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I think these were just clutterin up da main page, so I moved em all over here. Enjoy.

Opening #2 (I lost the first one.)
Opening #3
Opening - DDR
Opening - ART
Opening #4
Year One
Year Two - Before the Abduction
Year Two/Three - After the Abduction
Year Three - A Raichu's Tale
Year Four - Created Pokémon
June 17th
Zar is SO lazy (There's another new fanfic by Synathidy! Go check it out!)

November 6th
Hey hey! (Another update!)
Psh (Of one fanfic. From someone else.)
Come on! (It's something!)
How long has it been? (Zar is NEVER going to update fanart again.)
NOOO (What?!)
Do you know how much a Blastoise can cry (Stop it, you're making him upset! Just enjoy it, okay?)
August 13th
Really (Oh ho, what have we here? Zar's returned? With the most tiny of updates? What a surprise.)
Hey! (Hey, at least it's an update!)
Pretty rare (A fanfic! Someone sent in a fanfic!)
Come on, the files are right there (Yeah, but I KNOW Zar has drawn fanart... I don't know why she can't just put that up too.)
not fooling anyone (Do you really not know? It's not that hard to figure out.)
that sunbeam looks good though (Even I think this is just lazy.)
September 13th
i for one am shocked (And she vanishes for another few months, only to come back to list more CDs? What a surprise.)
No seriously (But some of them are kind of rare, aren't they?)
Heck who knows really (Well, the remix CD Golden Sun & Silver Moon might be a bit rare, but...)
instead of drawing zombies all day (Zar would have to pay a lot more attention to the Pokémon music scene to know THAT for sure.)
and that's what matters! (At least it's done, right?)
February 1st
Wow that's amazing (Wow, another update so soon?)
it took a while though! (Well, it IS just some more CDs listed on the song page...)
pffft (What a surprise.)

January 22nd
Yay! (There's a new fic up! And it's about me!)
it's kind of a downer (Um... did you read the fic, Accident?)
those are the best kind (I know how it ends, so it's okay!)
That is technically true (Alright...)
sure why not (Another new part is up in Together Forever too!)
SHENANIGANS (Which is also longer than almost everyone else's, did you notice that?)
it happens okay (Sometimes these things go out of control a little, okay?)

August 23rd
Again, disturbingly frequent (Aaaaaand more CDs listed of things no one cares about.)
Come on (Come on, some people care about songs in other languages. Zar for example apparently does.)
Seriously (A bit too much, if you ask me.)
That is an awful lot of music (So does that mean she's got everything?)
Almost (Not quite, but she's getting there.)
Seriously (Maybe when she has it all she can update with something that's actually interesting.)

Awghost 8th
Haha a month, that's more like it (Thanks to some helpful contributions, Zar's listed four new CDs on the song page!)
haha, irony (How fitting that a CD that Zar's been looking for for ages turned out to be hugely disappointing, don't you think?)
ARGH (Well at least she has it now, alright?)

Jejune 2nd
this is unreal (Zar updated AGAIN? It's almost like she's becoming timely with this stuff.)
what is this 1999 again or something (God forbid. I think that's part of the prophecy that's supposed to end the world.)
GUYS DON'T DIGITIZE MY LUNCH (Guys, she works hard, okay? Give her a break.)
No what (Ta: Not hard enough!
Ka: Yeah, she's just lazy!)
Why are you guys always fighting? (But what's the update about?)
WHY THAT'S A GOOD QUESTION (FINALLY someone's paying attention! There's a fanart update-)
for ONCE (With art from other people for once)
STOP INTERRUPTING ME (AND there's a new fanfic up! You guys remember King, right?)
Wasn't that like ten years ago? (Weren't those fics really traumatic for all the Pokémon involved?)
>:( (...)
GOD YOU PEOPLE (EITHER WAY there's a new fic with Radic and King up! I think it's part one of a series-)
:D (Yay! I love serieseses!)
sigh (...Anyway, if you've wanted to read some fic about us being AWESOME, then check it out. And there's some other new fic too!)
Mayhem 28th
blippy chiptunes, good morning (Zar found some more CDs and has thus updated the Song page. If you have anything she doesn't have, she'd sure appreciate it.)
And a lot of it sucks (She has WAY too many Pokémon songs.)
Would that work out? (I heard she's thinking of making a torrent of her collection when it's complete. Of course, she'd need to complete it first. God knows she'll never accomplish it. She didn't even add that new Pichu ending song and she has a copy of it.)
Stuck in a primordial wilderness (Oh waa waa waa.)

