Why? Are you kidding? Watch the movie.


I was really into Road to El Dorado for a brief period, apparently.

OH HEY, WHILE I'M AT IT here have some info that Earthenwing emailed me a while back.

On your Why? page, I'd like to point out somthing that pretty much every website overlooks. In The Road to El Dorado, Tulio and Miguel are SUPPOSED to be in a relationship. Do you ever watch your television with the captions on? The captions for movies are usually written out from the original script, not the dialog that actually makes it to the theatre. Often the captions will be revised at a later date to fix the last minute changes made before the film was released. Which is why in some, but not all versions of the Road to El Dorado captioning, there are PET NAMES. Miguel calls Tulio 'darling'. Do you call your best friend darling? I think not. In the finalized version of the script, the pet names were present, and the script was sent to the executives to be reviewed one last time. Though it had passed all the creative folk's standards (a tulio/miguel relationship added much depth to the storyline, no?) the executives wouldn't have it. They said that 'modern audiences are open minded, but not THAT open minded. So the words were quickly snipped out of the dialog, but still remained on the script text. Thus, they remained in the captioning, at least until the revision occured. Though I'm not sure why they thought just taking out a single word would counteract that entire aspect of the movie. Apparently it did, though. Most people don't even consider the possibility of a homosexual relationship being in a program unless the character says loudly and repeatedly that they're gay but even then, a lot of people just don't get it. ... you gotta research the movies that are slashy. A lot of times the creative crew will come forward with the facts even when the executive folk dont. :)

And a email later...

I think the whole 'darling' thing is the reason it had the pg13 rating in the first place. Don't really see why, tho. I mean, chel and tulio do a whole lot worse than utter the word 'darling' but THAT still made it in on a PG level. They were making out in a temple! But then, thats probably the cleanest thing that's happened in that temple for a long time, soooo.... ;)

Um, I don't know what versions have the original script captions. The tape might, I should probably rent a copy and find out. All I know is that the first time I saw the movie was on one of the movie channels, like HBO or something, and it only had the script captions on the first few run throughs. The captions on the tape are done seperatly from the TV ones, tho, so I'm not sure if they would be the same. *sigh* It's hard to prove slashiness when the evidence ran away ;)

Actually, the first time I watched this movie I had the volume down to nil cause my mom was asleep, so I really only knew what they were saying by the captions. Miguel said something like "dinner is served, darling" and I was all WHOO HOO!!! Woke my mom up anyway ;) I love it when slash admits it's slashy!

God, I would die for a screencap of that. That'd be fantastic.

ANYWAY AS MENTIONED, LIST OF STUPID TINY GAY THINGS IN THE MOVIE because god knows I have nothing better to do with my time or webspace

Actually, before the movie even starts, a little interestin tidbit of information is that Tulio and Miguel's voice actors recorded their lines in the same room at the same time. Very atypical of american animation.

Tulio's aztec god version has a ponytail! Tulio's first and Miguel sits behind him.

Heh, they're wanted for 100 doubloons. In case you were ever curious. I think it's also rather amusing that the first thing they say is "PARTNERS!" and then they do their little song and dance, with nudging and kicking (of the butt!) and such. Hee hee hee. This also all takes place in 1519.

When they do their little song and dance at the beginning, there are some odd looks passed between the two, but that may just be a coincidence. I also love how they have a song and everything for their scams.

There's of course, the great "Oh, not the face, stop it." bit with the map. Leading up to that there's quite a few looks from Tulio kinda like "Dear lord, not this again" when Miguel gets all excited over the map, which he looks over like he can understand what it says. He also grabs Tulio and pulls him over rather authoritatively to look at it.

Anyway, there's the "not the face" bit, which must have been done before. Miguel does look awfully cute when he makes that face. Not to mention the faces he makes after that, notably the panting dog face. Interestin little note - when the map is pulled away from them both, there's a yip of a dog.

There's also just how close and enthusiastic Miguel gets when he describes "This could be it, this could be our fate!".

After the pirates are all like "OUR DICE" Tulio turns to Miguel and mutters something like "I'm going to KILL you" and Miguel just smiles apologetically. And plays guitar.

When Tulio's about to roll, he mumbles something like "Cmon baby, papa needs that crappy map...". I never noticed that before cause it went by so quickly. Haha, Tulio you're so whipped.

Interesting how Miguel is easily able to charm the ladies, but Tulio seems to have a bit more trouble. Maybe it's the guitar.

I also love when they win their roll, Miguel only grabs the map. Priorities!

During their mock argument, when Miguel's like 'You DARE impugne my honor!?" He has a smile on his face.

