~This page was created April 3rd, 1998. It's been occasionally updated since then, but mostly left untouched~

This is my shrine. My Parasect shrine next ta my keyboard. Da fox is irrevelant, tho. ^_^o

All   Hail   Parasect!:   A   Shrine   to   Parasect

Greetings, fellow Parasect Lovers! It is I, Zarla! Da leader of Parasect related affairs!
I bet yer probably goin "What? What in Mewtwo's name is she talkin about?"
I'm talkin about Parasect, perhaps da least mentioned Pokémon ever. Yet fer me, there's something strangely appealin about it ta me. That explains why it's MY FAVORITE POKéMON! Also why I'm fanatically obsessed. See that up there? That shrine is actually next ta my computer. ^_^
Parasect is incredibly useful! Not only can it learn a variety of attacks, it also has da all important Leech Life, a bug move! Why does this matter, ya ask? Cause Bug Moves are super good against Psychic, and Parasect is one of those few Pokémon that IS Bug and knows Bug moves, and isn't half poison. Parasect is truly a great Pokémon!
A Parasect, trained properly, can take down any Psychic it meets (at least, in my experience on Red and Blue. I haven't fully researched Parasect in Gold and Silver yet). It is also absolutely adorable! Look at those little claws! Awwww!
Ahem. Anyway, since ya probably think I'm nuts now, at least take a look at my Parasect stuff before ya go.

Parasect's Vital Information Fer Yer Everyday Life

Here's da scoop on everyone's favorite plant bug. Well, mine anyway.
Parasect (number 47) is da evolution of Paras (number 46) which evolves at level 24.
Parasect can be found in all versions.
Parasect should have, by da time it evolves...
Stun Spore
LeechLife(DON'T GET RID OF THIS, if yer plannin on makin Parasect yer psychic killer.)
It learns...
Spore at lvl. 30
Slash at lvl. 39
Growth at lvl. 48

Isn't it great folks? Parasect can be found in the unknown dungeon around level 60 or so. Also in da Safari Zone. Para's can be found at Mt.Moon.
Parasect is VERY VERY slow, however. That's one of it's main drawbacks. ^_^ But I think Spore more then makes up fer it. It's also horribly weak ta fire. ^_^o But I love it anyway.
It's 3'03'' and weighs 65 pounds on average.

Here are Parasect's moves and such in Gold and Silver, a big thanks ta Slice-chan fer this. ^_^

It starts with Scratch.
It learns...
Stunspore at lvl. 7
Poisonpowder at lvl. 13
Leech Life at lvl. 19
Spore at lvl. 28
Slash at lvl. 37
Growth at lvl. 46
Gigadrain at lvl. 55
And here are da moves it can learn through breeding. ^_^
Screech, Pursuit, Counter, Psy Beam, Flail, Light Screen, False Swipe.
Parasect makes some cameo appearances in some of my Fanfics. Ya should read em! Radic has one.

There has been only ONE episode of Pokémon with Parasect in it, and that's The Problem With Paras, which I have written a long and detailed summary on. ^_^

The Problem with Paras - Episode Summary with Pictures
I saw this SO many times. Name: Callima
Species: Parasect
Sex: Female
Level: 100
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Grass
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 318
Attack: 272
Defense: 250
Special: 250
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 210
Special Defense: 250
Speed: 156
Spore 24/24
Slash 32/32
Cut 48/48
Dig 16/16

Parasect's Pokédex entries go like this...
Red and Blue Red/Blue - A host-parasite pair in which the parasite mushroom has taken over the host bug. Prefers damp places.
Yellow Yellow - The bug host is drained of energy by the mushrooms on its back. They appear to do all the thinking.
Gold Gold - It stays mostly in dark, damp places, the preference not of the bug, but of the big mushrooms on its back.
Silver Silver - The larger the mushroom on its back grows, the stronger the mushroom spores it scatters.
No pic.^_^o Crystal - When nothing's left to extract from the bug, the mushrooms on its back leave spores on the bug's egg.
Stadium Stadium - The bug host is controlled by the mushrooms that scatter poisonous spores. The spores are sometimes used as medicine in China.
No pic. ^_^o Stadium 2 - It stays mostly in dark, damp places, the preference not of the bug, but of the big mushrooms on its back.