Mayhem 24th
what happened to those guys anyway (Do you guys remember those Johto Pokémon that were here a long time ago?)
huh (Actually, now that you mention it...)
HA (Probably realized they didn't hold a candle to our awesomeness.)
You just walked into that one (Or your awesome fatness.)
GOD (Uh huh, whatever. I think the point is that Zar added pages for them on the info page, so if you ever wanted to know more about them for... god knows what reason, that's probably the place to do it.)
srsly guys (They aren't so bad, guys.)
huh (Is Violet's page different, or is it just me?)

Apull 25th
nearly missed it (Today is the day! Today is the NPLU's tenth anniversary!)
Playing Fable 2 I see (And Zar nearly missed it playing other games!)
Uh (Well that MIGHT be true, but she still mostly made it!)
We're not that uncommon really (Ta: Zar actually has been shifting things around a bit around here!
Ka: As you can probably tell.
Ta: But there's a new section on the side there, sort of.
Chan: ...two essays really...
Ta: I was ABOUT to say that!)
:D (Yeah, there are two essays! About the site's history, sort of. And why it's still open. So happy birthday!)
Sort of (Sort of. There's that and the song page has been being updated fairly frequently throughout the month, so you might want to check that out too. And she also subbed a copy of the Entei movie, if you're looking for that. And I think Zar might also be working on a fanart update...)
that's what you get for lazing around all day (My bets are she can't finish it before the day's out.)
I GUESS WE'LL SEE (Well, if she does manage it, I'll mention it.)
2 AM on the 26th...
HA (There, a fanart update! Just like she said!)
Lame (Only took her about two years to do it.)

Feblueberry 13th
Tadah! (Zar has added another part to Together Forever! This time it's Splotchy's beginning.)
Thinks she's so big (I don't like her attitude.)
No? (Well, it's not like we're going to actually meet her for a while anyway...)
What's going on (What about anything else? Did Zar do anything else?)
Laziness, a deadly disease (Uuh... doesn't look like it.)
GOD (And I know for a fact that she's done more art lately. She's just not updating because she's lazy.)
Kind of (Could also be because all the new stuff she's drawn is on the other computer...)
Heard it all before (Excuses, excuses.)

Octogre 15th
Why do we always get overlooked? (Ta: Our info page got updated!
Ka: Finally, it's been like forever.
Chan: It's just a picture, really-
God, guys. (Not just that, Takachan. All of our pages got some new pictures, the FAQ got revamped, and some minor changes here and there. Zar's actually been tweaking a lot of the pages in fairly small ways...probably not too noticable, really.)
LOAFER (If by that you mean "she's done nothing" then yes, I'd agree.)
GOD (NO, and be quiet.)
FOCUS PEOPLE (Not only that, but there's been a pretty big fic update too!)
Jeez (Yeah, way to focus on the unimportant stuff over there. The backstories have all been moved to one main page, Together Forever, and four more parts of it are up.)
... (...)
A long time ago (Including Accident's ending...)
Yeah! (Ka: And there are some new fics from some other people!
Ta: And the Diego story updated too!
Chan:'s called diary of an electric mouse...
Ta: The Diego Story.
Chan: ...)
You're going off to watch MSTs instead, aren't you? (Although there really should be a fanart update, don't you think, Zar? ZAR?)
Pff. (Too late, she's gone.)