During their sword fight, Tulio calls him a mincing, prancing twit when Miguel's jumpin around. I wonder how often they've practiced that battle.

After they land after the whole scam bit, they start congratulating each other rather sincerely, or at least that's what it looks like.

There's the whole brig scene. Again, their relationship must be pretty old at least cause Miguel knows exactly what Tulio's doing by thumping his head. Then again, of course they'd have to be together long enough to get a wanted poster for BOTH of them, but I'm getting off-topic. Tulio pulls him down (they look so cute in this scene, just lying next to eachother) and begins explaining. Anyway, Miguel trustingly follows Tulio's idea until it begins to fall flat, but then again doesn't really attack him directly, still leaving him with the responsibility with "You're the one with all the plans." That part is also great cause Tulio makes as if he's going to hit Miguel, but deliberately misses him and only brushes his hair aside instead.

Did anyone else notice the scratches on the wall above Miguel's head? You can see it in some of the above screenshots. Did they make them or was someone else there? Cause if they did they've been in there for some time.

And then there's one of the greatest moments, when Tulio lifts Miguel up to talk to Altivo. Hee hee. I especially love how Tulio nudges Miguel's butt with his head when he gets really frustrated with his behavior. Also, right before he lifts him up, Miguel stands and quite confidently steps over Tulio's back while goin somethin like "Wait wait, I got a plan".

Also, when Tulio's all like "Well, it's not a prybar." Miguel just shrugs and gives this apologetic look.

Another little note - when Miguel is like "Oh, he wants his apple" he gives it to Tulio to give to Altivo.

Also, when Altivo jumps off and consquently Miguel jumps off, Tulio immediately goes after him. More interestin here is that when they're on the boat and they reach out to each other, there's a very defined and distinct shot of Miguel grasping hands with Tulio and pulling him up. They thought it important enough to devote a distinct camera shot to.

Another little interesting bit is when Tulio and Miguel are all floundering underneath the boat, Tulio raps out a command like "Loop the rope under the horse!" and Miguel just responds with a very quick "Yes" and goes under. NO HUMOR IN SERIOUS SITUATIONS?

Another slight note about the whole boat scene is the matter of shoes. Tulio lost his shoes at some point in the brig (how I ask? Mysteries) but Miguel has his shoes when he gets on the boat. But at some point, maybe when he jumps in after Altivo, he loses them. Little odd note.

And of course, with the fantastic "Excuse me, were you going to say WORSE?" Miguel gets this really sad expression on his face. There's of course, the great "You made my life rich" scene, but what could I add to that? Interesting little note: when Tulio does the "I never had enough gold" line, Miguel smiles for a moment. I guess he expected that. And when Miguel is like "Our greatest adventure is over before it began, and no one will even remember us." Tulio looks really, really sad.

"But YOU don't want to go, so let's..." - A funny line unless you read a bit too much into it. Does that mean Miguel would have only gone on the adventure if Tulio would have gone with him?

"Wait wait! New Plan!" - When Miguel sneakily begins talkin to Tulio about lookin for El Dorado and pokes at them rowing back to Spain, Tulio falls for it and starts talking about a new plan (with a lot of touching and rather close contact). Miguel looks really pleased with himself when Tulio falls for it too. I think this makes it three times he's tricked Tulio into doing what he wants.

"Here you go" - Another cute thing: In the whole Trail we Blaze sequence, Miguel cooks for Tulio. Hee hee. Not only that, but he cooks the fish that bit him originally. I think this is where Miguel was originally supposed to go "dinner is served, darling" but they cut it out. Sob.

"I'm not coming on!" - Rather bizarre response to Miguel's "Oh come on!", don't you think? Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I just thought I'd make a note of it.

In Trails We Blaze there's a lot of insinuated closeness and the like, for instance with the leeches. Miguel looks like he's about to warn Tulio to stay out of the water, and of course has to take care of Tulio when he gets leeched all over.

Another interesting note during the Trail We Blaze sequence, when they cut to that scene of treeroots where everyone's zippin back and forth and disappearing and reappearing and what have you, along with shots of them mouthing the others name (both Tulio and Miguel do it, I think Miguel does it twice), at the very end of it, when Altivo neighs to get their attention, Tulio and Miguel SERIOUSLY look like they're about to hug. I'm not kidding.

Of course, there's the infamous hot springs scene. Do I even need to get into detail about that? Except that Tulio doesn't even take out his ponytail then.

Also kinda cute is when they're in the fog. Tulio hangs onto Altivo's tail, and Miguel hangs onto Tulio's vest.

