If it involves Edgar in some capacity or another, I try to list it here.

~/Fanfics (In roughly chronological order, oldest to newest)/~


~What if Nny had never killed Edgar? How much of a difference does one person make?
Graphic violence, dark themes. Work-in-progress.

~A deranged little songfic, written way back when on a Valentine's Day some time ago.
Rough Timeline Estimate: A little after Cafe

~"You make me so happy I want to kill myself."
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Empty.

~A conversation on a car at Johnny's favorite vantage point ends somewhat as expected.
Rough Timeline Estimate: After Books.

TV Light
~Feverish delusions late at night.
Warnings: Sexual themes (maybe?), incoherency, violence.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Maybe around Bonk, but also possibly around Empty.

One Day Closer
~Happy birthday, dear Edgar. Happy birthday to you.
Rough Timeline Estimate: After Books, around Gone.

Broken Circles
~This is not how I wanted to say goodbye.
Warnings: Suicide, violence.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Possibly after Down and/or Break.

~Dear diary.
Warnings: Disturbing themes.
Rough Timeline Estimate: After Punish.

~Edgar and Squee chat about relationships. Well, Edgar's relationships.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere around Books or Empty.

Notice Me
~Edgar meets someone else.
Rough Timeline Estimate: After Punish or Gradient.

~Edgar in the mental hospital. Broken into three parts.
Warnings: Violence, self-injury, abuse, generally disturbing themes.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Sequel to Violation.

Two Fifteen
~Edgar is asleep, and for some reason that reminds Nny of something important. Something he forgot, a long time ago.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere around Down to Punish.

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
~Edgar and Scriabin have a conversation in a dream, as they usually do, and it doesn't go well at all. Conversations usually don't involve this much blood.
Warnings: Graphic violence.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere around Break to Gradient.

What Will You Bring?
~Johnny wants to go out, abruptly, and Edgar goes along with it, as he usually does. What else can he do, considering?
He didn't expect Johnny to want to go to the beach though.
Warnings: Offhand mentions of violence.
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere around Down to Punish.

Green Eyes
~Nny has reconnected with Devi and everything's going really well between them! What more could anyone ask for? Johnny's so happy now.
Edgar can't figure out why he isn't.
Warnings: Very ugly feelings
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Down.

Let Go
~He's killing them both. He knows that he is. At least one of them should survive.
How do you die when you don't technically exist?
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Free.

Haha then what
~Scriabin goes out at all hours of the night, doesn't tell him where he's going, doesn't tell him what he's doing, who knows what could happen out there! It worries Edgar sick.
It's almost like he's doing it on purpose.
Warnings: Sexual content (it's just porn)
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Consequences.

And you, you can't live like this
~Edgar and Scriabin have been separated - no longer host and supernatural brain parasite, they can live their own lives now entirely without the other. It's everything they ever wanted. Everything should be fixed now. Everything should be better.
Instead, the two of them are desperate to reopen that mental/emotional link between them. So desperate that they're willing to try anything to do it.
Warnings: Sexual content
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Consequences.

How to Ruin Parent-Teacher Night, or, Playing Yourself: A Handy How-To Guide
~Sure, Edgar isn't legally Todd's guardian, but someone should probably go to parent-teacher night, and it might as well be him. And sure, Scriabin wants to come along which is probably not a good idea, but really, how much trouble can one embodied supernatural figment get into in just one night anyway?

"And this is..."
"Scriabin Vargas," he said, with a wide smile. "I'm his husband."
Rough Timeline Estimate: Somewhere after Consequences.

Once Again
~His life didn't used to be like this. He had normal dreams. He was a normal person. He didn't have some kind of thing living in his brain he couldn't get rid of. He didn't have dreams where that thing would show up to torment him.
He definitely didn't have dreams like this.
Warnings: Sexual content (it's just porn)
Rough Timeline Estimate: Either somewhere between Down to Punish, or somewhere between Choice and Audience.

Pause, Rewind, Play
~What a beautiful night. Edgar and Johnny are sitting together by that cliff he loves so much, discussing the moral character of the human race as they so often do. Nothing unusual about that. Everything's fine. Johnny isn't going to hurt him. He'd never. Why would he? What a beautiful night.
Something is wrong here.
Warnings: Creepy imagery, PTSD flashbacks, panic attacks, hallucinations
Rough Timeline Estimate: Set during Audience.

