HERE IS WHERE ALL MY MGS RELATED SKETCHES AND COMICS AND SUCH WILL GO. A lot of them are kind of old nowadays (years, depending), but eh. AT LEAST THEY ARE NOW ALL IN ONE PLACE, RIGHT?

Just click one of the collapsy things (marked helpfully with a - near them) on the left and it'll show you things you can click and such for pictures. SHOULD BE SELF-EXPLANATORY REALLY I HOPE? I also added little alt-text things for them as pseudodescriptions if you hover over the link if you were wondering.

ALL MGS4 RELATED PICS ARE IN A SEPARATE SECTION to protect those worried about spoilers. :O I'm too lazy to make a separate mgs4/mgs4gay divide so you will just have to deal with the gay. DEAL WITH IT.

may write a more coherent/serious sounding intro here later when i'm not as tired

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