Another interestin bit in the Trails We Blaze bit is when they get to the crying women place. At that point, from Tulio's expression apparently he was gettin into it too, cause he looks quite pleased with himself when it's on the map. Oddly enough, Miguel just gets this kinda look like "That Tulio of mine". Weird cause later on Tulio gives the same kinda look! I thought I'd make a note of it cause Miguel's bizarrely posessive look shows up later.

There's something familiar and comfortable in the way that Tulio wakes Miguel up. The snap and then the smooth motion into waking Miguel up... it seems like he's done it before.

And then there's the "GET ON THE HORSE" scene. Miguel looks genuinely disappointed at finding out El Dorado isn't there, but he seems a bit more hurt by Tulio's sarcastic reaction to it. The pleading tone (I also think he says Tuli, like an endearing little name, but that could just be me) in his voice right before Tulio freaks out at him is interesting. He only does that pleading tone once. Of course, Miguel just sulks and pouts but doesn't say anything. He also cringes visibly when Tulio's like "And? And what?". Another little telling thing about this conversation is how Tulio coughs after he tells Miguel to cut it out, like he's tryin to change the subject. He also pulls Miguel up on the horse.

When Chel appears, Miguel has his hand on Tulio's shoulder. Could be just cause Altivo was bucking, but then again...

"We're tourists. Tour-ists." - Miguel's hiding behind him. At least, that's what it looks like.

Aha! When they walk through the waterfall, Miguel again has his hand on Tulio's upper arm. He reaches out to him when they see the waterfall and then he has his hand on his arm.

Another interesting note is when they show up in El Dorado and are just waiting for Tzekel-kan ta show up, Miguel says something like "Tulio, before we go, I want you to know I'm sorry about that girl in Barcelona."

And then Tulio says something like "So you...you f-"

But then he gets cut off. You could read that a lot of different ways, such as Miguel sleeping with his girlfriend, scaring off Tulio's girlfriend, or Tulio just being upset that Miguel cheated on him. THE POWER IS YOURS

Another slight note - when Tzekel-kan asks what he should call them, Tulio nudges Miguel first, who responds with the overly dramatic "I am Miguel" bit.

"Of course we do!" "We do?" - During this sequence, Tulio is originally going along with Miguel's scam before he begins mentioning disasters and stuff, and you can watch him getting increasingly worried as Miguel continues on. At the "We do?" bit, that's when Miguel realizes he's gone a bit TOO far and Tulio looks angry. Then Tulio grabs his shoulders and is like "Divinity! One moment.". Miguel at this point already knows whats coming, you can see it on his face.

"Miguel, you know that little voice? YOU DON'T HAVE ONE" - Their entire conversation/argument here is great. There's a great deal of arguing and Miguel pre-emptively backs away from Tulio when he's about to begin shouting. He knows it's coming. Of course, then there's Miguel bonking Tulio's forehead.

Tulio nudges Miguel afterwards and THEN Miguel holds his arms out.

Little side-note - Apparently, Miguel started/starts the volcanic eruption/s (I'll start another one!) and Tulio stops them. Miguel also cringes when Tulio yells Stop, but everyone does so.

"Alright...temple!" - Same reaction Miguel had to Cuba. He seems quite jazzed about a temple, but who wouldn't be, really? Also interesting here is that they both exchange these very lech-y looks. Miguel first, then Tulio. Hee hee.

When they get up there (little thing - when they're climbing the stairs, Miguel's on all fours), they both go at the same time "Both" in response to the question of a feast or a sacrifice. They look at eacho ther for a bit, then again restate both. THEY CAN READ EACH OTHER'S MINDS well no not really.

Of course, there's their little victory dance after they get to the temple. Hee hee. I really thought they'd hug at least once, but maybe they thought that'd be too suggestive. Either way, there's a great deal of touching there as well. Not to mention their oddly suggestive "Hey" "Hey hey" exchange.

Another little note, when they talk about being gods, they put the other one's name first. "Miguel and Tulio!" "Tulio and Miguel!"

When Chel does the "Kk kk? You serious?" thing, Miguel looks really, really hurt. He looks at Tulio for a minute as if expecting him ta do something.

"What makes you think we need your help?" - I think Miguel says this, there are almost kinda "back off" vibes comin off it.

"No, don't think so." - When Chel is like "I'm coming with you", Miguel is nodding, but when Tulio shakes his head and pulls away, Miguel follows his lead and shakes his head too.

"Deal!" "NOT YET" - More touching there, notably Tulio grabbing Miguel's hand and such. Miguel sure is trusting of Chel initially. Another note here is that when Tulio touches Chel's face initially, she flinches away from him.

