Jockey FLELE

An FLELE is a little character that sits on your desktop and sings for you! It's not the most in-depth or fancy MP3 player, but it's certainly the cutest, haha. There are lots of different characters you can use (called Shells), but here's a Jockey one!

There are a few different tutorials on how to install the program, but basically...

-Go to this site here and download the zip under the Miku picture.

-Unzip it and there should be an ssp_flele_miku folder or something wherever you put it. Double click the little bell icon. A Miku should pop up on your desktop. If it's not set to English that's pretty easy to fix - just right click on her to bring up the menu, and then go to choose language, then go to English, then restart it. BAM

-Take the Jockey zip (don't unzip it) and drag it onto Miku's face. It should automatically install her and switch to her. Once Jockey's there, you can drag a music file (FLELE will ONLY play mp3 files, by the way. And maybe wavs, I haven't checked. Also it doesn't like weird characters in the filename, so try to make it as vanilla as possible) onto her face to add it to a playlist. It'll pop up a little balloon that should have a play/close option on it, select play and she should start up.

Voila! Oh, and her buttons are...

Face - Play
Right Ear - Stop
Right Arm - Menu
Braidpoof - Song...list, I forget
Shoes - Clear playlist
Top of her head - Pet

I have also translated the menus for FLELE so they will be in English! To patch this though, you'll have to download my English FLELE patch.

Here's what you do.

- Go to where SSP installed on your computer, and go to the ghost/flele_aya/ghost/master directory. There should be some files like 0.dic, 1.dic, and sec.ayc in there.

- Download this zip file. It should have 1.dic and a readme in it.

- Replace the 1.dic in your ghost/flele_aya/ghost/master directory with the 1.dic in the zip file.

- Restart SSP. Now everything's in English!

This specialized 1.dic file has unique dialogue for Jockey when she's the FLELE shell! You may notice if you have a lot of other shells.

Here's a video of me playing with her to get an idea of how it works..