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Cutest   Pokémon   Ever!

Shrine ta Muk

No, I'm not crazy, nor am I blind.
This is a shrine ta Muk. It's called Cutest Pokémon Ever.
Don't start with me on how those two don't go tagether.

ANYWAY, Muk, like many Pokémon types, has always gotten something of a bad rap, mainly because of it's type. How many people have turned down a Pokémon simply because of it's type without raising it? Ghost, Bug, Poison...all of these types carry with them some kind of useless stereotype, some reason why people won't even TRY ta raise them, much less LOOK at them.

However, I've always had a fondness fer Muk, despite it's poison type.
I think Muk is cute. Really cute.
No, I'm not joking.

I don't know what it is about it that appeals ta me...I love it's voice, I love it's color, I love what it does...there's something about Muk that I love, something that...I don't know. ^_^o

So I raised a Muk myself, curious ta see how da poison type could handle itself.
Of course, at this point I knew of poison types and what they were weak against, but I felt confident and I wanted ta do it. I wanted ta raise somethin peeps wouldn't expect, so I raised my Muk, who is named Rose. Rose female sign, if ya wanna get specific.

Rose was part of a team I was raising that consisted of Ropa da Tangela, Cantalope da Victreebell, Stewart da Fearow, Accident (of course), and Tad da Poliwrath. At least, I think that was it. ^_^o Well, it was one of my later teams, anyway. ^_^
I was surprised how useful and valuable Rose became. I know about her stats so I tried ta play off of those fer her moves, and it worked.
She's in da Hall of Fame on Pokémon Stadium now, not ta mention on my game.
Rose is valuable and useful and proves that just because a Pokémon is Poison type doesn't mean it is useless.

Muk, in general, is good in two areas, Hit Points and Attack Power. This can be very useful. From what I've heard of Silver and Gold, considerin I do not know all that much about it, there are new poison moves that can make Muk one of the best poisons out there, due to it's high attack. While it's speed and Special are somewhat low, it's defense is average. It evolves from Grimer at level 38.

Don't buy inta da cheap stereotype of poisons being useless and use a Muk. Ya'll be better fer it.
And they're a lot cuter then Pikachu.
I like Muk! Name: Rose(Female Sign)
Species: Muk
Sex: Male (>_<)
Level: 55
Type 1: Poison
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 214
Attack: 159
Defense: 111
Special: 114
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 114
Special Defense: 152
Speed: 97
Hyper Beam 8/8
Screech 40/40
Sludge 32/32
Minimize 32/32