If the hot springs scene wasn't enough, when they change before the feast is enough to confirm they're rather comfortable being naked and/or taking clothes off around each other. Tulio only expresses discomfort at Chel watching, not Miguel. Later on with the "This may be more difficult then I thought", he grabs his robes cause they're falling and Miguel again, touches his face. They're very comfortable around eachother, those two.

Another odd thing about this scene is that first Tulio is shown as the smarter, more capable one with the "What would it be saying about Chel?" thing, but then it abruptly switches when they get in their god robes, with Miguel takin the initiative and becomin really confident and suave.

Another note for the whole "What would it say about Chel?", Miguel responds with the adorable "Rawr" kinda thing, which gets Tulio to shake him (rather enthusiastically) to get his attention back. He again emphasizes "We are partners." and Miguel's like "We're partners." Also another note here is the tone of voice Miguel has when he's like "Chel is...off limits?". It's a very submissive tone with a kind of "please tell me I'm right" thing under it.

The lyrics for the movie version of "It's Tough to Be a God" are different than the Elton John version on the CD. Lemme see...some notable changes I noticed this time through was... At the beginning...

Tulio: I just don't cut it...with the cherubim.
Miguel: Tulio, what are you talking about!

Miguel: Being worshipped is a breeze! Which rather suits us in the interim
Tulio: The interim the interim it's me and him oh my god!

Tulio: And who am I to bridle if I'm forced to be an idol? If they say that I'm a god, that's what I am!

Little note for this - Miguel pulls him up onto the statue.

Tulio: I can see us being sacrificed or stuffed!
Miguel: You have a point, that's very good thinking

Note for this line - There's a really funny shot of Tulio leaning in conspiratorially to Miguel who looks totally wasted.

Miguel: El Dorado on a plate!
Tulio: Thank you.

I may have them reversed here, but you get the idea.

Miguel: Local feelings should not be rebuffed!
Tulio: Never rebuffa never rebuff the local feeling no my friend no!

Both: Count your blessings, keep them sweet, here's my advice (It's great advice!)
Be a symbol of perfection, be a legend, be occult
Take the praise, take a collection while the multitudes exult!

Miguel: And a supernatural habit
Tulio: We'd be crazy not to grab it
Both: So sign on two new gods for paradise! Paradiiiiiseeeeeeeee!

You can compare them to the actual lyrics here.

Okay, okay, here's a big thing I noticed. During the "It's Tough to be a God" sequence, when Tulio and Miguel start tripping (as in things start changing colors and weird stuff happens; for me the exact point I consider them tripping is when they flounce down the stairs and there are all those people holding up pictures of them and it's all whacked out) they go back to their normal clothes. They wake up the next day with their normal clothes on, not their godly robes. Did they change? Did the people of El Dorado change them when they passed out? They're also sleeping in the same bed. There are two thrones in their temple, but no bed that they show EXCEPT when they wake up from the Festival. This bed is also a little carry thingy (I forget what they're called), which is used after they thwart Tzekel-kan's ceremony. Not only that, but they showed no weirdness or reaction to sleepin in the same bed at all (pretty close to each other no less).

Also, while we're talkin about their temple and the like, why does it have a pool? Or a bath, either way you want to look at it. It has two couches/beds, tho.

I also thought Miguel's "He's back" was rather odd. Did Tzekel-kan bother them beforehand? The only time they met up with him was at the beginning when he wanted them to do a miracle, and then he left them in their room. Then they met Chel, and then they had the ceremony dealy and woke up the next day. Miguel's pretty freaked (or at least seems freaked) of Tzekel-kan for some reason even though they only met once. Why? Did somethin happen during the festival or did Tzekel-kan bother them while they were sleeping?

When they're both trying to gather their wits after they wake up, Miguel looks really out of it.

"It's NOT going to be good." "Thank you." - Miguel gets this weird look during this exchange.

Also odd is how Tulio seems to be pleased when Tzekel-kan is like "A proper tribute!". I wonder what he thought it was?

"Tulio, we've got to do something." - He trusts him to take care of Tzekel-kan while he goes and catches the sacrifice dude (totally unrelated theory - I think Chief looks really surprised because that sacrifice is either related to him or Snakeface. They look very similiar. Anyway.). He also relies on Tulio to make up somethin to get them out of this, which prompts a hilarious glance in his direction. I always get a kick out of the "Can't do it...not today." from Miguel.

I also love their gasp at all the gold and the little melty noise Tulio makes when Chief asks if it suits them. Miguel there is the first one to regain his composure. Hee hee.

"To err is human, to forgive-" - Thap. Hee hee, Tulio just baps him on the back of the head.

