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April 25th
Hmmm... (Hmm, there's something special about today, isn't there...?)
Buh? (What? Really?)
Hmmm... (I'm sure of it, something important...)
Nope (No, if it was important, it'd be easy to remember, wouldn't it? Must not be a big deal.)
Like I'd trust YOU (Tch, so it HAS to be important if you're the one saying that.)
SHHHH (Ta: I can't remember anything!
Ka: Neither can I...
Chan: Well, I think... the date, maybe-
No wait (No wait, I think Chan's on to something! It's the day, isn't it?)
Yes! (Yes, I remember! It's the NPLU's anniversary!)
Woohoo! (Yay! Are we going to have a party?)
That sounds like work (Well, I don't know if there'll be a party... but Zar wrote a little about it.)
PFF (Sounds like she ducked out of work again.)
So demanding (She drew some things!)
DOUBLE PFF (Tch, why aren't they of me?)
Mark my words (I'm telling you, we're never getting a fullscale update again.)
Come on! (...We might! You don't know that.)

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