Gordon Freeman FLELE shell

A FLELE is a little character that sits on your desktop and sings for you! It's not the most in-depth or fancy MP3 player, but it's certainly the cutest, haha. There are lots of different characters you can use for FLELE (called Shells), but this one's of Gordon Freeman! He's a little unique for a FLELE shell in that he has a lot of idle animations where he'll sit or nap or have little Half-Life thoughts, and his arms move randomly while he sings!

There's also a version of this shell for FLUX, a spiritual successor to FLELE! You can read more about FLUX at Zi's site.

Without getting too into the details of it, FLELE runs using a free program called SSP. There are a few different tutorials on how to install SSP+FLELE, but basically...

  1. Go to this site and download the zip under the Miku picture.
    ___(For more savvy Ghost/Ukagaka users who already have SSP installed, you can pick up the vanilla FLELE.nar here and drag and drop that onto your current ghost to install it)
  2. Unzip the ssp_flele_miku.zip into a folder on your computer somewhere, you can call it whatever you like or keep it as ssp_flele_miku, it doesn't particularly matter.
  3. Inside the folder, there'll be a number of folders and an .exe with a little bell icon. Double click it and a Miku should pop up on your desktop! Or a general little chibi if you got the vanilla FLELE above.
  4. Take the Gordon zip from above (don't unzip it) and drag it onto Miku's face. It should automatically install and switch to him. If it doesn't, you can right click Miku and go to "Shell" in the menu, then select Gordon Freeman and she'll change over to him.
  5. Once Gordon's there, you can drag a music file (FLELE will play mp3, mid, and wav files, but not ogg or m4a, as far as I'm aware. Also it doesn't like weird characters in the filename, so try to make it as vanilla as possible) onto his face to add it to a playlist. It'll pop up a little balloon that should have a play/close option on it, select play and he should start up. You can also double-click his chest to start him, or his mouth to stop him.
  6. FLELE has trouble playing music files at times, so if he refuses to play a song, you can hit Ctrl-T to bring up a little menu, then select 25 (Singing) from it to get the animation to run and just... pretend he's actually playing it himself cough. This can be handy if you like your normal mp3 player more, or if you want to listen to songs that FLELE can't play like .ogg or .m4a files.

Here are his buttons, you can double-click these to make him do different things.

Play - Chest
Stop - Mouth
Menu - Left arm (this isn't the same as the right click menu above, this is specifically for the FLELE music player itself)
Songbar - Left foot (a song bar is a little mini bar showing the song you have playing, you can double click his foot to see what I mean)
Clear playlist - Right foot

You can also pet him by moving your cursor back and forth over his head! You don't have to click, just move the cursor.

You may have noticed that the menus in FLELE are in Japanese, but I translated them into English! You'll have to patch FLELE yourself with the translation, but it's not too hard! Here are the steps:

  1. Go to where SSP installed on your computer, and go to the ghost/flele_aya/ghost/master directory. There should be some files like 0.dic, 1.dic, and sec.ayc in there.
  2. Download this zip file. It should have 1.dic and a readme in it.
  3. Replace the 1.dic in your ghost/flele_aya/ghost/master directory with the 1.dic in the zip file.
  4. Restart SSP. Now FLELE's menus are in English!

This specialized 1.dic file has unique dialogue for Jockey and Gordon when they're the FLELE shells! You may notice if you have a lot of other shells.

As one last note, if you right-click Gordon and the big menu is in Japanese, go to choose language (fourth up from the bottom), then go to English, then restart SSP. It might make things easier for you if you get into any further ghost shenanigans, haha.

If you're interested in SSP and little desktop doodads like these, I wrote up a big site about them with a ton of information. FLELE is a ghost/ukagaka, but it's only one type of ghost that's set up to be a music player. There are many different kinds of ghosts that can do lots of different things! For more information, you should check out the pages I've made for the ghosts I've done - Hunter and Smoker, Gaster, Temmie, and Radic and Farns. There's also a webring for ghosts!

I don't have a vid of me playing with Gordon specifically, but here's one with Jockey so you can get an idea of how FLELE works.