"Nice going, Chel." - When Tulio says that and leans towards her, Miguel looks rather upset/surprised. Weird, hmm? BUT even better here is right when they walk away, it really REALLY looks like Tulio put his arm around Miguel. I'm not kidding, go check it out! It's only for a few seconds tho.

"...ascend in a horizontal position..." - Another bit is when they're talkin to the Chief, and Tulio's explaining their plans and stuff. When he goes into the bit about ascending horizontally, you can see Miguel giggling to himself about it.

"Three days is fine." - Miguel nudges him, which I guess somehow made Tulio go along with it. Cause he was about to argue or try to negotiate a faster boat building time with Chief, but Miguel nudged him and he left it at that.

"No, it is NOT fine." - Why was Tulio holding earrings at all?

Of course, there's their infamous argument about staying still. Although Tulio definitly has some influence and power over Miguel (from the Get on the Horse scene), Miguel also knows that Tulio wouldn't hurt him, which is why I think he doesn't consider Tulio's threats seriously at first. It's only when Tulio begins yelling and cutting him off repeatedly does Miguel get the idea that he's being serious. But this whole conversation smacks of familiarity; the way it's played out seems like it's been done before, many times, on different topics, no less. Another interesting bit is when he goes "DON'T EVEN BREATHE" and then he stops and gets this very weird expression on his face and his voice changes ENTIRELY. Then he goes "Alright?" I'm not even kidding, it really almost looks like a come on.

Also great is how AMAZINGLY FEMININE Miguel looks when he's like "But Tulio, look at this place-" and music swells and it really seems like he's about to burst into song. Very Monty Python.

Also telling is how reluctant Miguel is to leave Tulio after promising initially and how vague he is about it. When Chel is like "Beautiful, isn't it?" then ducks behind the wall again (why does she do that?), and Miguel's like "yeah.." and she's like "You really shouldn't miss it", then Miguel gets this kind of sad look and is like "But oh I couldn't..." and then he gestures vaguely. Hee hee.

I also think it's rather amusing how badly Tulio freaks out when Miguel disappears. I love the phrase "Miguel's loose!". He's definitely dealt with this before. I just think it's hilarious how terribly hysterical he gets when Miguel's gone. Technically, this is the first time in the movie they've been separated, hasn't it? Hmmm. That may explain why Tulio ends up on the couch moaning.

"You worry too much." - It's when Chel reaches his lower back that Tulio freaks out. Especially when he says "Big trouble!". It's almost as if he thinks he'll get caught. Also interesting is Chel's completely non-surprised expression while Tulio tries to explain why he won't/can't do it. And then of course he does.

During the Without Question sequence, Miguel seems to constantly be sneaking off somewhere. Where is he going? Maybe he feels guilty about leaving Tulio. But he's constantly sneaking away from other crowds or things he runs into until he gets distracted. Maybe he's just excited. It also seems that Miguel needs constant attention, cause he's constantly running back and forth. It'd make sense, considering his behavior and stuff.

Chel calls Tzekel-kan the "High Priest". Just a note.

"Blood! Of course! This is very important business, I shall discuss this with Lord Miguel" - Heh. Also odd is that it looks like Tzekel-kan was really crying when he left. Weird.

There's of course, the scene when Tulio runs inta Miguel while he's playing ball with the kids. Miguel gets that look cause he knows he's screwed. Of course, when Tulio begins shouting at him, he tries to defuse it like he did before with the "Stay still!" argument, cause he obviously doesn't understand why he'd be upset. Doesn't work really, and of course, Miguel is also rather surprised when Tulio begins to agree with Tzekel-kan. This is the second time that Tulio shouts at Miguel seriously (with the same amount of severity as Get on the Horse), but Miguel doesn't back down here. Another bit is the "What do you THINK you're DOING?" and Miguel's carefree response "Lying low." This prompts Tulio to make a motion as if to strangle him, then put his hands on his shoulders instead.

"I BLAME YOU." - Of course, there's the hilarious reaction Miguel gets to Tulio's angry face at the beginnin of the ball game. Also interesting is how Tulio assumes that Miguel knows how to play, cause "So what is the object of this game praytell" doesn't really sound like a rhetorical question and when Chel speaks, Tulio turns in slight surprise.

"The first....avoidance...maneuver" - Miguel again gets that "Oh that Tulio of mine" proud possessive look.

"But Tulio, we're the gods" - Interesting little note - after Tulio's avoidance maneuver dealy, Miguel suddenly gets a lot more confident and bonks Tulio's arm with the ball. I think Tulio was messing with his sleeve before this too, tho I'm not sure why.

