~This page was created sometime in 2002, I think. It's been mostly untouched since then.~

Shrine to Tangela

Dual-types have always been an area of some contention among Pokémon trainers. I argue about it in my Beedrill shrine actually. It's a constant worry, because despite double da advantages there are double da weaknesses.
Grass is particularly known fer this problem. Grass/Poison is one of the most common combinations out there, and this causes problems. Altho Grass still has a rudimentary advantage over rock and ground, there's still da threat of a good earthquake, or any psychic.
This shouldn't be a problem with grass types.
And thanks ta Tangela, it doesn't hafta be anymore.

Tangela is one of da rare pure grass types. There is no worry about double weaknesses or double strengths. Tangela is GRASS and that is all there is ta it. And not only that, Tangela is also one of da better grasses out there in terms of moves.
Fer instance, everyone knows about bind and toxic?

Yeah, that's what I thought.
It's really too bad Gold and Silver messed around with that, but it's still an exceptionally irritating move, specially if yer still fighting in Blue or Red.
Tangela's strengths lie primarily in it's defense, health and special ability. I was surprised when Ropa, one of my Tangela's, was able ta survive a hyper beam from one of Lance's Dragonites. They can surprise ya, and believe me, they are versatile indeed.

Tangelas learn da followin moves.
Absorb - 29
Poison Powder - 32
Stun Spore - 36
Sleep Powder - 39
Slam - 45
Growth - 49
And it can learn da followin TM'S - Sword's Dance (Tangela's Attack is quite weak, this would be useful), Toxic, Body Slam, Take Down, Double Edge, Hyper Beam, Rage, Mega Drain, Solar Beam, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Skull Bash, Rest, and Substitute.
Shall we theorize about move sets?
If we are goin fer da Bind Toxic combo, which has been somewhat invalidated cause of Gold Silver, then other moves that would help out Tangela may be Mega Drain and Rest, therefore helpin Tangela Survive da battle long enough fer Toxic ta do it's work (it's defense is fairly high, so this would be good in a pinch).
If ya wanna go fer Sleep Powder, ya could also go Solar Beam, Growth, and Mega Drain.
Either way, Tangela is a force ta be reckoned with and a versatile fighter. A worthy addition ta anytime.
Ropa's proved his usefulness with me. Let Tangela prove itself ta yas. After all, sometimes havin a pure type with ya can be better, especially if yer up against a Psychic or Ground who can move faster then most grass types.
Tangela's strengths are in special, defense, and hp, leavin speed and attack as severe weakpoints. Altho any trainer can easily overcome these through skillful move use.
Give Tangela a chance. It'll do more then ya ever thought it could.