~This page was created December 4th, 1998. It's been mostly untouched since then.~

Flashing   Lights:   A   Shrine   To   Porygon

Da Innocent One

Porygon has gotten a bad reputation from when it first appeared in the show. "Electric Hero (or Soldier, dependin. ^_^o) Porygon" is indeed da episode that caused da seizures all over Japan. It also caused a new staff of writers (I think at this point) and some major revamps in da show. So a lot of blame is falling on this poor piece of computer data.

That adorable piece of code!^_^
People blame Porygon for the seizures, and as a result Porygon is typically excluded from the show and from most peoples teams. But let's put aside what happened in Porygon's episode for a moment.
Porygon is, in it's own way, a eerily beautiful Pokémon. It's crystalline is easily transmitable through computers. It spends most of it's time (or so I would presume) inside Bill's Computer, because that's where most Porygon's go in most people's games and because I also think it would enjoy it in there. After all, Porygon's were created by programming code, it's only fitting they would enjoy surfing in cyber-space.
But back ta da debate.

In reality (I have seen clips of this), the seizure causing quick flashing of red/blue was NOT cause by Porygon, but by PIKACHU! Fer some reason...if I know my episodes correctly, anti-virus's were fired at da gang (including Team Rocket) on Porygon's back. Pikachu lept up and zapped da missles, causing da flashing sequence. So really, Porygon was just the scape-goat in this unpleasant affair. Porygon is not responsible for any of the seizure problems it ever was blamed for. It's innocent.
Porygon, in the game, is described, if I remember correctly, as "valued more as a display piece then a actual fighting Pokémon" or some words ta that affect. Obviously, even the game (or strategy guide, I ferget which) doesn't believe Porygon can be powerful. But in the hands of a loving and patient trainer, Porygon can become a valuable asset.
Oh, I fergot ta mention another injustice done ta Porygon...in da Strategy Guide, they got his moves completly wrong. Instead of a certain attack (I ferget which) which is weak and worthless, Porygon learns Recover.
This is a important feat in itself. Few Pokémon learn this ability, and none can put it ta use as much as Porygon. Porygon gets an array of moves that only it can learn.
The most important of these is Conversion.

Used in Pokémon Snap as the Porygon (who were sooooo cute! ^_^) hid in da wall, Conversion allows Porygon to change it's type to da Pokémon it faces, lowering the damage it would take from these attacks.
Add in the ability to recover the hit points it DOES lose, and you've got a formidable force.
Another one of Porygon's individual moves is Sharpen. This increases it's attack power, useful when you are raising it. Porygon also learns Psybeam at some point (I think...I can't rely on a strategy guide here. ^_^) and can learn a wide variety of Tm's.

Much like the un-used and under-appreciated Dodrio, Porygon is a good Pokémon that's potential was ruined by a scandalous affair that was not even it's fault.
Of course, no body blames PIKACHU fer da seizures...it's all PORYGON's fault. That's so unfair. I think it IS Pikachu's fault for those seizures, and it is really Porygon that is the innocent one here. Porygon deserves to be in more episodes and on more merchandise. Porygon deserves more recognition (POSITIVE recognition).
And plus....

It's SO CUTE! I love da look on it's face when it eats food in Pokémon Snap. It's adorable! How could you not love that cute, expressionless, digitally-coded face? ^_^
Porygon! ^_^ Name: Pixel
Species: Porygon
Sex: None
Level: 51
Type 1: Normal
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 156
Attack: 103
Defense: 105
Special: 112
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 122
Special Defense: 112
Speed: 76
Recover 32/32
Sharpen 48/48
Conversion 48/48
Tri-Attack 40/40
I would put my usual list of moves here for Porygon, but I don't trust da Strategy Guide here. ^_^o So I'll list some moves that I know it learns, but I'm not sure when...
That's all I can remember right now. One of my old Porygon's had Ice Beam, something not many expected. ^_^ It shows how varied Porygon is! Give it a try! Porygon is NOT just a showpiece! It's a Pokémon like Mewtwo or Gyarados or Parasect, and thus deserves yer attention and love! Support da Porygon cause!
(Ps: If anyone has ANY Porygon pics other then these, SEND THEM!)

~Other People's Porygons~
Lira's Porygon
Lira! ^_^ Name: Keasbey
Species: Porygon
Sex: None
Level: 26
Type 1: Normal
ID: 05612
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 73
Attack: 38
Defense: 43
Special: 47
Speed: 31
Tackle 35/35
Sharpen 48/48
Conversion 48/48
Psy-Beam 20/20