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Welcome to the NPLU's Fanfiction section, where all the stories are kept. I'm open to all kinds of stories (includings ones with teh gay) and would love to have your submissions. I especially love stories with original characters, the weirder the Pokémon, the better! This is Neglected Pokémon Lovers Unite after all. 8D
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My Stories

Radic and Red Stories
An Epic Battle
My first Pokémon fanfic about a battle between two rivals, Radic and Red. First story featuring them and their Pokémon, first Pokémon story I recall writing. Wrote this WAY before Gold and Silver were even rumored to come out...98 or 99, maybe? Maybe even earlier.
Warning: Violence.
Radic and Red hate each other as much as rivals should, but sometimes things change when you're stuck in one area with someone with no way to escape...and feelings change the more you learn about one another.
Warning: Violence.
Radic and Red
Radic is still plagued with guilt after what happened to Red and continues wandering aimlessly, not knowing that Red is wandering around as well. Undergoing a series of misadventures, Radic undergoes a horrible tragedy, Violet comes in, and the two encounter the ultimate evil which lives underground...
Warning: Violence.
After finding one another again, Radic and Red's relationship continues to change and grow, influenced by Radic's new disability and Violet, their stubborn companion. The relationships get more and more complicated, with Radic being the unwitting focalpoint of a great deal of conflict...and a lot of things are revealed and resolved.
Pairing: Radic/Red, Radic/Violet (One sided)
Warning: Some violence, angst. Slash. Despite that, I'm going to keep it in this section because it's an important part to the whole Radic and Red mythos.
Together ForeverOmg, updated!
Where did Radic get all his Pokémon and how did they get the distinct and colorful personalities they have today? So many regions, so little time...
Warning: Violence, sexual situations
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit
Radic encounters an old friend from many many years ago, and possibly sets off what could be an epic chain of events...
This was actually cowritten by me and King, so I'll put it up here. :B
Pal ParkNew!
Radic promised Accident that they would always be together, and that he would never take him out of his team. Then he went to Sinnoh.

Ella E and Company
Howl of a Growlithe
A story of Radic's cousin, Ella E, and her quest fer a Growlithe.
Warning: Violence. LOTS of it.

Koinonayami: The Pain of Love
A Sequel ta Howl of a Growlithe, this fic takes a darker, more introspective turn, focusing around Drak and his Mewtwo's past life and how they can never truly escape who they are. Incomplete.
Warning: Violence, angst, Sexual Sitations
'S a @%@#in' Strange World Out There...
Cyrus, essentially a newborn, is thrown into a world he doesn't understand. Within it, he finds both happiness and sadness, addiction and confusion, and, tentatively, himself.
Warning: Angst, Violence.
Dr. Kagakusha's life was far from normal, but is that what is really responsible for her disorder? How much can be blamed on the accident, how much can be blamed on herself, and how much can be blamed on the world around her?
Warning: Violence, Sexual situations, some angst. Incomplete.
For some of us, life was far from idyllic. For some of us, there's a horrific incident that sometimes we can't remember, or sometimes we can remember all too well. Dowasure has his own past, which has influenced his actions today all too much...
Warning: Violence, Angst, Sexual Situations. Incomplete.
What was Teishi's life like...? Who were his earlier masters, what did they do to him? How did he get the scars he has now, and why does he stay there?
Warnin: Violence, Torture. Incomplete.
Michelle and Gabriella's actions in their previous life was not one to be proud of, but was it enough to warrant what happened to them as a result? Was their punishment justified?
Warning: Some violence. Incomplete.
How Prof. Denka met Dowasure and Kagakusha and established the relationship he has with them now.
Warning: Some violence. Incomplete.
Born and raised outside human society, the toll of pretending to know how to act, how to behave, to deal with other people, begins to wear on Drak's mind, causing him to begin to doubt who he is, where he really belongs, and even his own sanity, taking drastic measures in order to try and find what he hopes is the truth...
Warnin: Violence. Self-mutilation. Angst. Emotional Trauma. Incomplete.