~/Other People's Fics (In roughly chronological order, sort of)/~

~Mweeeeeeeee. I heart Xel. I heart her. Yes. I do. Scri and Edgar argue.
Author: Xel-chan

Defy Respect
~I convert more and more people. Yes. I'm a big virus. It's an interesting take on Edgar and Nny's relationship.
Author: Yamamuri Sadako

Love Sucks Anyway
~Another person's mitochondria explode. Yes. Aftermath. It begins.
Author: Kitty-N

His Hero?
~More and more fall under my spell. BWAHAHAHAHA.
Author: Moonie1

~This was an extraordinary gift from someone who really liked what I wrote. I'm honored and I also love this to death. It's really sad, but I could see it happening. Yes.
Author: Dachan

~"Nny/Edgar songfic to Sarah McLachlan's "Answer" Dai needs to be shot."
Author: Dai

~"Edgar/Nny. Sap. Takes place after "Lies". Not really what I orginally intended it to be. Majorly OOC, in my opinion."
Author: Dai

~"Scriabin/Edgar. Yay for snoggage! Kind of a songfic to Michelle Branch's "Desperately," but not really. You'll see what I mean. Just read it."
Author: Dai

Train Wreck
~"Nny/Edgar songfic to Sarah McLachlan's 'Train Wreck'"
Author: Dai

~"Edgar's sanity is running thin. He's gonna prove his point and he's gonna prove it NOW, gosh darnit. WIP. Nny/Edgar."
Author: Dai

~"based on Nny's philosophy of mirrors and what's on the other side of the glass... nny/edgar"
Author: Dee

~"“Do you everE Tenna began, then paused, and then continued, “do you ever really see me?E(Devi/Tenna PG-13)"
Ya may be wonderin why a Devi/Tenna fic is here! Well, it's cause I also like that pairing. And I like this fic and it's my site, so SHUT UP.
Author: Dee

Love and Death
~"plotless smut. Nny/Edgar"
Author: Dee

~"CONVERSE :: You say hello, and I say goodbye. (Drabble. Nny and Edgar. PG-13.)"
Author: Starwolf

~"METAPHYSICALLI :: Nice dream. (100 word drabble. Scriabin/Edgar. R.)"
Author: Starwolf

~"DISCONNECTED :: Please hang up and try again. (Edgar Nny. R.)"
Author: Starwolf

One Night in Hell
~"This wasn't meant to be smut. I swear."
Author: TwistedToaster

Kick the Can
~"woot! tis mah story based on mango's fic ideas. nny dies a random death and talks to edgar while he waits in heaven."
Author: AutumnXellos

Sensory Writing
~"Not really a fanfic... But writing nonetheless... If you see the word "womanhood" in there, that was an accident... Long story, don't ask.."
Author: Naya

Forget It
~"Edgar and Johnny go to see a movie together. ONESHOT."
Author: TheExitDoor

Over the (Star)
~"Devi, through the power of Tenna, obtains a roommate by the name of Edgar Vargas. Revelations are made, centering around a certain unhealthy man, including the discovery that Edgar shouldn’t even be aliveElash. Edgar/Johnny"
Author: OkageHime

Song Without A Name
~"Reincarnation is tricky business, especially when it happens more than once to the world's few most unfortunate and unnoticable people. It's even worse when it's the fault of some guy who didn't want to hang on to his keys. Dull the pain with some music and living in your highschool while not taking a single class and decide how badly you want someone to see you standing there."
Author: Lady Yate-Xel

~"challenge response... i know it's late (at least Eastern Time-wise) but just thought i'd submit. the leftovers of an x-mas fic kinda mutated into this twisted little fic. kinda fluffy. it's late i'm not making sense."
Author: Dee

~"In this house, even the living can feel cold and dead inside. Semi noncon and gore details. NnyEdgar"
Author: Iktia

Brain Freeze
~"Unclouded. That's how he'd probably put it, if asked: Edgar Vargas is unclouded. Some days, though, he craves a cherry Brainfreezy."
Author: lin.exe (mith-maulin)

Control Me...
Author: Starie

~A take on what Johnny did and why while Edgar slept during Empty.
Author: Rueyeet

~100-word Drabble. Speed is of the essence.
Author: Rueyeet

~Takes place after Truth, but before I had written Free. The desire to survive can sometimes be stronger then anything.
Author: Rueyeet

~Follow-up to Passive. Having the body is not the same as having the mind.
Author: Rueyeet

~100-word Drabble. Nny needs sleep.
Author: Rueyeet

~Follow-up to Reset. What happens when you aren't there?
Author: Rueyeet

~Follow-up to Back. Someone definitely needs help here.
Author: Rueyeet

~Sometime in the future, and there's no such thing as a happy ending.
Author: Rueyeet

