hey let's go, hey let's go, we're happy as can be~

Hunter is an Asian Parkour enthusiast with a love for being active and no concept of personal space. Smoker is an older white woman and a determined loner who likes to keep her distance. They tease each other constantly. They're best friends, or maybe more, depending on how you see it. Together they fight zombies, when they aren't zombies themselves.

A quick explanation of how these two came about

In Left 4 Dead, you play as a member of a group of four survivors trying to get from point A (zombies) to point B (zombies, evac). There are Special Infected designed to stop you from accomplishing this, each with their own unique abilities. In the first game, these were the Hunter, the Smoker, the Boomer, the Witch, and the Tank. In Left 4 Dead 2, they added the Spitter, the Charger, and the Jockey. Of these, only the Spitter and Witch are female.

However, in Left 4 Dead 2, they introduced a canon female counterpart to the usually male-only Boomer. So it stands to reason that there might be female versions out there of the other Special Infected. I thought it might be fun to try and come up with some potential designs for a female Hunter and Smoker. I wanted something like the female Boomer - a design that from a distance or a glance would still be recognizable as a Hunter or a Smoker, but on closer inspection would differ from the male version in several ways. Also this sort of thing bugged me.

So I ended up with these two.

and they'd sound different too

I never originally intended for them to be anything more than an idle exercise in character design. I never gave them names. But they were a lot of fun to draw, and I ended up getting kind of fond of them.

Then I idly wondered what they might have been like before they were infected. Before I knew it, they quickly spiraled down into original character territory. Once it started, it was hard to stop. In retrospect I should have known that'd happen.

Most of the stuff I posted about them is under this tag on my LJ, but I thought I might as well throw together a page with everything in one place. There is also an LJ community now with more stuff in it that you can join! And also someone made a TVTropes page??? omg

When the two of them are survivors, their team of four is completed by Charger and Jockey, who belong to my GOOD FRIEND Jazaaboo. 8D

Updated: 8/8/21