Two completely opposite people from Koinonayami find that they have more in common than they think.
Pairing: Eh, it's more fun ta find out.
Warning: Angst. Much angst.
Conflicts arise when the reason behind Cyrus' depression proves to be different than Drak expected. Partner to Devotion.
Pairing: Cyrus/Drak
Warning: Angst.
Teishi's inadvertant obediance to an unintended command causes some unexpected problems. Partner to Kenshin.
Pairing: Drak/Teishi, Drak/Colt, Colt/Caleb
Warning: Angst, Fluff.
Ella E has chosen. It wasn't Drak. In the depths of his depression, Teishi tries to convince him that it's not the end of the world. Partner to Redemption.
Pairing: Drak/Teishi
Angst, Fluff. LOTS of fluff.
Finally, the counterpoint to Shoukan. Ella E has chosen, but it wasn't Drak. Where can he go when Ella E's very presence torments him? Far away, where he finds someone else... Partner to Shoukan.
Pairing: Cyrus/Drak
Warnin: Angst. Now complete!
Get a Clue!
A group of guests invited ta a very strange party get involved in a series of very strange murders. Parody, Comedy.
Pairing: Cyrus/Dowasure, Drak/Teishi, Radic/Red
Warning: Silly Violence.
A demon has been hauntin Dr. Dowasure's dreams. It up to him and Cyrus to get rid of it.
Pairing: Cyrus/Dowasure
Warning: Angst. LOTS OF ANGST. Some fluff.
Remembrance of Dreams
Just when Cyrus and Dowasure think they get a break, the dreams come back, only this time, they're more insidious...and more painful. Sequel to Nightmare.
Pairing: Cyrus/Dowasure
Warnin: Angst. Incomplete.
The Rocky Horror Pokémon Genetic Research Institute
An innocent young couple stumble across a strange castle and its even stranger inhabitants. Parody, comedy.
Pairings: Cyrus/Dowasure, Cyrua/Drak, Kagakusha/Kame
Warning: Comedic violence, silliness.
A Poofmas Carol
Will Prof. Denka change his ways in time for Christmas? Parody, comedy.
Warning: Silliness, a little violence.
Hikaru no Ashita
The music industry is about to be revolutionized as one manager gets a certain three guys together to form the legendary band known as...Hikaru no Ashita. Thanks to Slice-chan for hosting this fer me.
Pairing: Cyrus/Dowasure, Kagakusha/Kax
Warnin: Alternate Universe. Incomplete.
We Wish You a Merry #$^#IN' CHRISTMAS!
Everybody gets together for Christmas, and the author completely loses it.
Pairing: Cyrus/Dowasure, Dowasure/Denka, Drak/Teishi, Kagakusha/Kax, Michelle/Gabriella (kind of)
Warnin: CRACK. Incomplete.
Clothes Make The Man
When Ella E and the boys she hangs out with get kidnapped by a society completely made of woman, it's up to Drak, Cyrus, Dowasure, and Ashstar ta get them out, in any way possible.
Pairing: Drak/Teishi, Cyrus/Dowasure
Warning: Crossdressing, comedy. Incomplete.
What happens when Kagakusha's unstable personality results in Prof. Denka and Dr. Dowasure locked in a room together? They finally talk for once...
Pairing: Denka/Dowasure
Warning: Angst. Incomplete.
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Dr. Dowasure goes out into the snow and doesn't come back.
Pairing: Denka/Dowasure
Warning: Fluff, songfic.

Other's Stories

Jack's Journey
Kind of in the spirit of Together Forever, in that it's a series of stories about a trainer and their Pokémon and how they met. :> I LOVE STORIES LIKE THIS.
|Emma: Beginning|Angry D: Beginning|Irving: Beginning|Glower: Beginning|
Author: Jonesy
Pokémon 2 : A New Dimension
Written by a friend of mine! Very nice. Here's a version of it which I slightly cleaned up, like spellin errors and minor grammatical stuff. Nothin big. Oh, these are Doc files.
Author: Meagan
As Cyrus makes his escape into the real world, he has to come to terms with his future and himself.
Warning: Language, Violence.
Author: Soshika.
A Puppet Without Strings
Danny Waterstone, a frivolous young man with little concern over others feelings, is about to find that he has more than he ever thought he had in him and meet some people, and Pokémon, he'll never forget, no matter how hard he tries.
Warning: Language and Violence.
Author: Ade B
Danny and Magdelia have rebuilt their lives as best as possible, until someone from the past comes to ruin what they hoped would be a peaceful life. Not to mention there's been some suspicious happenings near the Unknown Dungeon...
Warning: Language and Violence, a little angst.
Author: Ade B
The Cinnabar Island Chronicles
Soshika is a genetic experiment, trained and bred to be the ultimate Pokémon trainer. However, as she leaves her only home and begins to wander the world of her own volition, she finds that there are many things about herself and the others like her that she didn't know...and is going to find out, whether she wants to or not.
Warning: Language and Violence.
Author: Soshika
Bobbisu lives a hard, painful life under the heel of her step-father. Finally given the chance to escape, she leaves her friends behind to try and begin a new life.
Warning: Violence.
Author: Jessie
Movie Madness!
Bulbasaur is out of coffee. Therefore, all da Pokémon characters must suffer in a series of hilariously peculiar movie parodies, where I show up. Mwa ha.
Author: Bulbasaur
A group of trainers go out on that wonderful, amazing journey that it the search for bishounen, also known as...Dudémon!
Note: Much reference to other authors in here. Much dude bashing. Much funniness.
Author: Soshika.
Desperate Times
Another chapter in the Danny Chronicles, Danny is being pursued by Team Rocket, finds out more than he ever knew about Judith, and finds out that there's more than one Manachu around...
Warning: Language, Violence, Sexual Situations
Author: Ade B
Dalla fortunatissima serie “Le follie di Sabrina”
A new submission from a new author. This one is entirely in Italian, so be warned! Sadly, I don't really know Italian, so...
Author: Maria
Dynamite Rave!
A chatfic where silliness and sugary fried bread are abound. Hee hee hee.
Author: Vengro
Drak is still searching for someone...but who?
This version was edited by me just for punctuation and spelling and stuff.
Author: Kakumei
Zettai Yurusenai
It appears that Cyrus isn't the only M-2 Spc. C anymore...
Author: Sopheari
PGRI Mad-Libs
Author: Sopheari
Evolution for Genceys isn't always all fluffy happy wings and super angel best techno. ESPECIALLY FOR THIS ONE! Bewwwaaare.
Author: Kirshner
Looking Back: Autobiography of an Electric Mouse
What connects us to each other? How does that bond between a trainer and their Pokémon form, and why?
Author: Zeyon
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ayasake
Alexander wakes up to an unusual surprise...
Author: Snow
Fruition of a Nightmare
Sean doesn't seem to be having much luck. Particularly when he decides to brave the Rock Tunnel without Flash...
Warning: Angst
Author: Synathidy
Follow-up to Fruition of a Nightmare. Sean meets some new friends.
Author: Synathidy
Follow-up to Airen. Some strange creatures are afoot...
Author: Synathidy

Stories Based on the Anime

Jessie and James have a chat late at night... Rocketshipping.
Author: MissyKaboom
Team Rocket Headquarters
What else is there to do when wandering around late at night? Let's play a game... Rocketshipping.
Author: MissyKaboom