Hee hee, they lean on each other when they're tired. So cute. Also when Tulio says something like "How long does this go on?" they're hanging off each other quite a bit.

And when they're winning, they're all like "Who's the god?" "You the god!" "No, who's the god?" "No, YOU the god!" and it's just so terribly cute.

Another interesting note is at the very last climactic scene in the ball game, when Miguel does his back flip and such, they both fall off the horse. How did Tulio fall off?

"Congratulations on your victory" - Tulio here is leaning towards Miguel, like he just pulled back from a hug or was about to hug him or somethin.

"Well I'd be HAPPY to point them OUT to you" - Tzekel-kan glances over at Chief for a second. And I mean, only a second. But it's DEFINITLY there as a not-so-subtle hint. There sure is some bad blood between them.

"The gods are speaking for themselves now!" - Tulio looks really shocked at Miguel. I mean really shocked and almost kinda scared.

Also, after Miguel's proclamation and such, Tulio tries to reprimand Miguel for a minute, but finally gives up and gets this very proud, affectionate smile on his face, like "Oh that Miguel of mine" kinda look. It's really cute.

They get separated again after the ballgame, but this time Tulio isn't scared or worried or anything. Hmm. Three days went by or so, so how long did it take? Was Miguel just not observant, or was Tulio just too busy? Did Tulio and Chel try to hide their relationship, or was Miguel aware of it the entire time and just surprised when they said they'd leave without him? So many questions.

Another interesting scene is at the boat when Miguel is talkin to Chief Tani. He can't lie nearly as well/smoothly as Tulio can. I think he expects Tulio to fill in gaps when he makes stuff up, and he can't quite pull it off without him.

There's the sad and mournful look on his face when he looks at the exit, the sigh and the slumping of his shoulders when he says in this dejected voice "I can't, I have to go back with Tulio" ...and of course, there's the infamous line "We're partners" which gets some interesting connotations if you read too far into it. There's also the fact that Chief seems to know a bit more than he lets on and doesn't question Miguel's connection to Tulio. I think Chief knows that they love each other or have SOMEthing goin on.

Also great is the "Big plans in the other world, huh."

And Miguel sighs all sadlike and is like "Yep...big plans." Such sad acceptance!

"I want you to come to Spain with me and Miguel" - Chel looks surprised here. I guess she really didn't think he'd want her to go.

When Miguel is standing in the doorway after Tulio says "Forget Miguel", he responds with "Well, forget Miguel" - then he sniffles - "Forget Tulio".

Another interesting little detail - when Tzekel-kan summons up the big jaguar, the big statue thingy behind him falls on the floor and cracks. It, interestingly enough, cracks right between the aztec-y versions of Miguel and Tulio. FORESHADOWING!

There's of course, the conversation Tulio and Miguel have that night during a festival. That whole conversation is rather unusual for both of them, and Tulio seems rightly confused.

Great point here - when Tulio looks over at Chel playin with the kids, Miguel looks really, REALLY jealous.

"We can't stay here! We've got a plan, remember?" - If Tulio really meant it about leaving Miguel behind, why does he mention this? I really don't think he meant it. Also, Tulio looks kinda hurt/surprised at the thought of staying and at the look on Miguel's face. He also looks rather hurt when Miguel's like "Why don't we forget the plan, hmm?".

One part that always cracks me up is when Tzekel-kan is making the finger quotes for "the truth of your 'divinity'", and all I can picture is the big jaguar doing the same thing.

Interesting note - when Chel falls and is like "TULIO", both Tulio AND Miguel throw rocks to ward off the jaguar. Even if he is angry, he won't let her get eaten if he could helped her.

Anyway, when they're runnin away from the giant jaguar, right before they dart through the opening to the volcano, Miguel grabs Tulio. They don't really show why very clearly, I think it was to shelter him when they dove through, but it's kind of random. There's a lot of that kind of stuff in the chase. Another example would be when Tulio shouts "MOVE! MOVE!", he grabs Miguel's shirt and pulls him up, and when the Jaguar sinks underneath the lava and they've landed on a ledge, Tulio reaches over and puts his hand on Miguel's back, probably about to ask "Are you okay?" before the Jaguar comes up.

Another little note here - when they're running through that chamber and Miguel grabs Tulio, the passageway they're in looks REALLY similiar to some of the scenes in The Prince of Egypt.

When they skid up to the edge, they hang onto each other's arms, and when Tzekel-kan was like "You are NOT gods!", they pause and just stare. Interestingly enough, it takes Tulio longer to begin improvising than it did at the beginning with the loaded dice. There's a ton of physical contact here, violent contact, but it's there. Actually, that's what makes this scene interesting.

