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Pins   and   Needles:   Ta   Beedrill

Beedrill, fer a time, was considered one of da leading Psychic Killers. After all, it did learn one of da rarest and strongest bug moves in da game, Twin Needle. Naturally, that attack should be able ta put any psychic down...
Except fer da fact it's half poison.

Yes, it's poison half makes it weak ta Psychic. What should of been our greatest defender has become what many see as a pointless and wasted Pokémon.

But Beedrill isn't JUST fer Psychic's. Many, in their search fer that perfect weapon ta Psychic, have tried a Beedrill, and had it fail against a Mewtwo or Alacazam. But Psychic-Killing wasn't it's only purpose. After all...
Bug is good against other types.

Da Attack Twin Needle, a special attack only Beedrill learns, is what many believe a move that is wasted on a useless Pokémon. But Beedrill is not a failure! It is NOT a pointless Pokémon! Beedrill is a valuable and important asset ta ANY team...especially if yer plannin on fightin Ghost, Grass, Bug, or Poison.

I have tried this myself. My Beedrill, which is traditionally called Weedle (read Radic and Red fer details), was facing Agatha's Haunter. Weedle used Twin Needle...and it fell easily. Beedrills are good fer ghosts...and grass. They have good Hit Points and good attack, even if they ARE lackin a bit in da Defense and Special Ability, they still are valuable.
Beedrill's have also been typecast as rather vicious Pokémon...after da "Challenge of da Samurai" episode, Beedrill's were seen as...well... Evil.

Much like it's other predeterminedly-evil counterpart, Dodrio, Beedrill has been avoided fer other Pokémon such as Butterfree. Of da two, Caterpie is raised more often then Weedle. Why? Because Weedle is seen as evil. Why? Because in that episode, Everyone was attacked by Beedrills, and it was Butterfree who saved da day. Butterfree was da hero, while da Beedrills' were da Antagonists. And they are still seen as such! And they're weakness ta what they are supposed ta be strong ta is also seen unfavorably.

Beedrill is not useless, nor is it evil, nor is it a Pokémon unworthy of attention.
Beedrill deserves a chance, and a place in yer team. Give it a try...and it'll show it deserves ta be there.
Weedle! ^_^ Name: Weedle
Species: Beedrill
Sex: Male
Level: 54
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Poison
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 162
Attack: 127
Defense: 86
Special: 82
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 82
Special Defense: 120
Speed: 116
Mega Drain 16/16
Hyper Beam 8/8
Pin Missile 32/32
Twineedle 32/32

Beedrill learns da followin attacks.
Dependin on whether ya caught and rasied a Kakuna or a Weedle, it'll have either Poison Sting and String shot, or Harden.
It learns...
Fury Attack at level 12.
Focus Energy at level 16.
Twineedle at level 20.
Rage at level 25.
Pin Missle at level 30.
Agility at level 35.
If yer pressed fer good moves fer yer Beedrill, it can also learn a wide variety of TM's, such as Toxic, Hyper Beam, Mega Drain, Swift, Rest, and Substitute.

Beedrill learns da followin stuff in Gold and Silver, thanks ta Slice-chan fer da info. ^_^
Poison sting (if learned as Weedle)
String shot (if learned as Weedle)
Harden (if learned as Kakuna)
Fury attack at lvl. 10
Focus energy at lvl. 15
Twin Needle at lvl. 20
Rage at lvl. 25
Pursuit at lvl. 30
Pin Missile at lvl. 35
Agility at lvl. 40.
Unfortunately, Beedrill has no breedset. ^_^o
Give yer Beedrill a chance! ^_^
~Other People's Beedrills~
Lira's Beedrill!
Whee! Name: Atalanta
Species: Beedrill
Sex: Female
Level: 44
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Poison
ID: 58910
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 123
Attack: 87
Defense: 62
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 64
Special Defense: 95
Speed: 92
Cut 48/48
Pursuit 20/20
Pin Missile 32/32
Twineedle 32/32