Spinning Death
~This page was created sometime in 2002, I think. It's been mostly untouched since then.~

Shrine to Spearow/Fearow

People fall under two categories. These two categories are...
Pidgey People
and Spearow People.
As if ya couldn't guess, I fall in da second category. And here's why. Considerin that I played Blue, Spearow was a bit more difficult ta find then Pidgey at first, but da small violent birds were worth every minute.
If yer not gonna go Dodrio fer yer flyin, I highly, HIGHLY suggest Fearow.
Fearow's stats are lower then Pidgeot's, but Spearow and it's evolution get far better moves.
And truly, what is a Pokémon without good moves? I look ta Announ and Wobbuffet. I mean, really.
Anyway, that was gettin off-topic.

While Pidgey may have da stats, Fearow's got da moves, not ta mention one of da best flyin moves out there - DRILL PECK! What this shrine is named after, really. ^_^ What does Pidgeot get in exchange? Wing Attack. WING ATTACK! I mean, honestly.
Not ta mention in da anime, Spearow and Fearow are infinitely much cooler. Spearows try ta kill Ash and Pikachu. Right there that's a huge plus. Fearow tried ta eat Togepi. And again, another huge plus fer da Beak Pokémon.

What did da Pidgey family ever do fer Ash? Evolve and leave. PSSH I say ta that. I demand death and murder from my fav Pokémon and Pidgeot doesn't cut it.
However, with that beak? Fearow could friggin IMPALE people.
Fearow is faster and more versatile, and is definitly a good choice fer flyin. Definitly better then Pidgey in da beginnin, cause Spearow actually starts with PECK, a flying move. Pssh I say ta Gust. PSSH.

While Gold and Silver introduced a ton more Pokémon and a breakin of most of da rules and combos that were previously established fer da old Pokémon, Fearow and Spearow remain largely unaffected.
Remember, it's not da stats of da Pokémon, it's how ya use em. And Fearow can be deadly in battle if used correctly.

Spearows learn da followin moves.
Leer - 9
Fury Attack - 15
Mirror Move - 22
Drill Peck - 29
36 - Agility

Fearows learn da followin moves.
Mirror Move - 25
Drill Peck - 34
Agility - 43

Stewart, my Fearow, has been a worthy addition ta my team, a truly great flyin type that's saved my butt a number of times. Try one and learn - there are far worse flyin types out there.
Spearow and Fearow can learn da followin TM'S - Razor Wind, Whirlwind, Toxic, Take Down, Double Edge, Hyper Beam, Rage, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Swift, Sky Attack, Rest, and Substitute
Shall we theorize about move sets?
A definite focus fer a Fearow would be in attack. Ya wanna bring down yer opponent quickly so they don't have a chance ta smack ya around. There's also da waitin game as well. Fly, Drill Peck, Double Team, and Sky Attack may work well fer a Fearow. Ya could always replace Sky Attack with Mirror Move if ya know yer opponent's gonna go first. Fearow is a great fighting Pokémon, truly a wise choice fer any beginnin trainer.

Fearow excels in HP, Attack, and has a slightly lower score in Speed. However, it's two weak points are it's defense and special. An emphasis on hitting hard and hitting fast is a must.
My Spearow has proved its worth ta me, and I know it can prove its worth ta ya too. Try and raise one, and realize what ya've been missin. There truly are two types of peeps in da world.

And we can't be both.