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Dodrio:   A   Good   bird   with   a   Bad   Reputation!

A bird Pokémon.

Dodrio is a good Pokémon. Yet barely spoken of or used? Why? It's cute..

It's incredibly fast...

And is sometimes even used as a impromptu alarmclock!

But this poor bird is neglected. Barely anyone has it on their team, even though it is strong and capable. More commonly seen are Pidgeot, Fearow, or da Rare Birds, if any flying at all. Is it because of this? I have a couple words fer ya.
Da Flame Pokémon-a-thon.

That's right. It was that episode that Dodrio was typecast as a lowly, cowardly, villainous bird. Because they reflected it on it's trainer...
Dario was a scheming braggart that would do anythin ta win. Him and Team Rocket dug holes and set traps fer da other racers. He even was indirectly responsible fer breakin Lara Laramie's arm.
At da end, Ash's Rapidash won the race, and then kicked da poor Dodrio sky high!
It didn't deserve that, da poor thing!
I think peeps should let Dodrio have a chance!
Dodrio(85) is strong...it evolves from Doduo (84) at level. 31. This is one of those extremly rare occasions where da cuter counterpart is overlooked by it's evolution. Anyway, when Doduo evolves, it should have these moves.
Drill Peck
Then, as a Dodrio, it learns these.
Rage at lvl. 39
Tri Attack at lvl. 45
And Agility at lvl. 51

Let yer Dodrio fight! It could surprise ya!
I saw this SO many times. Name: Takachan
Species: Dodrio
Sex: Male
Level: 100
Type 1: Normal
Type 2: Flying
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 315
Attack: 314
Defense: 218
Special: 211
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 211
Special Defense: 211
Speed: 271
Substitute 12/12
Drill Peck 32/32
Tri-Attack 40/40
Fly 24/24
|Dodrio Pokédex Information|

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