Tulio pulls him up, instantly slipping into the fake fight mindset, but Miguel doesn't want to play along. But interestingly enough, Tulio decides to continue along with it. He throws Miguel pretty roughly, probably to try and get it across that they need to be serious here or else they're screwed. More violence than in the original fake fight, excepting swords. Miguel of course reacts with a direct comment on what's wrong and why he's upset, but Tulio is still in his fake fight mindset. The point where Tulio breaks out of it and begins arguing with him somewhat seriously, or at least on the same level as Miguel, is when he starts yelling at Miguel about buying his own con. Not to mention Miguel sounds very hurt when he shouts back "That's not true!" beforehand.

"How DARE you!" - How dare he what? Not play along? What is Tulio talking about here? Miguel didn't even say anything. Maybe..."You're not a god? You lied to me?" then there's a pause where I guess Miguel was supposed to say something. So I guess the How dare you came from that, but it doesn't seem like it. And when Miguel is like "It was HIS stupid plan!" Tulio looks shocked.

Anyway, much shouting. Another part I've noticed is how Miguel's voice changes/cracks/breaks when he says "At least I'm not dating mine!"

Another great part in this - "...you had just LISTENED to me!" - Miguel began walking off, but he stopped for some reason and sulked off ta one side. Tulio smacks him upside the head at this point. "Well now you've got the gold AND Chel, so what do you need ME for?" Miguel smacks Tulio in the back of the head. During this line, it's Tulio who turns away and looks sulky. They then round on each other.

"Well maybe I DON'T need you anymore!"

"Well then why don't you just go back to Spain and I'll stay here and we'll BOTH get what we WANT."

"Fine with ME, pal!"

Of course, it disintegrates to pushing and such, but the thing about this I think is interesting is when they begin to hit each other. Notably, Miguel slaps Tulio fully across the face, pretty hard it looks like. Tulio's response to this, however, is a much more controlled, not nearly as hard or serious slap. Tulio held back. If Miguel was gonna go all out, why wouldn't he? Of course, Miguel doesn't do the same and punches Tulio pretty hard in return. And then at that point the two of them sock Tzekel-kan, and it really was a show. Or was it? There's something weird about that. Miguel apparently knew, from the beginning, that the entire thing was gonna be a trick to get Tzekel-kan (also knew the correct timing for the punch - I bet they've done this before), but I guess he used it as an excuse to get some of his own bad feelings out, no doubt what surprised Tulio originally. Not as much as his throwing of Miguel surprised his partner though.

Anyway, of course they make it and Tulio...it's kinda weird. During the fight it seems he realizes that Miguel is really upset at him, but afterwards he doesn't seem to think of it that way. Is he glossing over it or tryin to pretend it wasn't serious? Either way, Miguel's look is enough to confirm it as serious, at least for him. When he sees how angry Miguel is, he looks really hurt.

Another thing that always seemed strange was how Miguel left Tulio behind to be with the people of El Dorado, thus leaving Chel to pull him up. A METAPHOR? Even odder is the strangely determined and calm look on Tulio's face when he says he's fine. I swear to god, he's already planning on getting Miguel back. He also kinda ignores Chel in this.

Even odder is when they cut to Miguel, being carried away by the crowd, he shrugs. Not even in an angry way. It's the same kind of shrug he had in response to "It's not a prybar." It's weird...did Miguel already stop being angry? Maybe he couldn't have been angry surrounded by so many loving people.

And now we reach one of the most obvious sequences of all! FRIENDS NEVER SAY GOODBYE!

Friends. Haha.

It begins with Tulio looking off to the distance and looking real real dramatic. And sad. And tired. Very emotionally worn.

I wonder if Tulio and Miguel talked after what happened. If they did, there would have been quite a few arguments, although this seems to be a more direct cut. There is of course, the change from night to day, so SOME time did elapse.

Anyway, Miguel has the same kinda sad expression on his face as well when it cuts to him, although he sighs and looks a bit more depressed than tired.

Tulio finds the map amidst his piles of gold and, specifically noting that Miguel is watching, rips it apart. Miguel looks quite hurt by this and retaliates by destroying a small golden image of Tulio "accidentally" (note - that little statue of Tulio? It has his name written underneath it!). One-upping like this continues until Tulio finally leaves the temple, where it finally stops and segues into just plain sad stuff. Another thing is that Tulio, when he's walking away with the bag on his shoulder after bonking Miguel with it, pauses for a moment as if to say something, looking really sad and pensive while doing so, but then sees Miguel in his god robes and just looks disappointed in him. Little passive-aggressive snipes at each other.

