I Conduct Electricity!
~This page was created sometime in 2002, if I remember right. It's been mostly untouched since then.~

Shrine to Magenemite/Magneton

I love Magnemite.
"Duh", ya say.
Well, I do. ^_^ And here's where I get ta say why! I actually love both Magnemite AND Magneton.
So anyway, let's begin.

Aesthetically, fer some reason I love em ta death. Somethin about them appeals ta me. Maybe how they float, or how they look, or how they're assembled, or how they aren't really assembled at all. Da forces of magnetism at work! Yes!
I love Magnemite in Pokémon Snap, along with Magneton. I have a shot of that one monitor in da Cave that has a pic of a Happy Magnemite on it. It's just so terribly cute.
I really love Magnemite in much da same way that I love Porygon, fer much da same reasons. There's somethin about these mechanical Pokémon that just appeals ta me, but I'm not sure why.

I do love Magnemite tho. It may not be da best electric type out there, or now that gold and silver is out, electric/steel type out there, but I do love it anyway, and I was so excited when I finally did raise one. It's hard, but it's worth it. It's worth it, especially in Gold and Silver.

Or at least, that's what I think.
I'm not exactly perfect with da new types from Gold and Silver, so I'm not exactly sure what Magnemite is weak/strong ta now that it's part steel. I know that Fire's now a problem, but I think somethin else gets negated cause of that...can't think of what tho.
Anyway, Magnemite and Magneton do get some of da best episodes tho, one of my personal favorites bein da one with da stalker Magnemite. Heh, Pikachu was so upset. Its pain was funny.

"It's a streaker!"
"Ash, I think you mean a stalker."
ANYWAY, Magneton has always just struck me as an incredibly cool Pokémon. I dunno why, it just always has. Maybe I have a thing fer electronics.
I love da Magnetons near da end of da cave in Pokémon Snap. MAGNETON! WHEE!
I also love it's animation in Stadium. Veeeeee bzzap. It's just neat.

Magnemites learn da followin moves.
Sonic Boom - 21
Thundershock - 25
Supersonic - 29
Thunderwave - 35
Swift - 41
Screech - 47

Magnetons learn da followin moves.
Thunderwave - 38
Swift - 46
Screech - 54
And it evolves at level 30.

Raisin my Magneton, Gravital, was difficult, especially from da low level I got him at. I depended a lot on Sonic Boom and TM's I have him (I used my Thunderbolt a long time ago, so Thunder was his other backup), but now I'm happy that he's with me. It took me ages ta do and it was very frustratin, but it does take effort ta raise somethin ya truly love.
LOVE TRIUMPHS OVER ALL! Yeah, somethin like that.

Magnemite and Magneton can learn da followin TM'S - Toxic, Take Down, Double Edge, Hyper Beam (Magneton only?), Rage, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Teleport, Mimic, Double Team, Reflect, Bide, Swift, Rest, Thunderwave, and Substitute.
Shall we theorize about move sets?
Defensive moves would be a good idea fer a Magneton, considerin most of it's strengths lay in that spectrum. I know about da lock on zap cannon combo from Gold and Silver, but most peeps switch ta prevent that.
Hmm, takin that inta consideration, a interestin moveset would be Lock On, Zap Cannon, Thunder Wave, and perhaps Thunder Bolt or Double Team. If ya know ya won't pull off a successful Lock-Zap, ya may as well paralyze da Pokémon they got out. Either way ya got da advantage at that point.
Another idea could be Double Team, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave and Substitute. God that'd be irritating. ^_^
So many possibilities!

Magneton's specialities lie in HP, Def, and Special, altho it isn't stellar by any means in those areas. It's exceptionally weak in Attack and somewhat weak in speed, so it's a good idea ta play defensive with Magneton. That or really irritating. ^_^ Mwa ha ha ha.
Gravital has proved his worth ta me over and over again, and I know he would be a worthy electric type in any team.
Give Magnemite and Magneton a try. They're worth it.