Parasect has been seen in...
A Chansey Operation being patched up by Ash (sent in by Beluga68.
Princess vs. Princess in a battle with Weezing (sent in by...Me!)
Pikachu's Summer Vacation in the background during the Mariru and Zenigame race (also sent in by me.)

~Parasect Pictures~

|Parasect in Stadium |Parasect - Jungle|Holographic Parasect Card|Neo Revelation Parasect Card|Promo Parasect Card|
|Walking Wind-up Parasect Toy Box Front|Box Side|Box Top|Box Bottom|3D Parasect (Who made this?)|
|Small Parasect Icon|Animated Pokédex Entry|Pinball Parasect|Another Parasect Icon|Pokédex on Parasect|
|Tea, anyone? Parasect Teapot|

~Parasect Sounds~

|Da Voice of a God|Pokédex Entry|

~Parasect Fanstuff~

|You Know You Love Parasect Too Much...|My Fanfics, most including Parasect|My Fanart|

Latest Parasect News!

Jubilee 25th, 2003=BIG NEWS! Thanks ta Slice's donation of a tape of Pokémon episodes, I got ta see one called somethin like "For Ho-oh the Bell Tolls". Not only did it have two guys (Usine and that other dude) who were totally humping eachother and getting high in a closet before da episode started, it had PARASECTS IN IT! PARASECTS!
Okay, lemme splain. Team Rocket, of course, stole one of da crystal bells from da tower of blahdewhatever. They of course smashed it real good. This caused nature ta go outta alignment, or something.
Anyway, fer some reason this made every bug Pokémon in the immediate vicinity freak out. This means PARASECTS! Big heaping piles of PARASECTS!
I was so excited! Anyway, at one point Ash and Company try ta leave da building, but they're blocked by a huge pile of Parasects. Ash thinks he can take them, which he of course cant, before da stoned seme of da humping duo of da tower tells him ta cut it out. THEN da Parasect release Sleep Powder, and da filthy humans ran back inta da building like da gigantic wusses they were. HA HA!
After that, da stoned seme drags out his gengar (their gengar?) and tells it ta Confuse Ray da Parasects. Pssh. Anyway, it works, and da Parasects all put their claws over their eyes pitifully. DEAR GOD! This is like, a LANDMARK episode fer us PARasect people, meaning me. Anyway, Parasects made big cameos throughout da entire episode, but that was da big moment.
I would die fer screencaps of this. Gimme.
And this has been da latest Parasect news.

Saptimber 29th=Look! I have a new Parasect card! Yay! YAAAAAAAY!
I love how cheap these things are. It's depressin yet economical at da same time!

If anyone's seen a Parasect lately in any episodes, please contact me about it. ^_^ I always love new info on Parasect in whatever it's doin, so send me anythin, even if ya think I've seen or heard it already.

Note: Anyone with ANY Parasect pictures other then the ones featured on this page PLEASE send them to Astronia@aol.com right away!

~Other People's Parasects~
Lira's Parasect
Whee! Name: Zarla
Species: Parasect
Sex: ?
Level: 35
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Grass
ID: 05612
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 92
Attack: 75
Defense: 70
Special: 70
Speed: 33
Spore 24/24
Scratch 15/15
Leech Life 15/15
Mega Drain 10/10
~Pepperspal's Paras~
Only shot I could find... Name: Paras
Species: paras
Sex: don't know
Level: 100
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Grass
ID: 52013
OT: poke(female sign)
Hit Points: 208
Attack: 155
Defense: 121
Special: 139
Speed: 109
Slash 20/20
Stun spore 15/15
Leech Life 15/15
Spore 15/15