~This page was created sometime in 1998 or 1999. It's been mostly untouched since then.~

Bye   Bye,Butterfree:   Loved   in   Show,   Fergotten   In   Game

Yer probably wonderin "What in Mewtwo's name is she thinkin, puttin a page dedicated ta Butterfree onna page fer Neglected Pokémon?"
I mean, it's been in almost all da beginnin episodes...
until Bye Bye Butterfree.

A real tear-jerker. Butterfree ran off with a pink Butterfree (WHO WAS MALE AHAHAHAAA i need help), with only a scarf around its neck ta remember it by.
But da show Butterfree is not what I'm tryin ta talk about here.
I'm talkin about da Game.

Seriously. Who here uses their Butterfree in their final teams? Only a select few. Even though Butterfree has da much needed qualities of both Psychic and Sleep inducing abilities (Sleep Powder, Psybeam) it is rarely used. Even it's great beauty can't help it be useful.

That's why I made this page. Fer da game Butterfree.
In fact, I use Butterfree, in one of my alternate teams (Jolteon,Chansey, Nidoqueen, Butterfree, Porygon, Blastoise)

My Butterfree has Psychic, Sleep Powder, Psybeam, and SolarBeam. It's incredibly useful for it's psychic abilities. It's Bug/Flying.
Poor Butterfree. It is usually replaced by different psychics, such as Alacazam, Hypno, and Mewtwo, simply because it is put inna Pokébox ta rot!

Even it's close compatriot, Beedrill, is used more often then it is. Weedles and Caterpies are among da most commonly raised Pokémon IN DA BEGINNING. Then Along with Pidgeys, Nidorans, and Spearows, they are fergotten.

Da Butterfree is beautiful, gettin stares as it flutters by. But no one uses it. Does beautiful mean weak? I think not.
Butterfree has been put on a shelf and fergotten.

By trainers...

By Ash...

And by everyone. Don't let this beautiful Pokémon fade from memory, and thus from existence! Protect da Butterfree!

As usual, these pics are copyright their respective owners...
Anyone with new Butterfree pics, ya know where ta send em.
I REALLY messed this up. ^_^o Name: Monarch
Species: Butterfree
Sex: Female
Level: 67
Type 1: Bug
Type 2: Flying
ID: 60099
OT: Radic
Hit Points: 204
Attack: 95
Defense: 95
Special: 143
(In Gold and Silver)
Special Attack: 143
Special Defense: 143
Speed: 136
Psybeam 32/32
Sleep Powder 24/24
Psychic 16/16
Solar Beam 16/16

By da way, Butterfree(12) evolves from Metapod(11). Dependin on whether ya caughta Metapod or raised a Caterpie, it'll have different attacks.
Fer a Caught Metapod, it'll have Harden when it evolves.
Fer a raised Caterpie, it'll have StringShot and Tackle.
Butterfree learns da followin moves...
Confusion at lvl. 12
Poison Powder at lvl. 15
Stun Spore at lvl. 16
Sleep powder at lvl. 17
Supersonic at lvl. 21
Whirlwind at lvl. 26
And Psybeam at lvl. 32

Save da Butterfree.