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Da   Persian   Wars:   Are   they   evil?


Yes, Persian. Yer probably goin "What in Mewtwo's name is a Persian? Doesn't it evolve from a Meowth or somethin?"
Well, maybe not, but Persian HAS only been seen a few times, usually with it's master Giovanni.

It has been known ta be in league with many peeps in high places, adhering itself ta da life of da rich and famous. Persian has not been sighted often yet, but we did get this photo...

Our Photographer is recoverin nicely, thank ya.

Anyway, Persian is a amazingly versatile Pokémon. It's quite powerful, using it's large claws ta pull off highly damaging Slash moves at lvl 51. But Persians as most know them are only seen as enemies ta da Team Rocket Meowth.
Meowth used ta be Giovanni's personal Pokémon, but was replaced by a Persian. Meowth feels resentment, it wants ta be best! But da Persian is probably there ta stay.
Not all Meowths hate Persians, and not all Persians hate Meowths. Some have believed that Meowths are treated sometimes like they were a Persian's kittens!
Both of da two LOVE money, and that is usually why they try ta ascend da social ladder, searchin fer da easy life...
If it's too hard ta come by, most Persian's resort ta Payday, an attack learned at lvl. 17 by Meowth, and steals da opponents money. If angered, A Persian will resort ta Fury Swipes, learned at lvl. 37, in an effort ta drive da annoyer away. It works very well.

Fer more, exact, information on da too, read as follows. Meowth starts with
And learns...
Bite at lvl. 12
Pay Day at lvl. 17
Screech at lvl. 24
Fury Swipes at lvl. 33
Slash at lvl 44
While a Persian which evolves from Meowth at lvl. 28 starts with...
And learns
Fury Swipes at lvl. 37
and Slash at lvl. 51

Persian is incredibly useful fer surprisin peeps. Who really expects a Persian in someone's team, with da typical borin teams out there lately?
(::cough cough Mewtwo Venusaur Blastoise Charizard Dragonite Gyrados/Rare bird cough cough::)
But my Persian, Ruby, is a surprise. It has...
Yes, Persian can learn Thunder, strangely enough. It can also learn many different TM's that can surprise peeps, like Toxic, Bubblebeam, WaterGun, Thunderbolt, Bide, and Rest. With any of these moves, ya can scare peeps silly. Fer instance...my Raichu, Nova, was fightin a Articuno I believe.
Me: Nova, Thunder!
Cousin: Articuno, Blizzard!
Fer some reason, Articuno hit first and Nova was knocked unconcious.
Cousin: Ha ha ha! Bring out yer best shot!
Me: ::Pretendin ta be worried:: Uh oh, my only electric Pokémon...well...
I think Ruby can handle it! GO RUBY!
::Articuno faints::
Me: ::laughs evilly::

Give Persian a try. It can handle many elements at once, like Dragonite, and is much more original, surprising, and strong. Let it fight!
I saw this SO many times. Name: Ruby
Species: Persian
Sex: Male (>_<+++)
Level: 100
Type 1: Normal
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 320
Attack: 230
Defense: 194
Special: 219
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 219
Special Defense: 219
Speed: 317
Screech 40/40
Slash 32/32
Pay Day 32/32
Thunder 16/16

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Extra Note: Anyone with New Persian pics, send em my way!

~Other People's Persians~

Lira's Persian
I saw this SO many times. Name: Lylan
Species: Persian
Sex: Female
Level: 29
Type 1: Normal
ID: 58910
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 83
Attack: 51
Defense: 52
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 52
Special Defense: 52
Speed: 85
Bite 25/25
Scratch 35/35
Pay Day 20/20
Faint Attack 20/20