Awghost 7th
Hmm (Hey, do you guys feel funny all of a sudden?)
HMMM (Now that you mention it...yeah, I do feel a bit strange. Kind of different.)
Almost like... (Yeah, it's like...)
BAM (Like we've suddenly been redrawn with some iota of talent?)
Ey! (Hey! That was uncalled for!)
Ha ha in your face (You're right, I'm too generous.)
No seriously, it's been like seven years. (Do you KNOW how outdated those pictures were, you stupid rat? You didn't even have sunglasses back then, not that I care. At least these are current.)
Who needs more trauma in their life? YOU DO! (At least until she decides to inflict some new horror upon us all when she's bored. Only a matter of time, I bet.)
Yeah! (I like it!)
Bah. (Ta: Hey, we didn't change that much!
Ka: Yeah, we still mostly look the same!)
Poofs on sticks (That might be because you're not that complicated...I mostly look the same too, you know.)
Burn (Awesomely fat.)
GOD YOU PEOPLE (ANYWAY, the Songs page got a big update, Radic and Red's info pages got updated, and there's a new fanfic in the fanfic section, submited by someone else!)
Seriously (God forbid she write about us some more.)
I HAVE. A HEADACHE. (Oh stop whining, at least we're still here.)

Jubilee 6th
JEEZ (Wow, that was a long dry spell, wasn't it?)
Uh (Uh huh.)
Lazy slob (Over a year, was it? Amazing.)
Gah (Well, aside from that, there's a fanart update waiting for you! Go check it out!)
Just wait (Someday she's just going to up and close the site for good. Just you watch.)
NO! (NO!)
Have SOME tact! (Kitsune! That's not true! She'll never shut down this site, as long as she still loves Pokémon!)
Uh huh (Whatever you say, whatever you say...)
Ah, this is awkward (Accident, are you okay, buddy?)
::wibble:: (That's not true, is it?)
Come on, you can trust me! (Of course not! You can trust me. Try and calm down a little...)

Noremember 28th
Monks! (Dowasure's info got tweaked, and there's a fairly large fanart update!)
PSSH. (Yeah, from someone else.)
Uuuh (Shhh. Also some songs got pulled from the songs page.)

Octogre 3rd
We'll be frieends (Another fanart update, not too shabby this time.)
Saptimber 13th
Tadah. (Dowasure, Kagakusha, and Denka info pages updated, and Tsukiyo's info page added.)

Awghost 19th
Well, there ya go. (More time elapsed. No real excuse though. Well, for your patience, there's a small fanart update and some new songs up in the songs section.)

Jewel-lye 19th
Ahehe. (Time just flies by, doesn't it? A tiny fanart update this time.)

Jejune 8th
Wooooo (Another month and a day update! Fanart update yes. King's style is changing, so she requested most of her old art be pulled. So don't be alarmed that a lot of it is missing now!)

Mayhem 7th
Wooooo (Song page update! Also, Kax cameo in Zar's flash video!)

Apull 30th
With you can run foreveeer (Fanart update, as usual.)

Apull 23rd
Woo (Ta: Another small fanart update, but still, good stuff.)

Apull 9th
BUM BUM BUUUUM (Little tiny fanart update.)

Apull 2nd
Hillbilly Hardcore! (Another fanart update!)

Marsh 20th
Click (Sizable fanart update with some new songs to check out. I'm sure you're all dying of excitement.)

Feblueberry 19th
Cough hack (A small fanart update and a ton of lyrics have been put up, so enjoy!)

Feblueberry 12th
Slacking off in some ways... (More fanart, and the songs page got reformatted! It also got updated with quite a few more soundtracks. Also, the Sims 2 skins Zar's been working on are now linked to the fanart page. You can make any number of her lame characters now, if you so desired!)
That took a lot of work! (Hey! Zar worked hard on those!)
Seriously sad (Doesn't make it any less sad that she actually made them though. How many hours did she waste on these?)
Warkwark (Ta+Ka: Where are our skins?!
Chan: It's...kind of hard to do Pokémon as skins-
Ta+Ka: SHUT UP!)
Hmmm (That's a good idea though, Ta and Ka! I should ask Zar if she can use the morph designs for us to make some skins.)
But how to do my hair? (Actually, that would be pretty neat.)
Ugh (Okay, that's it, update over!)

Jubilee 23rd
Our deeds have traveled far...what we have been is what we are (Fanart!)

Dismember 14th
Nu mai nu mai ei (More songs for your listening pleasure.)

Dismember 5th
She never stops! (Fanart as usual!)

Noremember 13th
There we go. (More songs! Agasp.)

