~Radic and Farnsworth Ghost/Ukagaka~

What is a Ghost, you may ask? An Ukagaka 伺か or Nanika 何か, also known as a Ghost, is a character (or set of characters) that sit on your desktop and keep you company. They may have other functions or plug-ins that let them do other things, but their primary purpose is to keep you amused by chatting with them.

This particular Ghost is Radic and Farnsworth, some of my Pokemon OCs! I actually always name myself Radic in a game if given the option, but Pokemon Radic is the only one who actually became his own character... anyway, Radic and Farns have gone on various adventures together, but you don't really need to have a lot of background info on either of them going into this. You can ask them for more details about themselves in their menus, so even if you've never seen them before, you should still enjoy them! Hopefully.


How to Install

Basically, you can't run these two (or any Ghost) alone - you need a baseware program first. SSP, the program most commonly used for running Ghosts, is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista... probably anything more current than XP. If you're using a Mac or are running Linux though, there are still options for you, but I can't personally tell you how to get them to work. I have heard from people who did get Ghosts running on their Mac using one of these methods though, so it IS possible. But Google Translate will probably be your friend here.
Macs - Ukagaka on Macs, NiseRingo, PlayonMac+SSP (10.6 or above), WineBottler (I think?)
Android - Ukagaka for Android (I have NOT tested this, so...)

If you are using Windows though, just follow these directions and you'll be set in no time! If you already have SSP installed, you can just skip to the end, haha.

  1. The first thing you'll want to do is download and install SSP. While the site is in Japanese, just look for the "complete install package" download on the left. Download it somewhere and install it.
  2. When that's done, run SSP.exe, the program with the little bell icon. A catgirl named Emily should pop up and start talking to you in Japanese, and end up throwing up a big menu. For now, ignore all of that, and just close the menu when it appears. You can also hold down a key to speed through her text. She's the default Ghost that comes with SSP, if you're curious.
  3. Right-click the catgirl. It should bring up a long menu. If it's in English, then you have nothing to worry about. If it's not, go to the fourth option from the bottom, set it to English, then close the catgirl and reopen her. The right click menu should switch to English. The catgirl ghost will still be in Japanese though.
  4. Download the z_bluepearl.zip, which is the balloon they will be using. You want to do this first so they'll use the right balloon when they first appear. (If the fonts in their balloon appear strange to you and you don't want to download the Pokemon fonts, you can use z_bluepearl-nofont.zip instead, which is the same balloon but with no fonts specified.)
  5. Drag and drop the z_bluepearl.zip onto the catgirl's face. It should look like she's installing something. She might tell you the balloon's name when she's done. If you right-click her and go to the Balloon tab, you should hopefully see the Pokemon BluePearl balloon listed.
  6. Download the radic_farns.nar file. This is the actual Ghost.
  7. Drag and drop the radic_farns.nar file onto the catgirl. She should again look like she's installing something. She'll probably say their name when she's done.
  8. Right-click Emily and go to the "Change Ghost" tab. You should now see Radic and Farnsworth listed! Switch over to them and you should be ready to go. If they're not using their balloon, you can use the Balloon tab to switch them to it (if it's installed).

If you already have SSP/another Ghost installed, then all you have to do is drag and drop the bluepearl.zip and radic_farns.nar onto your current ghost, and they'll install.

If Emily won't install the files

What you can do instead is unpack the files manually. If you don't have an unzipping program (I think this is included with Windows now? but), I use 7-zip myself, it's free and pretty versatile. First, extract the z_bluepearl.zip, so you have a folder called "z_bluepearl". Then you'll want to go into SSP's balloon directory... it'd be under SSP\Balloon. You should see two folders in there called "ssp" and "emily4" if you're in the right place. Cut and paste the "z_bluepearl" folder into that folder. Then close and reopen Emily, and check if the BluePearl balloon is listed. If so, then you're good!

For Radic and Farnsworth, you'll want to do basically the same thing with the SSP/Ghost folder. First, extract the radic_farns.nar into a folder (a nar is basically a renamed zip file, any zip program should be able to unpack it. 7-zip can do it, for example). You should end up with a radic_farns folder, and inside the folder there should be two subfolders, called "ghost" and "shell". If everything's in place, cut the "radic_farns" folder, and paste it into the ssp\ghost folder, so the ssp\ghost folder should now have both an emily4 folder, and a radic_farns folder. Then close and reopen Emily, and see if Radic and Farnsworth are listed under "change ghost". If so, you're good!

A strange error window keeps coming up

If you run SSP and you see this error message...

Basically, it is saying that it can't find a ghost to boot with, and it wants you to point it to a ghost directory so it can continue booting. You can drag and drop the radic_farns.nar onto this message to install them from there, or you can click the first button, and then point SSP to the directory where Radic and Farnsworth (or Emily) is installed. The second button is for balloons, and works similarly - just point SSP to a balloon directory.

Quick User's Guide

Radic and Farnsworth's desktop tray icon is a little Pokeball. If you can't find the bell icon, look for the Pokeball icon instead.

Double click Radic or Farnsworth's body to open their personal menu. These menus have unique options so you can ask them questions or change your name and such.

Right click Radic's body to open the general SSP menu. You can use this to change Ghosts or Balloons.

To check for updates, select it from Farnsworth's menu, right-click Radic and click Update from the SSP menu, or hit Ctrl-U when they're the focus. They should check for any new stuff and download it automatically.

If you want them to stay on top of your windows, right click them, then go to Options - Preferences, then the Ghost(2) tab in the big menu that pops up. Check "Always Show Foreground" and that should do it.

If you want to make them bigger or smaller, right click them and go to shell scaling, then choose the percentage you like.

If they don't seem to be retaining values (like if you changed your name or region for example), you can try deleting the aya5_variable.cfg file and letting them make a new one by reloading them. You can find this file in the folder where you installed SSP - something like, \Downloads\SSP\ghost\radic_farns\ghost\master depending on where you put SSP, of course. If the aya5_variable file has been write-protected you might also run into this problem, or if it's in Dropbox. Try moving SSP somewhere else and see if that helps. It's a very lightweight program.

If you want to uninstall SSP, just delete the SSP folder. If you just want to uninstall Radic and Farnsworth, delete the radic_farns folder inside the SSP\ghost folder. You can also turn on the Uninstall option in Radic's config menu, then select Uninstall from the right click menu.

Sometimes the Pokemon match-ups they talk about might get a little strange...

More Ghost stuff!

Radic and Farnsworth aren't the only ukagaka thing I've done, if you think these things are as cool as I do, haha.

Hunter and Smoker are another Ghost I made and they are incredibly complicated with a lot of cool little secrets and features. I'm really pretty proud of them, haha.

Dr. W.D. Gaster is another Ghost I made from my Undertale fancomic. He's... incredibly complicated... I don't know how it happened, haha. But he has a pretty in-depth relationship system, if that's more what you're into.

If you want to make a Ghost yourself, or learn more about how they work, I wrote a very long tutorial site to help you do that!

If you're familiar with FLELE, I also did a patch to translate FLELE into English. FLELE is basically a Ghost that's been customized to play music. You can download new shells for FLELE, which change what the Ghost looks like. In my case, I've done two FLELE shells - Gordon Freeman and Jockey.

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