~Follow-up to Out. Reluctant persistance and the daily visit.
Author: Rueyeet

Attack of the Bad Fanfiction
~"A parody of all the horrible fanfiction in our world. Semi-gift for Zarla. Enjoy, but try not to let your brain explode."
Author: Mari

~"In which we explore yet another journey. (AU-ish, might have to read Zarla's ficceh to get the full effect. First posting in this category)"
Author: Karu

~Dinner for three.
Author: Chelle

~"Mmy/Edgar? Who'd be dumb enough to write THAT?"
Author: Kurumi

Not a Flawless System
~"And just who does run this operation, anyway? Speculative one-shot."
Author: Rueyeet

~"So what if Nny really had picked an irritating wheezy street performer? Two unlikely would-be victims come together in an unexpected way."
Author: Crow-sensei

~"Zarlaverse: In the space between one heartbeat and the last, Scriabin finds a strange sort of peace."
Author: Crow-sensei

Happy Birthday, Edgar
~"Slash(EdgarNny). Johnny wants to give Edgar something special.[worst summary ever]"
Author: Sally-Skellington

~"Edgar seeks absolution. (not part of the pr0n contest)"
Author: Dee

Butterfly Lies
~"Doughboy/Headvoice smuttage. Set somewhere in Zarla's Diaryfic."
Author: Crow-sensei

~"Edgar and Scriabin hang out and watch a movie. Not a poignant fic by a longshot. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN FIGHT CLUB!"
Author: Mmbopfiend

Unpleasant Truth Laced with Gratuitously Vicious Barbs
~"Scri and Edgar do what they do best."
Author: Moonlit Waters

~Watching TV and your thoughts wander, and then...
Author: Levi

~Freedom has consequences, if you can actually get it.
Author: Levi

~"People were complaining about the lack of Nny. I wrote this awhile ago, and Zar says I can put it up, so there we go. Set some time after Zarla's diary-fic."
Author: Crow-sensei

~"Christ knows how we get to be here."
Remix of Violation.
Author: Starwolf

~"Nny appears unexpectedly at Edgar's door one night with horrific news. Vargas Universe."
Author: ShadowCavalier

Sad Porn Redux
~"Okay, so I was impressed enough by Zarla’s sad porn to completely plagiarize it and write something almost exactly the same with only tiny variations. But then again, isn’t all porn exactly the same with only tiny variations?"
Author: LavenderGray

~"Apologies -> Promises -> Madness. May be continued later, but for now..."
Author: Levi

~"Sequal to apologies. Might be continued."
Author: Levi

Try Out
~"Sequal to 'promise'. Edgar is now a KILLIN' MACHINE! ;D"
Author: Levi

~"Scri/Edgar, SHOWERPORN! :D You can kill me now."
Author: Levi

~"Uke!Scri and a pair of glasses. I COULDN'T HELP IT, UKE!SCRI IS SO SOFT."
Author: Levi

Happy Ending
~"Because Convalescence needed some happy bits, says my brain."
Author: Levi

Shut Me Up
~"Songfic to MSI's "Shut me up". I've been spitting out mediocre fics like mad, huh?"
Author: Levi

Three Years Ago
~"Even Jake has issues."
Author: LavenderGray

~Lost in the CherryDoom archives, but recovered!
Author: Growly

Ocean Breathes Salty
Author: Crow-sensei

What I see
~"A little Edgar poem fic. I was bored"
Author: Crimzonslashez

Late Night Musing
~"Summaries will be the death of me. Johnny starts having rather 'interesting' thoughts while star gazing with Edgar. NnyxEdgar. Please R&R."
Author: EvilCreampuff

Dear Edgar
~"A letter of advice to Edgar Vargas..."
Author: Retrimesuroth

~"Amazing Guest summary by Sadie: 'Scriabin puts a whole new slant on his and Edgar's arguments'"
Author: Retrimesuroth

Hateful Remembering
~"Johnny C. and Edgar Vargas are together, but what happens when an event that strikes the heart comes up? Will Edgar be able to help Johnny through it all? [Yes I'm aware Edgar is dead in the comic.]"
Author: xNewxJerseyxBiatchx

~"NNYEDGAR SONGFIC don't hurt me. Edgar and Johnny go to a bar and Nny sings MakeDamnSure By Taking Back Sunday. Simple enough. Rated T just to be on the safe side"
Author: EmoIshkabibble

Aegri Somnia
~"Those whom a god wishes to destroy he first drives mad."
Author: Androgynous Napkin

