Hahaha this really should have been up like two years ago, but whatever. HERE IS WHERE ALL MY MGS RELATED SKETCHES AND COMICS AND SUCH WILL GO. A lot of them are a little dated nowadays (as mentioned, a year or two or something), but eh. AT LEAST THEY ARE NOW ALL IN ONE PLACE, RIGHT?

Just click one of the collapsy things (marked helpfully with a - near them) on the left and it'll show you things you can click and such for pictures. SHOULD BE SELF-EXPLANATORY REALLY I HOPE? I also added little alt-text things for them as pseudodescriptions if you hover over the link if you were wondering.

ALL MGS4 RELATED PICS ARE IN A SEPARATE SECTION to protect those worried about spoilers. :O I'm too lazy to make a separate mgs4/mgs4gay divide so you will just have to deal with the gay. DEAL WITH IT.

may write a more coherent/serious sounding intro here later when i'm not as tired

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