Here are some of the mascots I made using the Otaku Mascot program a very long time ago (200...3? 4?). It basically makes a little character sit on whatever window you have open at the time. The site for the program has since died, but I managed to save a copy so you can still use them. A quick rundown...

  1. Get and unzip it somewhere
  2. Run Mascot.exe to make sure it works (it's very old)
  3. Download the mascot zips below into the mascot folder in the Otaku Mascot directory
  4. Right-click the current open mascot and select "Open Published Mascot" to open whichever one you want to see
Voila! One of my mascots will entertain you as long as you want. Here are the ones I've got so far.

- Dowasure will sit on your window, blink, wave, and hide when you click him. He's small, so he's good if you want a mascot that won't get in the way.
- Our favorite M-2 Specimen will sit, kick his leg back and forth, smoke, and flip you off. He's so surly.
- METROIDS! The metroid will hover around your windows, occasionally suck on your taskbar, and go "Sukui" when you click it in kata. It also makes a little squee, which was helpfully donated by many people.
- This took me forever, but I did it! This is a MiguelxTulio mascot. They'll blink, act cute, play with dice, and kiss in two different ways when you click em.
- Edgar and Nny! Yes. Nny talks to Nail Bunny and freaks Edgar out. When clicked, Edgar kisses Nny with highly amusing results. Click again and Nny gets upset while Edgar gets confused. God this took me ferever.
- First multiple state mascot! Vrumugun plays with an ice arrow and gets annoyed by a stick figure Zangulus. Click him and he turns into Raver Vrumugun! Where he gets annoyed by a banana and terrified by raver Zangulus in a clown mask. Click once more, and he turns into patchwork Vrumugun! He shivers and reads a book. Yes. Quite cute. Surprisingly didn't take me too long.

- Multiple state AND multiple click! WOOO! Yes, this is Olimar and the Pikmin! Left alone, the Pikmin wave and Olimar writes in his diary. Click once and out comes a red Pikmin, who bursts into flames. Click again, a blue Pikmin who brings out a snorkel! Click again, a yellow pikmin and then PIKMIN INSANITY ENSUES! Finally, click again and a bombrock explosion takes you right back to the beginning!

- Originally I wasn't intendin to do one, I just wanted to see what it would look like, and there you have it. Anyway, little Jason Voorhees mascot from the Friday the 13th movies. This one sits, loves you, ignores a little stickfigure tripping fantastically in the background (from 6), and chops a teenybopper in half. You can also throw axes at him! Woo! This one isn't shaded like my other ones which meant it didn't take nearly as long. Which I approve of.

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