I'm Still Here
~"Sequel to SWAN - A view from the inside and a view from the outside. It is amazing how different we look with the lens at another angle."
Author: Lady Yate-xel

~"An Edgar/Nny ficlet of the slash variety. Jhonen's and all that."
Author: OrangeKattyKat

~"They say if you make it past the first week, you're golden. Edgar and Johnny."
Author: socioNycto

Just One Lullaby
~"AU. Nny/Edgar. Nny is distracted from killing Edgar by Squee's father discovering the tunnel from his bathroom to Nny's basements. Edgar doesn't know why he hasn't gone home and then Squee shows up. What a wonderful family. Complete."
Author: Rational Lunacy

In This Universe
~"If only they could have lived in an alternate universe...NnyxEdgar"
Author: mr. eff

Might As Well
~"Johnny C killed Edgar Vargas. Johnny knows that. Edgar knows that. What Edgar doesn't know is how he has been living in Johnny's basement for the past few weeks. He decides it's time to leave, but things go quite astray. Can he survive this encounter?"
Author: Red Ringo

A Collection of Drabbles
~"A challange found on dA to write ten drabbles to ten songs. Various pairings."
Author: Androgynous Napkin

Save Him If I Could
~"A Vargas spin-off. Edgar makes his decision, and Scriabin can't stop him, can't save him. 'Does he... Does he love me too?.' Somewhat inspired by JCS, Judas' death. human!scriabin. Drabble. blood. One of many possible endings. Because Zarla left it open."
Author: Desdemona Kakalose

Irony Is A Fucked Up Mistress
~"Something has been troubling Johnny C.'s dreams and Satan sends a familiar face to lend a helping hand. Too bad things aren't quite as simple as they seem. And what's this? Dib and Zim are on the case of a string of murders...Slash, M/M, Violence,Language"
Author: Ru-Bugg

A Good One Part I: What Karma Brings
~"There are so few good people, in the city, your lucky to find one in a lifetime."
Author: Leki

Give Me a Beat!
~"Song drabbles from a little game randomly stolen from some person. IT'S GAY! 8D"
Author: LeeAnnTheAmazing

She Doesn't Know
~"She’s beautiful, but she can’t see it. Devi/Tenna. Feedback Welcome!"
Author: Dancing Mouse

I Feel Fine
~"Zombies, a homicidal maniac, and the end of the world...what's an un-undead guy gotta do to rest in peace?"
Author: PolyesterRage

Bits of Bones
~"A series of one-shots in the Vasquez/JTHM universe for the WTF-27 challenge. Multiple pairings, ratings, and situations."
Author: Red Crow

Fearless Freak
~"Fragmented Moments with a Fearless Freak. Side Story Two for my ongoing trilogy. Here more of the moments in Little Red Letter are explained by the fearless man from JTHM. Edgar Vargas Squee Johnny C."
Author: Jynx'sbox

You're not here
~"Horrible things can happen to good and bad people. There are no exceptions to this rule. The years leading up to a tragic end. Edgar Vargas Johnny C. noncon rape abuse"
Author: Jynx'sbox

Through the Fog
~"Edgar Vargas .. The years leading up to his untimely demise. Such a sick past and dim future for one with such conviction in his faith. See YOUR'RE NOT HERE for the better version of this story."
Author: Jynx'sbox

Dare To Think It
~"Johnny could envision Edgar sitting in his living room, pupils dilated, his normally poor vision worsened by the absence of his glasses and plagued by vivid open eye hallucinations."
Author: Inanimate Obsessor

Violently Happy
~"There you go oozing your happiness everywhere..! Its like a disease..! get out before it drips on the new carpet... EdgarNny... This is dedicated the the Fic, Vargas..! Thanks and R&R!"
Author: prettilitTLepoison

~"A JTHM oneshot. Hints at NnyEdgar. Lots of doughboys, oh joy!"
Author: Keri t3h Ninja

~"Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Story. Edgar has a conversation with his inner voice, Scriabin. A fanfic to the fanfic 'Vargas' By Zarla!"
Author: Escaflowne Angel

Pianissimo Butterfly
~"NnyEdgar. Edgarcentric. It's a take on Edgar's side of his and Nny's relationship, just pretend there is for this fic."
Author: EarnestInBerlin

Dream with Me
~"Years later after a fall out with his friend, Todd's life still hasn't reached the desired level of normalcy. Meanwhile, Pepito has shot through the ranks to the top of the highschool social hierarchy. Will this lonely Prince win back his beloved pauper?"
Author: ShiiLovesHim