémon could still learn their moves after they had evolved with a stone. So I was raising my Raichu and wondering when it would learn Thunder and then I learned it never would. ARRRGH!)
But by da time of Electric Shock Showdown, I already loved Nova (my Raichu) very much. It was practically contesting with Accident! So when I heard that da new episode (at that point) had Raichu in it, I was ecstatic!
I hoped VERY HARD, as Ash held up a Thunder Stone ta Pikachu, that it would evolve. Of course, da little yellow rat refused...and won anyway. THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY! It shouldn't have won! RAICHU SHOULD HAVE WHUPPED IT! I KNOW NOVA WOULD HAVE!
::calms down::
Anyway, I have always liked Raichu (and disliked Pikachu fer some reason.
I think Raichu is easier ta draw and is SO much cooler looking. (I mean, look at that Tail!) and I was dissapointed that it was beaten. Raichu has always been portrayed the villain in da series (even in da movie!) and I've never liked that. But what REALLY bothers me are peeps who DON'T evolve their Pikachu's because they think they're either "cuter" or will be more powerful. JEEZ! COME ON!
Pikachu should be evolved as early as possible. All the moves it learns can be learnt by TM's. Swift, Thunder, Thunderbolt...all learnable by Tm's. Evolved da sooner da better. Its stats get better and it's more powerful.
Don't doom your Pikachu/Raichu do mediocrity! Evolve it!

~Other People's Raichus~

Lira's Raichu
Whee! Name: Stormer
Species: Raichu
Sex: Female
Level: 81
Type 1: Electric
ID: 05612
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 248
Attack: 201
Defense: 154
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 203
Special Defense: 187
Speed: 218
Thunder 10/10
Thunderbolt 15/15
Agility 30/30
Submission 25/25