~Awards You Win~

Sure, says I, why not get in on this award thing too? What da heck, right? So I did. And here are da awards that I give out...there are 6 in total, each representing one of my chos Yer Name
Yer Site's name
Which One Yer Tryin Out Fer
Only one has a SPECIAL requirement, and that's da Callima award. But we'll get inta that later. Onta da awards...keep in mind, these are SAMPLES, so ya can't run off and say that ya won em, ya award stealers out there!
I worked hard makin these, so ya gotta work hard ta get em!
When ya win, I'll send ya da real HTML code fer da awards, and ya can get da REAL one. So here we go...

Braindamaged Blastoise!

Accident, my Blastoise, humbly requests that if you want his reward, yer site must be open and accepting of all Pokémon. Therefore, no hate shrines or da like. He wants everyone ta be happy, and he wants everyone ta be equal, so in order ta get his award ya hafta be open ta everythin.

Sarcastic Ninetails.

Kitsune, my Ninetails, requests that yer site has a sense of humour, much like she has. She likes extra goodies, such as nurseries, joke collections, games, or other things that you wouldn't find on any normal site. Personal things about the site, such as contests or other things, are what captures Kitsune's interest. Kitsune wants some originality, and a light touch. Kitsune wants variety, instead of constant blather about what moves they learn, Kitsune wants something that's interestin and will make her come back. It's a hard concept ta grasp, but Kitsune won't take anything else.

Ego Raichu!
Nova, my Raichu, has a peculiar request. Since Nova hates Pikachu's with all his heart, he requests that yer site have nothin ta do with Pikachu. This automatically excludes information sites, because he can't even stand basic, non-threatening info. Nova loves ta hear about his own species, and may let slip a meaningless Pokédex info on Pikachu fer some quality time dedicated ta Raichu's. In case ya have a site that hates Pikachu, and is a Anti-Pikachu site, Nova is very happy ta give this award! Nova hates Pikachu, and all he asks is that ya agree.

Snobby Persian
Again, another of my Pokémon has weird taste. Ruby, my Persian, demands, according to her finicky nature, that yer site have perfect spelling, punctuation, and no broken links. Ruby loves things that are neat and organized, and she hates clutter. She would let pass the occasional typo, but rampant misspellings make her upset, and she certainly won't let you have her award. One thing she also dislikes is many common abbreviations such as U fer Ya and R fer are. Ruby demands common sense on da readers part, and also likes having working links everywhere. Ruby is incredibly picky, as many peeps will tell, and Ruby won't abide anything else. That's how she is.

Arguing Dodrio!
Takachan has a simple request, yet it is hard ta fulfill. Takachan is a Dodrio, a bird commonly seen as evil, and is rarely used. Therefore, Takachan requests that yer site dedicate some time ta showing what things look like from da villains point of view. Team Rocket sites work, as they support da "bad guys". Takachan hates da bad/good stereotype, and asks that ya go farther then that in yer site, and show that sometimes things aren't as clear as they seem.

My Lovely Parasect
By far, this is da hardest award ta get, and Callima wanted it that way. My most beloved and cherished Pokémon, Callima, my beautiful Parasect, has stated that her award is da most prestigious. She demands that da site in question have won ALL da other awards fer them ta get this one. She believes that if da site can get past her comrades, then it is worth her award. Callima asks that yer site be good enough ta pass da other requirements. Not an easy task, considering some are contradictory. But it can be done, and Callima will wait until a worthy person can win her award. That is my Parasect's wish, and thus my command.

And those are da awards! ^_^ Feel free ta try fer any ya want!