Noremember 7th
Dang, Zar. (Okay, another huge lag, but still! There's some new songs in da song section and more fanart. Most importantly, Zar fixed a ton of broken links in da fanart section, so everyone's art should work now no matter what. Eventually she'll go through da old shrines and other areas of da site, but fer now that should do it.)

Octogre 3rd
Uh... (Wow...kind of a lag between updates. Well, theres's a few new pieces of fanart and a lot more songs in the songs section, so enjoy.)

Awghost 25th
DINGDONG (Don't ferget those two fics up, but as usual there's some more fanart to look at!)

Awghost 7th
FINGERS (Two new fics up. Well, technically, Zar only rewrote and completed one, but still. Redemption has been rewritten and completed, and a new fic titled I Know You're Out There Somewhere is up, a relationship piece mostly about Professor Denka and Doctor Dowasure.)

Jejune 27th
Zar is very sweaty (And another month goes by. Anyway, there are quite a few new songs up and some new fanart and fanartists, so be sure to check it out.)

Mayhem 27th
New songs and stuff! (More new songs and some fanart are up!)

Apull 24th
Mushi Pokémon (More fanart, as usual. Also, a fanfic update for Forever Together and three new songs in the Song Section. Enjoy!)

Apull 17th
Hips indeed. (A ton more fanart up tonight. Enjoy. Also, some info pages got rehauls and reformats, so feel free to poke around that area if you're so inclined.)

Apull 10th
I like tea. (Check out our new layout! Thanks ta Soshi and such. There's new fanart and a few new songs up. Enjoy!)

Marsh 27th
More stuff! (More fanart, as usual.)

Marsh 21st
A lot of meeee (A metric ton of Fanart awaits ya! Most of it from Zar's newest project, drawin a Pokémorph fer every single Pokémon. Also some minor tweakage on da Song page, includin da unretirin of a few songs: Tomodachi no Kinenbi, Aratanaru Chikai, Tankentai o Tsukurou, and maybe a few others.)

Feblueberry 28th
Old chappington (As usual, the weekly dose of fanart. I'm sure you're all ecstatic. I've also been told to inform you that one of Zarla's storage servers has been moved, so links may be broken here and there. She's working on it.)

Feblueberry 21st
Yeah (More fanart.)

Feblueberry 14th
Zzzz (Zzzz)
Um? (Hello? Hello? update? Hello?)

Feblueberry 8th
::blinka blinka:: (::blinka blinka blinka::)
You should really study morse code. (Chirin says that, as usual, there's more art up. Also, it would be helpful if you could contact Zarla about any broken or crossed links on the Mp3 page. She got emails about it before, but lost them. Somehow.)
Uh huh. Morse code for busy people. (She said all that?)
It doesn't take THAT long. (Yes. Now quiet.)

Feblueberry 1st
Always with the art. (Ta: After some downtime we're back. Zar as usual brings more fanart.
Ka: And reminds everyone that if song links are broken near da end of da month, it's cause she's tryin ta conserve bandwidth.
Chan: And-
Ta+Ka: SHUT UP.)

Jubilee 24th
Back with art! (Zar is back and has brought more fanart! Enjoy.)

Dismember 18th
Oh, leap fer joy, children. (Yes, since Zar is soon leaving on vacation once again and won't be able ta update fer at least a month, she's givin everyone a gift before she goes. A Koinonayami update and da gift of mp3s. God that sounds lame.)
IT TAKES WORK. (Shh Ruby. Yes. Zar has uploaded a bunch more tracks for everyone taday. She fixed those three broken mp3s; added Afterwards, Clear those Tears, Furura's Song, Go By Bicycle!, Saint Anne Cry Again, Hateshinai Sekai, Pokémon, I Choose You!, Pokémon Ieru Ka Neo?, Invincible Pokémon, Masaki's Lighthouse, Ordeal, Pray, Scorching Battlefield; and brought Hyakugojuuichi, Mezase Pokémon Master, Mezase Pokémon Master '98, Lapras Ni Notte, Pokémon Hara Hara Relay, and Boku no Best Friend out of retirement.)
Yes, I'm talking to you. (So everyone shut up and leave Zar alone.)
WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. (Kitsune! That's a terrible thing to say!)
Haha BUUURN (Like anything Kitsune says isn't terrible.)
Oh, my soul bleeds. (Your FACE is terrible.)
I demand 8 bucks an hour. (That's it, children! Everyone gets a time-out!)

