OLD.Name: Gencey
Type: Normal/Flying

Height: 2'

Weight: 15 pounds or so.

Desc: The Gencey is a light, airy Pokémon. If at all possible, it will spend most of its time hovering or flying around in the air. It is surprisingly light when you hold it, and it is covered with pure white, fluffy fur. It's extremely soft to the touch. Its horns are more solid, however, and are somewhat sharp. The halo floats above the Gencey's head from its own power, or so it seems, and doesn't touch the Gencey in any way. The puff at the end of its tail is easily compressed, and would probably be best described in terms of behavior like a "Koosh", only much softer. Its wings are feathered, but the feathers themselves are a bright golden color, and do not bend or ruffle easily. The wings are probably the hardest part on the Gencey's body, ironically enough.

The Gencey's eyes are black and bright, although there have been some variations, and almost always look inquisitive. Gencey's are kind hearted creatures who live to help others, sacrificing their own well-being. They live to see others be happy, and they are not meant for battling or the rigourous training regimen of most Pokémon.

Gencey's are pacifists by nature, and their moves almost never focus around physical attacks, mostly around their voice. The Gencey's close proximity with Manachu's has led to the sinister and yet, somewhat compelling tone in their voice. Their moves are listed within the Pokédex, but since they are almost never found and almost never raised, they aren't well known. A few have been identified, however, such as "Flufftackle", a rare physical move, "Siren Song" which puts the opponent to sleep and drains HP, "Mother's Lullaby" which lulls the enemy to sleep and in some cases convinces them the Gencey is its mother or otherwise, "Wing Song" which drains HP but gives it to the weakest Pokémon on your team, and "Phase" which allows it to switch its type to Ghost.

Morons. Gencey's will eventually evolve into Clegencyanas through the use of a Moonstone and it is then that their moves will truly gain power. Depending on whether the Moonstone had been removed by force and touched by Human Hands, the Gencey will evolve into a Clegencyana, in the case of a pure, untainted Moonstone, or a Waruiyana in the case of a tainted one. Because Gencey's are so rare, and few wish to waste a precious Moonstone on such a seemingly useless creature, there are few Waruiyana. However, because of the Gencey's close proximity to Moonstones from living mostly underneath Mount Moon, the majority of them evolve into Clegencyana's.

If Genceys choose to mate, which is usually right after they reach adolescence, they are polygamous, showing no true preference towards one partner. However, since a Gencey can only have one child at a time, this is sometimes necessary. Male Gencey are also rare, which is another reason why such frantic breeding is required. However, the female has to accept the males elaborate mating ritual beforehand and they only breed for a specific amount of time a year. Woe betide the person that walks in on a cloud of Genceys during such a time, as they become extremely hostile and emotional and will attack, although it's normally not in their nature.

They are sweet and easy to raise, although hard to train. During the mating time their behavior will change, but other then that they are fairly consistent. They love grapes.

Genceys have been in Howl of a Growlithe, Koinonayami, The Rocky Horror Genetic Pokémon Institute, and a Puppet without Strings.

Genceys have been mentioned in Shoukan, Desperate Times, and others.