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To   Raticate,   With   Love

(This letter was found dropped on the floor in a clearing in Viridian Forest. It is a letter that Red wrote ta his Raticate, Ratty, while they were seperated fer a brief time. There were pictures attached to it also. We have yet ta have comment from da League Champion about this find, because he is still presumed missing, possibly in da Viridian Forest. Along with him is the world famous loser, Radic. They have yet ta be located.)

Dear Ratty,

Where are you? Jeez, I fall off one cliff and you vanish. Figures. You always were the independent type.
Just kidding really. I wish I DID know where you were. Heck, I wish I knew where *I* am. I'm in this stupid forest with some stupid Tauros that won't leave me alone. Argh. Why do these forests have to be so huge?
Moving onto lighter topics hopefully, I know you can't really write but I know you can read, so I hope you find this somewhere. Maybe I can get a Pidgey to deliver it or something. They do that, don't they? I bet they do. Wherever you are. I bet you're with that loser Radic. That IS where I left you. Or, so I'd hope, you have better taste then that.
Anyway, god. I'm so bored. Well, that and I feel like I got run over with a mack truck, but mainly bored. Hmm, what to talk about...
How about your evolution? I remember it well. God, that makes me sound like I'm going to burst into song or something. But I do remember it. I remember it was after Misty beat us the first time. I swear she cheats. But you wanted to beat her so bad that you evolved for me. Really, thanks for that. It's always nice to know that you want victory just as much as I do. We really connect, Ratty. I mean that, we're really connected.
I was just thinking about it cause this stupid Tauros doesn't evolve. Argh.
Let's see...what do I got...well, considering that this forest doesn't seem like the safest, cleanest, or healthiest place to be, I'll just send some of these pictures I've got with me to you. You can probably keep them drier then me. Frigging rain.

God, I wish that you were here so you could Hyperfang this stupid bull to death. It won't leave me alone. It keeps headbutting me and making me walk. It's like "WHORE, IT'S RAINING! WE NEED REST!" but nooooo, I think this Tauros is minus a brain. Argh. You could tear this thing into shreds, I know it. Nice Tauros barbeque. God, that'd be great.

Man, I can't think of anything you CAN't do Ratty. You're invincible and I'm not kidding. I mean, even MEWTWO couldn't touch us. You were just too fast and too strong. Superfang is amazing Ratty, seriously. I can't believe that. You're really a gift to Pokémon, you know that? You can beat everything. But I guess you already knew that.

Frigging Tauros. Man, this sucks. I'm not sure if I can pull myself out of this one, Ratty. I don't have any food or water, I don't have any Pokémon with me other then this stupid Tauros that can help me FIND food or water either. All this Tauros wants to do is push me. Argh.
That's a depressing thought. Me? Red? Meeting my end out here in some stupid forest cause that loser Radic wouldn't let me keep this Tauros I don't even want anymore? Ugh. This isn't how it should be. If I'm going to bite the big one, I would at least like YOU to be with me at the end.
Blech, this is getting too sappy and depressing. I'm going to live and find you again, and we'll laugh about this someday. Yeah. I'll see you soon.
Your friend,

P.S: Remember this picture Ratty? I took it of you when you first evolved.

Hey, another one! When you tried to attack that Kingler! What a wuss that Kingler was.

((Anyway, if anyone has any pictures of Raticate not featured on this page, mail them too...Astronia@aol.com if ya please. And plus, these pics are their respective owners, yak yak yak...))
Scruffy! ^_^ Name: Scruffy
Species: Raticate
Sex: Male (>_<)
Level: 55
Type 1: Normal
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 156
Attack: 134
Defense: 96
Special: 88
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 88
Special Defense: 110
Speed: 139
Dig 16/16
Super Fang 16/16
Ice Beam 16/16
Hyper Fang 24/24

Zarla's Editorial On : Raticate

Raticate, althought above says otherwise, are usually not made "Fav Pokémon". Raticate is rarely the main object of their trainer's affection, and are even more rarily on someone's final team. It was my brother Alix (or Red, if you want. Then again, I would be Radic, wouldn't I?) who pointed out what Raticate could do. While in MY game I kept my Squirtle, Accident, on my team at ALL times, Alix shoved his Squirtle in a box and had it replaced with a Raticate. I never thought much of Raticate...I never even got one until much later. That was before my Pokémon experienced the pain and power of Hyper Fang.
I didn't expect much from Ratty when I first battled it as a Rattata. I thought Accident (who was my most Powerful Pokémon at that point) could easily take down the weak-seeming rat. Then Ratty struck, and Accident was done. I was stunned...I couldn't believe it's power. But it was Alix's belief and trust in his Pokémon, belief and trust that Ratty COULD be powerful...COULD be useful...that allowed Ratty to reach the heights of it's power now. Even now, when my brother has re-started his game and is no longer constantly ahead of me, I still worry when he sends out Ratty.
Even when Accident is now level 93 and Ratty is only 54, I still worry.
Accident worries.
Raticate is a powerful Pokémon that learns two unique and powerful moves. These Moves, in the proper hands, are incredibly useful.
One of these is Hyper Fang.
In the show, Hyper Fang was GREATLY underestimated. I fully expected Raticate to make short work of Ash's Butterfree when it did HyperFang, but, as usual, the show is NOT accurate. Had it been Ratty battling, the Butterfree would never fly again.
Ratty never showed mercy.
Hyper Fang is a massively powerful attack which is learned by Raticate at level 14. Raticates high speed and attack make this useful. Hyper Fang , although SLIGHTLY inaccurate, is a very good attack. This should NEVER be replaced on your Raticate.
The Second is Super Fang.
Super Fang is very underestimated, but in the right hands can be useful.
My brother was facing Mewtwo...and his strategy depended on Ratty. Something I would never do. But he saved and kept trying...Ratty was only level 41. Against a level 70 Mewtwo...it seemed inpossible. But Alix's belief in Ratty kept it battling against the odds. Alix had a odd strategy. He would send out Ratty, use Super Fang, and hope Ratty would remain in the battle long enough for two hits. That would take Mewtwo down to a Fourth of it's hits. Ratty would keep using Super Fang until either it was fainted or the Mewtwo was very low on hits, then Alix threw Great Balls. And it worked. He got Mewtwo. I was amazed and my respect for Raticate grew even more.
Some say that Super Fang is a stupid attack because it only takes off Half of the opponents HP. But against something much higher then you or with ridiculous HP, that's enough.
Don't let the first or second Pokémon you caught rot away in a box.
Raticate is a very good Pokémon, Powerful, Fast, and armed with razor sharp teeth and two very good ways to use them.
I don't see how it could NOT be used.

~Other People's Raticates~

Lira's Raticate
I love Raticate Name: Ratter
Species: Raticate
Sex: ???
Level: 38
Type 1: Normal
ID: 05612
OT: Laura
Hit Points: 101
Attack: 84
Defense: 68
Special: 52
Speed: 89
Water Gun 25/25
Focus Energy 30/30
Quick Attack 30/30
Hyper Fang 15/15