Dismember 13th
Woo. (Fanart! More fanart! Hee hee.)

Dismember 7th
Woo. (Zar's got a new domain, so yeah! I don't think that'll affect this part of da site anyway. But fanart update, yes.)

Noremember 22th
Tadah. (As usual, fanart. Zar WILL fix those songs tho, don't worry.)

Noremember 8th
Tadah. (More fanart. Oh, Zar knows about da messed up mp3's and she's gonna fix those soon.)

Noremember 1st
She's not slacking, honest (Fanart and two new mp3s!)

Octogre 11th
She koffin KOFFIN (Ta: Fanart.
Ka: Not as much as before.
Ta: But still fanart.)

Saptimber 13th
Pssh. (Four pieces of fanart. Pitiful. Zar is really reaching now.)
Woo (But there's more glitch information regardin da hidden city and how ta get a Mew legitimately, so enjoy!)

Aw-ghost 20th
Bzz~ (::blinka blinka blinka::)
Yes. (Chirin says that there's new fanart up. Enjoy!)

Aw-ghost 7th
Woo! (Another month, exactly. What are da odds?)
Good stuff tho! yeah! (Zar says ya'll be happy with da latest update!)
RIAA's gonna kill you (She put up some more copyright enfringements on her "pirated songs" section.)
SHHH (She did not. But Kitsune is right on some accounts, da Pokémon Music section has been updated. Please don't download all at once.)
Knock knock (I can hear da SWAT team now..."come out with yer mp3's up!". They gonna sue ya good.)
Ya'll blow our cover! (Quiet! They'll hear ya!)

Jewel-lye 14th
Lazy bum (More then a month! Simply shameful.)
But... (Chopan: On da bright side, there's a pretty sizeable fanart update this time.
Mozart: More then usual, certainly.)
Seriously. It's unbelievable. (Still inexcusable.)
Blinka (::blinka blinka blinka::)
Ye gads (Uh...right Chirin...never mind.)

Jejune 5th
Lazy bum (A month and a day. In most fairy tales, that would be significant, but here it means Zarla is just being lazy. Fanart ahead. Caution is forewarned. And be sure to check the update journal for smaller updates that do not show up here.)

Mayhem 4th
Woop. (Yup. More fanart. But also Zar made da Forum a link on da left. Da Abra shrine has deleted. I think da cubone shrine will follow shortly once Zar gets da whole "Ask my Pokémon" thing started. Yup. And more info pages. Oh yeah, and Sopheari finished her fic! Go read it.)

Apull 26th
She's got up ta 16 now. (Fanart, as usual. No surprise there eh? However, she did reorganize da page slightly so that pictures she draws of other peeps now has its own page. Splendid I say.)
Umm...bandwidth... (Ah, on the mp3 front...Zar's bandwidth is still up fairly she had to remove a few songs to help cut it down. They were songs that she hopes no one will really miss... Tankentai o Tsukurou, Aratanaru Chikai, Lapras ni Notte, Tomodachi Kinenbi, Boku no Best Friend, and Pokémon Hara Hara Relay. However, in return she fixed da broken links to Nyasu no Uta 2000, Toi et Moi (Remix), Niji ga Umareta Hi, Sora Tobu no Pokémon Kids, Suteki na Korekushon, Ne-o-e-oh!, and Pichu Pika SWING! Don't directly link ta these files please.)
::blinka:: (::blink blinka blinka blink::)

Apull 19th
Pff. What is it, four this time? (A very small fanart update. Woop. Be sure ta post at da new forum.)

Apull 14th
WHEEEEE (We have a forum! We have a forum! Post there.)

