Don't get them angry.Name: Manachu

Type: Dragon/Ghost/Electric/Psychic (?)

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Description: Manachu are the living embodiment of evil. These soulless Pokémon live for the torture and agony of others, and enjoy the sounds of screams, from every vocal range and from every vocal chord, more then anything else. Everything about them inspires fear, from their colors, which seem wrong to the eye, to their horrific voice, which comes inside of your head and you will never be able to forget, wavering and shaking, something that never should have come from vocal chords, from a being that never should have been given a voice. Their eyes are like black pits, almost seeming to have things moving within, and each of their paws is tipped with claws, retractable, curled, and razor sharp, that can slash a person in half or in shreds. Its fur is matted and oily, and is extremely thick. Its strength is unbelievable, and it can literally pull a person in half if it so chooses to do so.

Since only one Manachu has truly been categorized, and only rumors of others have been confirmed, it is believed that the Manachu under Mt. Moon, with its sickly red body, the wrong, not-quite-magenta, blood-streaked chest fur, huge black legs, black cheeks, black bolts striking down from their foreheads over their eyes, giving them the look of always being angry, the scarlet ball at the end of their black tail and the tellow lightning bolts at the end of the other, the blue ears with the yellow insides, and the other black bolts that seem to travel across its back to blend with the black of each leg, and the black-as-pitch eyes seem to be the standard coloration for the massive beasts. However, it is likely that, if there are other Manachus, their colors might vary. And since it is unknown how long a Manachu lives naturally--as virtually nothing can kill one--and the Manachu under Mt. Moon had to come from *somewhere*, it's likely there is more then one. In fact, it is unknown if perhaps the Manachu under Mt. Moon has already "given birth" to the Manachu in its tail already, and perhaps there is a smaller Manachu running about at this moment. Since no one has truly seen a smaller Manachu, it's unknown whether its colors change as it ages or not. It's also unknown how old the Manachu under Mt. Moon is as well, so it's impossible to be truly sure about its coloration.

Eye of Argon, hurrhurr There are some theories that the Manachu originally had white fur, and that the constant slayings, the blood, and the other ritualistic killings and feedings that it takes has stained its fur the eerie blood red it is now. No one can prove the theory correct, and so far, no one can get close enough to prove it wrong, either. The white-fur constrasts with the evil of the Manachu stunningly, and although it would be metaphorically fitting, most do not believe the theory to be credible.

The sound of this Pokémon's approach, the rhythmic thudding that shakes the very earth of six massive paws or, if its carrying prey, four, sends the denizens of whatever area it chooses to inhabit scurrying for their very lives, and not for undue reason.

Do not think that the Manachu does not understand understands it, and it enjoys inflicting it more then anything else in the world. Sadist doesn't even begin to describe the lengths that the Manachu will go to hear the one thing in the world that pleases them, the sound of screams. And they are aptly equipped to do so.

Six-legged, this monstrosity has never been weighed or completely measured, but it's safe to say that the Manachu has to be one of the biggest creatures alive. Its paws are large enough to crush a human being in one step, its tail ball as large as a boulder, and its teeth almost as long as a human itself. However, its paws are eerily skilled and can do things that normally wouldn't be thought of such a huge being, and the Manachu is able to read a person in seconds, to know everything and anything that scares them, and use that to their advantage.

Manachu thrive on fear. Many people may find themselves lead or taken down to its lair underneath Mount Moon to be part of its sick games, which the Manachu feels no qualms about. Although it has no semblance or understanding of compassion or love, it does understand the humor of cruelty, and that it excels at. Much of the Manachu's contemplation is spent on new ways of torturing its victims, which range from Pokémon to humans, and all are imprisoned in its home underneath the earth, kept under lock and key until the Manachu needs some entertainment.

Unless the Manachu wishes to release you, you will never, ever escape its grasp. Unless you die, and that won't happen unless the Manachu wishes that as well.

One of the craftier ways that the Manachu will lead its prey into its den is by the use of the Clegencyana and the Gencey, creatures that depend on the huge beast for protection. In return for its protection, they bring it what it desires. Their angelic appearance and rarity makes them the perfect bait to lure trainers into the Manachu's dark paws, and once there, there is nothing that can save them.

