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Hellodere! It's me, Zarla again! I'm gonna talk about a pressing issue ta any Pokémon breeder.
One that torments our very souls...
Why is there a Nidoran female and Nidoran male, when no other Pokémon have sexes?
Is it some type of segregation?
Is it because it's more challenging?
Is it because da monsters are different yet so similar?
I can't answer these...tough questions.
But I can answer quite a few different ones!

Da   Female's

Here's where we study da Nidoran Female's and their evolutions.
Well, first it starts with...
Nidoran Female!

Nidoran Females are commonly found in the Blue Version...although they are VERY rare in the Red. It is a Poison type Pokémon. Nidoran Females have smaller horns then the males. Nidoran Females start with the attacks...
They learn...
Scratch at lvl. 9
Poison Sting at lvl. 14
Tail Whip at lvl. 21
Bite at lvl. 29
Fury Swipes at lvl. 36
Double Kick at lvl. 43

Nidoran Female evolves at lvl. 16 into...

Nidorina is a typically shy Pokémon, but is vicious when cornered. They are also quiet sensitive..

Once a Nidorina was used in a race as a type of horse. Unfortunatly, da Tauros Wrangler didn't agree...

At any rate, Nidorina should have these attacks when it has evolved.
It learns...
Poison Sting at lvl. 14
Tail Whip at lvl. 23
Bite at lvl. 32
Fury Swipes at lvl. 41
Double Kick at lvl. 50
Nidorina won't evolve after this. At least...not without some help from a moonstone. Then Nidorina evolves into...

Nidoqueen is a ponderous looking Pokémon, but it is also highly dangerous. This Pokémon is not as slow as it looks.
Nidoqueen is also Poison/Ground, Distinguishing her from her lower, only poison forms.

In the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie, Nidoqueen is one of the Pokémon that gets cloned. Ya can see it in da background.

Anyway, Nidoqueen should know these attacks when it evolves.
Tail Whip
Poison Sting
It Learns
Body Slam at lvl. 23.
That's it. It's your choice whether you want your Nidorina to have IT'S attacks, or BodySlam.

Da   Male's

Since I have Blue, I don't know too much about da Nidoran Males, who are quite rare in my version. Here's what I know.
First off...there's Nidoran male!

Nidoran Male has bigger horns and a meaner disposition then the Nidoran Female.

It starts with...
and it Learns...
Horn Attack at lvl. 8
Poison Sting at lvl. 14
Focus Energy at lvl. 21
Fury Attack at lvl. 29
Horn Drill at lvl. 36
and Double Kick at lvl. 42.
It evolves at lvl. 16 into the much more vicious and meaner looking.. Nidorino!

Nidorino is a mean, vicious looking Pokémon, but looks can be decieving. Nidorino's have been known to be raised in herds... and have many spiky horns.
Nidorino should have
Horn Attack
and Poison Sting
by the time it evolves. Then it should learn...
Focus Energy at lvl. 23
Fury Attack at lvl. 32
Horn Drill at lvl. 41
and Double Kick at lvl. 50
If you give it a moonstone...Nidorino evolves into...

Nidoking is one scary looking Pokémon. This sucker can crush bones with its tail!

I have to admit Nidoking takes the award for one of the coolest looking Pokémon in my book. But anyway, Nidoking should have
Horn Attack
and Poison Sting
when it evolves. It learns...
Thrash at lvl. 23.
It's all up ta ya ta decide whether or not ya want yer Nidorino's moves or thrash, and when ya evolve yer Nidos.

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Thanks fer comin! See ya soon!
I love Blossom. Name: Blossom
Species: Nidoqueen
Sex: Female
Level: 67
Type 1: Poison
Type 2: Ground
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 238
Attack: 153
Defense: 157
Special: 138
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 138
Special Defense: 151
Speed: 147
Ice Beam 16/16
Thunder 16/16
Earthquake 16/16
Body Slam 24/24

Zarla's Editorial On : Nidoqueen + Nidoking

I'm not quite sure what drew me to train a Nidoqueen. I think I wanted to surprise someone I was battling, and thus chose a Pokémon that is VERY rarely used. Nidoqueen.
I found out later, as I raised Blossom (my Nidoqueen) up, how incredibly powerful it really was. I was surprised. Giving my Nidoqueen Thunder, BodySlam, EarthQuake, and some other move I can't remember right now, I raised it quickly. And I found that it really was a VERY good Pokémon.
While I was surfing the Cinnabar Coast, I ran across something that always worries me. A level 160 Ponyta (Yes, da one is there CORRECTLY).
As I was about to send out Accident to take care of it, I remembered that Blossom was Ground/Poison. Remembering vaguely something about how Ground was good against Fire, I sent her out, not expecting much.
Blossom managed, with a few max potions, to bring it down. Blossom was level 54. The Ponyta was more then 100 levels above the Nidoqueen, but with repeated earthquakes the Ponyta was fainted. I was shocked. I had seen da TRUE power of a Nidoqueen. After that I had a new respect for Nidoqueen. I knew how powerful it was.
Not yet having raised a Nidoking, I can't say how powerful THAT could be, but I'm sure it's just as good as it's female counterpart. I know many others who have raised Nidokings can vouch for it's power. But if these two Pokémon have such potential, why are they never used?
They are replaced by other Ground Pokémon..."unsullied" by a Poison Subtype. But then again, Beedrill is ALSO put down because of it's Poison Subtype...and Beedrill surprised me too.
Another thing I find interesting about this whole affair is that, while Nidoqueen is neglected, Nidoking is actually kind of popular. Weird, eh? Maybe it's because Nidoking looks more vicious...I don't know. But whether it's Nidoqueen or Nidoking, they still deserve more recognition. They deserve more recognition then just being known as the only Pokémon with sexes.
Nidoqueen and Nidoking are rulers without subjects. And without trainers.
Give them a chance.

~Other People's Nidoqueens/NidoKings~

Lira's Nidoking
Whee! Name: Brad
Species: Nidoking
Sex: Male
Level: 53
Type 1: Poison
Type 2: Ground
ID: 64515
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 177
Attack: 134
Defense: 104
Special: 106
Speed: 125
Horn Attack 25/25
Double Kick 30/30
Earthquake 10/10
Poison Sting 35/35