Apull 12th
SixTEEN this time! (Another fanart update. Although Zarla herself did not contribute this time, those fans out there do help this site to continue growing and being a testament to the power of obsessive-compulsive disorder.)
Hey hey! They never found anything conclusive! (No! That's not right at all! This is about neglected Pokémon, not OCD. Anyway, Dipsy does have a point though. It's cause of those peeps out there that come every week or so that this site is still around, really.)
It's true! (Not it isn't.)
Explain (Further explanation required.)
Here we go. (Zar'd have this up even if no one ever went or anything. She's just weird that way. I think what ya mean is that she keeps maintainin it and stuff cause of all da peeps out there who come here.)
Grr! (That's what I said! Honestly. Anyway, a big thanks goes out ta Raizy fer lendin Zar server space and ta LS and Lira fer helpin check out pages fer errors and stuff. Not ta mention everyone whose contributed fanart or fanfics or something. Zar wouldn't know what ta do without ya.)
Hehheh (Oh yes she would.)
I'm now confused (Wait, wasn't this supposed ta be about that ask Pokémon thing? I wanna ask why things change colors sometimes for no reason.)
You people. (I can't believe this. Why me?)

Apull 5th
Six? I mean...SIX? (And now fer da smallest fanart update EVER.)
It is rather small. (Chopan: Shut up! You suck!
Mozart: I think what my compatriot wanted to say was that there are three new fanfics to make up for it.
Chopan: You still suck, catface.)
CATFACE?! I AM DEEPLY INSULTED SIR! (Let's see you call me catface after I RIP YOUR EYES OUT AND SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR THROAT! ::leaps at him::)
Jeez. (::watches the two go at it:: Jeez. Anyway, Zar's thinkin of maybe startin a "Ask My Pokémon" thing. Fer real this time.)
Maybe three years? (Didn't Zar say she was gonna do that before?)
True... (Well, yeah, but this time she might actually do it. She just needs ta make a space over on da left there. She's considering getting rid of one of the shrines to make room fer it.)
Hehheh (You mean like that Cubone one she doesn't remember making, or da one ta Alacazam that entirely defeats the purpose of this page? I think those would be wonderful candidates.)
This is entirely too long. (I think discussion on this should be limited to the update journal, don't you? Everyone quiet down.)

Marsh 29th
Woah. (Chopan: Fanart update.
Mozart: Yes indeed.)

Marsh 22th
Woah. (Ta: Wow, a nice clean month.
Ka: Weird.)
Bzzt (::blinka blinka blinka::)
Yes. (Yes, but she was on vacation. Anyway, we have a fanart update this weekend.)
Very kind indeed (And the links were checked and such by LS, so everythin should be workin now! Major thanks ta her.)
Silly mistake, you know. (Also, the link to Omake should be fixed now. Sorry there, chaps. And there's a new team in the Hall of Fame!)

Feblueberry 22th
Honestly. (Another fanart update. Is anyone surprised? That's all she updates anymore!)
Heh heh. (Even more ironic now is that it's not even her own really.)
Sheesh. (Cmon guys, lay off. Zar got another song and did something else this week anyway that makes up for it. Anyone familiar with Otaku Mascot?)
What da heck? I'm da star here! (Yeah, so what? She made some mascots but Zar didn't even make a mascot of me! I'm beautiful! What's not to like?)
SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY. (::opens mouth::)

Feblueberry 16th
Haha! (Wow, ya'd think that after havin a Tripod site fer so long Zar would be used ta stuff like this, but apparently not. Tripod has restored her site!)
Yeah! (Chopan: In other news, fanart update!
Mozart: And two new songs!)

Feblueberry 8th
FRICK. (Zar's Tripod Account has, yet again, mysteriously vanished. Deleted. Gone. But Zar managed ta handle another fanart update on time. So go enjoy. If anyone has a cached copy of anythin on da MSP or anything like that, it'd be nice if ya emailed it ta Zar or something like that.)

Feblueberry 2nd
Little things. A little. (Small fanart update and a new fanfic.)
Yes, I know who you are. (Ah yes, that reminds me. I believe that our dear leader Zarla has a note on her digital music page, does she not?)
Let's play along. (Why yes, I do believe she does have such a note, Fauntleroy.)
Thanks for playing along. (And if I am not mistaken, I think this note reads somethin along da lines of "please do not link directly to my files"?)
MAKE HIM DEAD DADDY (Yes Faunt, you is correct.)
Stay with me, here. (But I believe that some chap decided not to listen. I admit it may not be his fault considerin he speaks Spanish or some variant of it, but that doesn't lower bandwidth limitations. At any rate, Zarla has already taken steps ta take care of this, but keep it in mind that Zarla does not appreciate people tryin ta nip her bandwidth, alright?)
Jeez. (Mozart: There's way too much sarcasm in da room lately.)
...? (I'm confused. What are you all talking about?)

