Q1. Who's Edgar Vargas?
A1. Edgar Vargas showed up in Issue 2 of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. He was Johnny's "bestest bestest" friend until he killed him.

Q2. Why are you doing this to them?
A2. Spug drew a picture of them and I thought it was interesting idea. I thought it'd make an interesting story subsequently, started writing Vargas, and then things just snowballed from there.

Q3. So much of your fanart is ooc. Johnny would never do that.
A3. They're just pictures. They don't mean anything. All my SRSBZNS justification for the pairing is in Vargas. The pics are just for fun.

Q4. Is Vargas going to be slash?
A4. I don't know. It depends on how it all turns out.

Q5. Is Edgar going to make Nny all happy and not-insane?
A5. Hahahahahaha

Q6. What's the deal with sidefics? Where do they fit in? Some of them don't match up with the main story.
A6. Any fic I write outside of the main Vargas story I consider a sidefic. Basically, I had an idea I wanted to explore in one way or another. All of them don't fit into the real story, not perfectly. They each kind of branch off into their own version of what happened (or what could happen, depending). Heh, AU's off an AU. HOW LAME AM I. But no, I wouldn't take anything stated in a sidefic as total hardcore Vargascanon, cause often times I'll change my mind later about how things work. A good example of this would be Firefly and how Nny kind of "goes away" whenever he gets touched. I later scrapped that idea, but it's still in that fic.
On the other hand, the sidefics do present some insight into random pieces of Vargas I can't easily explain in the story itself, and often little pieces come into play later on.

Q7. Why "I'm Going to Kill You?"
A7. I thought it was a funny name for it. Also that sort of sums up their relationship in a terrible way.

Q8. Can I use pictures here on my website? Can I use them for icons?
A8. Sure, just credit me. If you're putting them on a website, use your own webspace.

Q9. Do you hate Devi?
A9. Nope! I love Devi. I just like Devi/Tenna more, but heck I'm okay with pretty much any pairing when it comes down to it. I just tend to like this one the most.

Q10. Who's Scriabin?
Q10. Scriabin is kind of Edgar's "voice" and kind of not. He's an OC in Vargas. There's more detail on him on the info page.

Q11. Who's Chet?
A11. Heh. When I scanned and posted the little shot of Edgar from the Meanwhile in Issue 2 (here) to CherryDoom, Crow joked that it wasn't really Edgar, but his evil twin brother Chet (she later on gave him the last name of Aguila, I think it was). From there on, random goofing about went on about who Chet was, how he got there, what he was like. Mostly silly talk of him being a womanizer and the black sheep of the family, that kind of thing. There are a few Chets running around in people's stories I think, but mostly he remains a little fandom in-joke. He's shown up in a few fics here and there (SWAN comes to mind, and so does Blender).

Q12. What's this whole Zeitgeist thing?
A12. Zeitgeist is the fake movie that Scriabin comes from in Vargas. Thus the action figure he's associated with. There's no real Zeitgeist movie or anything (actually apparently there is, but it's not the one this is talking about).

Q13. How do I submit stuff to the site?
A13. Just email me anything at Astronia@aol.com. Fanart, fanfics, music videos, icons, screensavers, ANYTHING Vargas-related (or actually, even just Edgar Vargas related, as this has become a pseudo-shrine to just him as well) is welcome here.

Q14. What if I support a non-Edgar pairing?
A14. Then this proooobably isn't the site you're looking for, haha. Edgar sort of has to be involved, after that I don't really care. |D Although of course there are exceptions, like Devi/Tenna and things involving Scriabin because he's so tightly tied into Edgar. Edgar/Devi

Q15. What if I have some weird kinky stuff?
A15. Depends on what it is! Talk to me and we'll work it out.

Q16. I have a great idea based off of some thing in Vargas/one of the sidefics. Is it okay if I write a fic/do fanart about it?
A16. YES PLEASE OMG. I'm absolutely thrilled that people are inspired by what I'm doing. :D Feel free to write any weird thing based off of Vargas continuity you want. If you DO though, let me know so I can put it up here, and if you're throwing my original characters in there (Scriabin primarily, unless someone wants to use Jake?? That'd be weird), give me credit for them.
If you have an idea or fanart based on someone ELSE's fic, it'd be best to ask the respective author or artist about it before you go doing anything. I am but one person and cannot speak for everyone. :O

Q17. I don't understand what happened in [chapter]. Why did [character] do whatever? I'm confused.
Q17. If you have any questions or anything about any fic I've written, feel free to email me and ask. I love answering questions and I am a compulsive talker and can't shut up about anything, especially this gd fic as some people will tell you when I get started.
Along the same lines, if you have constructive criticism about the stories, email me if you want as well. I can always improve, and other people's points of view on stuff I've written can be really educational.
Likewise, if you catch a typo or any kind of grammatical error in the stories, let me know. I'll fix it right away. Same for broken links or anything like that. I can't fix it if I don't know about it! :o

Q18. Where are the other ficlets you mention on some of the fanart pages? They aren't on the site.
A18. Some of the stories I draw pictures from aren't done. Most of the time this is cause I spend frigging AGES EDITING THEM ARRRGH.
Some of the things are from ficlets that I don't feel can stand alone as a real fic, so they end up in my temp directory. Be careful though as most of the fics in there haven't been beta'd and may contain disturbing content (probably bunches of physical/sexual abuse, knowing me).

Q19. Why is the swearing censored in your pictures or the fics in that temp directory?
A19. Because I have issues, basically. Any beta'd fic is uncensored though, if that really bothers you. That should really only come up in art and fic drafts in the temp directory.