Wild MISS INGO appeared!
~Miss Ingo and Mr. Ino~

Miss Ingo is fairly well known now, mostly under Missingno. ^_^ She is seen most commonly after any trade on da Cinnabar islands. Tradin a Raichu fer an Electrode will allow Miss Ingo ta appear on da coast if ya surf up and down it. By da way, if ya talk ta that guy after tradin with him, he says "Wow! Yer Raichu evolved!" Weird, huh?
Anyway, Miss Ingo is a horribly, horribly weak Pokémon. It's commonly seen (fer me anyway) around level 80. Almost any Pokémon above level 30 could kill it in one hit. Its defense is commonly around the numbers of 4.
It defies da laws of Pokémon by having a repeating attacks...Water Gun, Water Gun, and Sky Attack. It is believed this Pokémon was the forgotten program of da nixed Rainbow Bird...Houou. Others say it was the unused programming of Togepi. It's hard to say.
In either case, this Pokémon presents no danger to anyone, not even fire Pokémon. Its water gun is weak.
Da problem is if it does Sky Attack. That is a powerful attack. Watch out for that.
Miss Ingo rarely has a chance to pull that one off.
Miss Ingo appears as a block of static. Fer me it's a upside own F.
Anyway, I would NOT recommend catching Miss Ingo, as it can SERIOUSLY screw up yer game. In fact, just seein it can screw up yer Hall Of Fame, getting weird things in there that ya never beat da Elite Four with. My Hall of Fame says I bet da Elite Four with Gary type1/normal Type2/flying, and other such strange occurences.
Anyway, Miss Ingo does have a use. When ya see Miss Ingo, no matter whether ya kill it, catch it, whatever, it duplicates da 6th item in yer inventory over a 100 times. I don't know da exact number...because da numbers mess up. But it's not unlimited. Fer me, it was moonstones!
Anyway, Miss Ingo does give a ludicrous amount of Experience when ya kill it, so it's good fer levelin.
Ta see Miss Ingo's wacky inbred cousin Mr.Ino, ya hafta do somethin different.
Credits ta TheTenchiu fer postin this on da old AOL Pokémon board fer everyone ta read....
1. Go ta Viridian City.
2. Talk ta da old guy who says somethin like "Aaah, I feel better after havin my coffee. Are ya inna hurry?"
3. So far, no one's determined whether sayin Yes or No has a affect, but it's a good idea ta say No.
4. He'll show ya how ta catch a Weedle.
5. Go ta Cinnabar Islands.
6. Go ta da Coast.
7. Swim up and down it, so yer on half-land, half-water.
8. Voila!
This trick not only unleashed Mr.Ino (which is short fer [] M []) who is almost entirely identical ta Miss Ingo except fer his cry, it also has a possibility of unleashing over lvl. 100 Pokémon.
Yes, ya read right. OVER lvl. 100.
Fer me, I see lvl. 160 Ponytas. They are frickin powerful. These Pokémon have all da stats as if they had been normally raised ta Level 160... They're incredibly dangerous.
If ya manage ta catch one, ya got a unbeatable Pokémon fer Link Cable battlin. But if ya use it inna game battle, it goes down ta lvl. 100. Some report never seein any Pokémon over lvl. 100, but I don't know why.
It's proposed it has somethin ta do with da name ya choose.
So far, every person who named their hero Ash has seen over lvl. 100 Snorlax's and Golbats.
Fer most everyone tho, Miss Ingo and Mr. Ino are guranteed ta appear. Mr.Ino (fer me anyway) commonly appears at lvl. 140-160. Don't worry, he's just as weak as Miss Ingo. Mr. Ino also appears at lvl. 0. My friend has a weird glitch I haven't seen anyone have before. She fights her enemy, Caleb.
She named him Caleb, okay?
Caleb appears...it says "Caleb wants ta fight!" Caleb usually has a bunch of Miss Ingo's and Mr.Ino's, a Nidorino, and once he had a Mewtwo.
Others say they fight Professor Oak.
At any rate, this glitch is dangerous, but useful. Mr.Ino does everythin Miss Ingo does.