Jubilee 25th
It was a great episode. One that will go down in infamy as that one episode with two humping guys and a bunch of Parasects. (Da Parasect shrine has been updated with new info on a recent episode with PARASECTS IN IT! ME!)
Woah, calm down. (If Callima would stop rolling on the floor and convulsing in joy, she'd prolly mention a fanart update.)
Truly an...interesting episode, I must say. (Also, Zar lost a bit of email, primarily that sent pretty much between 12-17 and 1-14. Around that amount. Meaning the person that had emailed Zar about Manatsu no Dai Sakusen has to do so again before credit can be given.)
Woah. (Dear lord.)

Jubilee 23rd
Um... (Workin on fixin everythin here. May take a bit, but bear with us.)

Dismember 17th
Yeah! (Zar's got Manatsu no Dai Sakusen! Altho she can't remember where she got it FROM...)
Memory of Dowasure (Zar can't remember? GASP! Like that's ANY kind of surprise.)
Listening goodness (Shh. The mp3's should be up soon, in case ya were wondering.)
Psssh, I know what's goin on here. I'm in the KNOW MAAAAAAAN (Da only REAL reason people come here ANYway...)
Hey! Jeez! (Woah, what is this? Attack da parasect day? Jeez, lighten up.)
Pff (I already used that line.)

Dismember 16th
Hmm... (There's been a spot of trouble with Zarla's servers lately, but she's working on clearing it up. Should have everything in order fairly quickly, so no worries.)

Dismember 8th
Yeah! (Fanart update!)

Noremember 23rd
::blink:: (::blinka blinka::)
Morse code! Language of kings! (Update ta da Parasect page and a new fic up!)

Noremember 16th
ZZZz. (Zzz.)
Um. (Mozart: Fanart update.
Chopan: Why do they even ask her ta do this kinda thing?)
Eee. (And there's two new songs up in da song section! Um...I think it was Umi and...uh...)
Um. (Pokémon e no michi.)
YEAH (YEAH! That was it!)
Sigh (::sighs::)

Noremember 10th
Yes. (Rather small fanart update.)

Noremember 2nd
::blink:: (::blinka blinka blinka::)
Really? (Chirin says that Zar's finally put up our version of Together Forever, about how Radic gets us and how our personalities work and such.)
Uh huh. (Okay, you're from this..."johto" place, right? And you're a Quagsire, is it?.)
Why, yes! (Yes, that is correct.)
... (This is too weird. I'm out of here.)
Yeah! (Oh yeah, speaking of pasts and stuff, she also put up the next part in mine!)
Um... (But Accident...isn't yer next part where...)
Huh? (What? I fergot what happened.)
It's true. (It's probably better that way.)
WHEE (She put up my past too! HA! HA HA!)
Sheesh. (Ta: And there's a small fanart update.)

Octogre 27th
OMG (Ruby Ruby Ruby, Okay okay, sit down, sit down.)
Dear lord. (What, dare I ask?)
It'll blow yer non-existant socks off! (Okay okay, yer gonna hafta sit down fer this, cause it's important.)
Duh, inna horizontal position. (I AM sitting down.)
... (Okay, I have somethin really really important ta tell you.)
... (Okay, okay, GET THIS. Zar has UPDATED THE HALL OF FAME.)
Woah. (...Yer jokin right?)
It's true. (No, I'm afraid your vulpine companion's correct. She DID update it.)
WOAH (Does that mean she'll accept submissions and stuff?)
Should be. (I believe so.)
Um... (Wait...what are you again?)

Octogre 21st
FINALLY (Remember me? YES it's true! It's us again! We FINALLY got loose, and now we're back ta our old job
Hehe (::opens mouth::)
NO (Darn it, not this time, Kitsune! I want this ta be a happy occasion fer once. We've got a new format and everythin now, so we can just lay back and relax.)
Um (Um...who are you?)
FINALLY ('s Pokémon?)
Heh... (Well, this is gonna be interesting.)

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