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Cubone   and   Marowak/Karakara   and   Garagara

Cubone and Marowak...
Karakara and Garagara...

There are many questions about this pair. Fer Instance , Where did they get those bones, anyway?

Some of them have to die, or else Pokemon Tower wouldn't exist. But yet we never see them die. Are Cubone's and Marowaks so desperate as ta rob da graves of other Pokemon?
Perhaps they were them as a token of respect for their dead brothers and sisters. but do they always take the skulls and bones of their dead cousins?
Perhaps it's part of a old, ancient Cubone and Marowak ritual.

Although some Cubone's are violent, can all Pokemon have a bad day? Hasn't it be seen that Cubone's and Marowak's can have fun?

Where do those bones come from? Seriously.
And why are they considered ground type? Are bones considered part of the ground?

And if da bone isn't boomerang shaped, then why does Bonemerang always come back?

And Why is it that Karakara sounds like a little baby? I've downloaded clips from Pikachu's Summer Vacation, and it sounded very babyish. it it because it's also known as Orphan? Why is a Marowak considered a Cubone's mother?

Cubone is also a gang type Pokemon...hangs out with Mariru, Buru, and Raichu.

And WHY do i keep askin myself all these rhetorical questions?

At any rate, Cubone is neglected, even though it's cute. it is often replaced with a Diglett or a Dugtrio. Why? they're both ground type, and you can find them both around the same time in the game.

Cubone/ Marowak both learn two important moves, Bone Club and Bonemerang, attacks only they can learn.
Give Karakara and Garagara a chance!
And now, fer yer amusement, I'm gonna try and ANSWER MY OWN QUESTIONS!
The bones? I think they stole a bunch before Pokémon Tower was constructed, and have been passin them down from generation ta generation. Thus, da bond between a Cubone and a Marowak and their respective bones.
Desperate? I think Cubone's and Marowak's must have low-self esteem... why else would they cover themselves like that? Maybe they're hideously ugly. No wonder they would take any mask they could.
And every pokémon isn't grumpy all the time! All of them can be happy at some point!
Those bones? I think they're thigh bones. And the skulls are from some lizard type Pokémon. Maybe Charizard.
I think they're considered ground because da bones comes FROM da ground. So they consider it ground type!
Since da Cubone's and Marowak seem spiritually connected, da bone comes back cause of that link. It's attracted back!
And of course, Japanese voice actors are different from our own fer many reasons.
Da Evolution I think must be older then a Cubone, cause the skull has been smoothed down. Therefore, some of the Marowak's MUST be mothers!
Anyway, da best answers I could give!

Fer more info on Cubone... it evolves at lvl 28.
Cubone starts with
Bone Club
and Growl.
It learns...
Leer at lvl. 25
Focus Energy at lvl. 31
Thrash at lvl. 38
Bonemerang at lvl. 43
and Rage at lvl. 46.

Marowak should have these attacks.
Bone Club
and learns...
Focus Energy at lvl. 33
Thrash at lvl. 41
Bonemerang at lvl. 48
And Rage at lvl. 55

Enjoy yer Karakara's and Garagara's! And fer those who like teachin their Pokémon strange moves ta frighten peeps, here's some TM's a Cubone/Marowak can learn!
Ice Beam
Fire Blast
Give them a try! It's sure ta scare whoever yer battlin!