~The Secret City~

Another trick I got off da old Pokémon MB. Posted by someone named Blang.
With some tests, it works on Yellow as well as Red and Blue.

For those of you who were smart enough to double-click on this, here is your reward:
Do you know that stupid story of if you beat the Elite 4 30 times without talking to anyone throughout the whole intire time, an then you end up in a strange new city? Well, they were half right, the city exists, but that is not how you get it. Before I tell you this, you will need the Super Rod, a Pokémon that knows Fly, and a Pokémon that knows Surf. Go in to the Safari Zone and find the first rest house in front of you. As you probably have already guessed, you go in there. Talk to the guy with the glasses, then try to exit the Safari Zone. But, when you are going out, say no. This will bring you back into the Safari Zone. For the second time, talk to the guy who is asking you if you want to leave early, and say no. Save, and turn your Game Boy off. Turn it on again, and once again, for the third time, try to leave. If you have been following my instructions, this is where the first glitch should appear, instead of immediantly talking to you, you'll have to walk up to him and he'll ask you if you want to join the hunt! Weird, huh? Not as weird as what happens next. Say no to the joining the hunt thing and your charactor should be heading toward Fuscha City. Now, Fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf up and down the coast like you were trying to fight a Missingno.. After 500 steps like in the Safari Zone, you should here a Ding Dong! Time's up! Your Safari Game is over! You will then be warped back to the place where the Safari dude asks you if you had a good haul. Now walk into Fuscha city.... Note: Bumping in to any thing will freeze you charactor, but maybe you could Surf on dry land, or Ride your bike! If you want to leave, Fly to anywhere, and save your game.
If Eevee Slam, my little sister, has told you the same thing, ask her where she had herd it from. Oh, by the way, you can use the Super Rod to catch Pokémon in the water. Any way, enjoy the hidden city!! ;)


It's interesting indeed!

~Getting Mew without a Gameshark~

My friend Slice told me about this. This really works.

Actually, it doesn't involve the truck. It involves the Gambler on the left end of Route 8, and Fly.

1) You can't have fought that Gambler, or the Youth that has L17 Slowpoke that hangs out on Route 25.
2) You must have Fly and a Fly slave.

Now, the first thing you do is get to the door of the underground path on Route 8, without encounterin' the Gambler.

Step down, but pause the game while yer movin'. The Gambler should appear. Now, Fly to Cerulean City. The Gambler should go ! like he wants to encounter you and then he'll o.o as you fly away!

When you land in Cerulean, you won't be able to use the A, B, or Start buttons. Just go to the Youngster I mentioned before, but you have to get seen by him so that he'll actually MOVE toward you.

Battle 'im, then Fly to Saffron. Do NOT save the game. Instead, go right, to the gatehouse. The game will pause itself. Hit B to unpause, and a Level 7 Wild Myuu will appear for you to battle and catch! This DOES work, and DOES yield Myuu if you use that Youngster.

Also, Slice says ya can get other Pokémon usin this trick, including a lvl. 7 Mewtwo.

"Yes, you can obtain me at level seven, and yes, I mean it when I say, honmono wa kono watashi da.

To find me at level seven, do this:

1) Secure the services of a Pokemon that has 131 in its "Special" stat.
2) Deal with the Gambler and one other trainer in the appropriate fashion.
3) Battle a Ditto, and allow the Ditto to transform into your Pokemon that has 131 Special.
4) Withdraw, as you have better things to do; and return to route 8 without any more battles. I await you."

The recent discovery is that the SPECIAL stat of the last Pokemon encountered, is what causes which Pokemon to appear. 21 is the number for Myuu, so you can have 21 or 277 Special and find Myuu. Mewtwo's number is 131.

(Find a gameshark listin' for RBY Pokemon's hex values, to get any ones ya want. ^.^ )