Battle! The Manachu will often turn one's own fears or phobias, one's own secrets against them to try and frighten them, to hear them scream. To actually try to establish a two-way link with a Manachu is almost an infallible path to insanity. Those that survive are never quite the same. To share the same blood as these monstrous beasts through some sick experiment is unthinkable. No one has ever made the Manachu shed blood and no one knows what that dark fluid would do.

The Manachu is fully capable of working with four paws on the ground and using its upper arms to manipulate or hold items or prey, moving about much like a centaur would be able to. However, it can also walk on all six if needed to, which it often does for hunting.

The moveset of the Manachu is unknown, although there are several accounts of a certain moves titled "Paralysis" and "DoubleParalysis", capable of freezing someone as a stone statue for any length of time, from a week to an eternity. The Manachu's control over this is so refined that it can freeze only a certain part of someone's body for any amount of time as well.

Manachu are born when an adult Manachu gets the right amount of small balls orbiting the big ball at the end of its tail. The new Manachu comes from this ball, although it is not known how exactly this works or how the orbiters are obtained. Therefore, each Manachu has the ability to make others of its kind.

One theory as to the gaining of orbiters is the mating of one Manachu with another, but since only one or two have been found so far, and their humongous size would make such a mating not only inconvenient, but incredibly hard to keep secret, it is unlikely. It is also known if the Manachu even have sexes to speak of, although the Manachu under Mt. Moon speaks with a male voice. Since no one has ever gotten close enough to a Manachu or observed a Manachu long enough to discover its daily routines or habits, its truly unknown whether or not seasons affect the giant beast, if it migrates, or if it even has a sex. The Manachu is more of a mystery because of this then ever, and it prefers to keep it that way.

When first born, a Manachu is very small. It does, however keep whatever colors it was born with for the rest of its natural life, which can last for an unknown amount of time. Once the young Manachu is born, the parent leaves, not wanting to crush its young. The Manachu is alone since birth. It usually seeks out some other kind-hearted Pokémon and convinces them to help it, until it grows large enough to take care of itself. Once its size becomes too large to be convenient, they almost always retreat underground.

No one has ever, EVER caught a Manachu. It is commonly believed by those who have actually encountered the beast that there is no Pokéball that could EVER catch, let alone HOLD, the creature. And there is NO way of knowing whether or not the Manachu would simply stomp its "trainer" to oblivion when it was summoned. The Manachu has no respect for humans, or any kind of life, but strongly dislikes people who think they even stand a chance against it.

Blood in its mouth. Manachu require a large amount of food to sustain their bodies, and from one person's account, it comes from Snorlaxes, although there has been no proof of this. However, it does explain why there are only two Snorlaxes in this day and age; they escaped. It is commonly believed that the Manachu eats its food raw, although it has the capacity to cook or prepare it any way it desires.

The Manachu is frighteningly intelligent and it is nearly impossible to trick one. Not just because they can read a persons mind in seconds and immediately know what they're going to do, but because its agile mind can easily find its way around such a rouse. However, they do appreciate riddles, puzzles, and other such mental games, and will refrain from reading their prey's mind as not to spoil the answer for them. The Manachu is capable of amusement, and in fact of many emotions, however, love or compassion of any kind not being one of them.

Manachu have been known to employ messengers or others to do things that they cannot, due to their large size. Sometimes human, sometimes Pokémon, these creatures go almost undetected in society, reminded of the Manachu's presence by its constant commands in their head. Since the Manachu is believed to be a myth, a legendary demon of impossible proportions and strength, stories of the Manachu are not usually believed, even when they are told by someone in high power, such as Red, the League Champion.

Although there has been some hinting that those in high power are governed from behind by powers that we are unaware of, and the Manachu may very well be one of those powers. However, the thought is too disturbing for many to entertain.

DIE The only true known Manachu that has been exactly pinpointed is one that lives underneath Mount Moon, and slowly tales of meetings with the demonic giant have been growing. However, searching out the beast is foolish at best, and attempting to capture it suicide. It is also very protective of the flock of Clegencyana and Gencey that depend on it for protection, and does not tolerate their abuse in any way or form.

The Manachu has appeared in Radic and Red, Continuum, Howl of a Growlithe, A Puppet Without Strings, and Desperate Times.

The Manachu has been mentioned in Childlike, Nemo Me Impune Laccessit, Koinonayami, Veni Vidi Vici, and others.