Another great part is when they stand outside and they exchange sad longing glances. Tulio looks over at Miguel, who was about to say something to him but instead turns away, trying to look angry and failing miserably, sinking into a pathetically sad look before turning to talk to him again, only to find Tulio already walking down the stairs.

Anyway, after they make it down, Tulio says goodbye to everyone, including Altivo and such. He looks extremely tired and worn out during this entire scene. The most interesting thing is when Miguel makes it down and just stands next to Chief Tani (I think that's an okay abbreviation for Chief Tannibok, right?) and looks sad. Chief, who I really think knows EXACTLY what's going on between the two of em, gestures towards Tulio as if to say "Go! What are you doing? Don't just stand here, say SOMEthing."

So Miguel goes up and does it. He stands there and says "Good Luck" in this choked voice. And Tulio looks really emotional as well and just responds with "You too." If you consider before hand when they were about to die, they were a lot more honest and open with each other ("You make my life rich", remember?), but now suddenly they can't communicate at all.

Either way, Tulio stares at his boat of riches and stuff and goes toward it with Chel. About the boat, actually, there seems to be an empty space on it. Check it out yourself - it's like Miguel should be standing there, but he isn't.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Miguel and Chel finally meet up! Miguel, interestingly enough, doesn't seem all that angry at her. He's probably more angry/upset at Tulio, or at this point has gotten past anger and now is just depressed. EITHER WAY, he tries to decide what he should do in terms of Chel, shown by his moment of indecision in either shaking hands or hugging or anything, and Chel has to take the initiative and kiss him goodbye. Miguel really doesn't seem to notice this or care at all in terms of the fact he was kissed by a hot chick. He may just be too depressed at this point tho. The sad look in his eyes...pure speculation here, but I think he may also have resigned himself into hoping this'll make Tulio happy, therefore it doesn't really matter how he feels. Also interesting is how Chel very very clearly gets a look on her face that says something like "Are you going to be okay?" Awww. I don't think Chel ever meant to hurt him like this.

Anyway, there's of course the song itself, if that weren't glaringly obvious.

ANYWAY, at this point Cortes has been wandering around long enough and finally found Snakeface to lead him to El Dorado. When this news is brought to Chief, he rallies his people for battle, but Miguel looks quite panicked and tells them they can't fight him.

The more important thing here is when he's like "We need a plan" and of course, he turns to Tulio. Good ol Tulio, who apparently has to think for some time about this before decidin to try and help.

So he sets up his little model set of the gates and the boat. He starts tripping out (probably cause he isn't banging his head on something) and then Chel yells "Tulio!". Tulio jumps.

They set everything up and Miguel stands and watches as Tulio sails away. Miguel again, looks quite emotionally wounded while Tulio stares up at him, looking remarkably masculine. This is kinda weird for him, not to mention that for no real particular reason, he brushes his hair back.

Of course, the plan doesn't go off quite as well as it was planned, and the tower falls a bit prematurely. Miguel, seeing Tulio in danger, instantly and without a second thought, jumps on Altivo to try and save the day.

After he lands after looking like a pretty god boy, Tulio acts like his old self for once and tells Miguel to go back. But Miguel says, in this bizarrely calm and serene way, that he won't let Tulio have all the fun. Then there's this pause, with Tulio for once looking extremely touched, and I really expected them to hug or SOMEthing, but I guess not. Also interesting here is that Miguel had those earrings on. Were his ears pierced? Are they clip-ons? Who knows.

Anyway, after the whole thing with the boat and stuff and they land, I think it's Tulio who goes "We made it!" and he again reaches towards Miguel (note - he says "We made it!" and begins to celebrate and he only knows that he and Miguel made it. Not Chel.) and stuff and again, about to hug but Chel pulls them apart.

Right before Tulio starts laughing, Miguel gets another one of those proud/possessive looks. Even cuter is when Tulio's like "And it was so much gold!" and starts crying, you can see Miguel about to reach out to him before he cuts him off with "I'm fine, I'm fine."

There's also an extremely long pause before Miguel can compose himself later on to hold out his hand and ask Tulio if they're partners again. Anyway, they run off into the distance and are back to their old tricks.

Screenshots are courtesy of the sites listed in my Links section.

And Actually, someone sent me some stuff about the end of the movie which I will put up here because I CAN. This is from DangerMouse.

The very end of the movie, I wasn't the least bit surprised when Chel took off on the horse and left them both behind. It's clear the entire time she had one goal in mind - get out of El Dorado. At last, she found a way to do just that.

An interesting scene takes place after Miguel's little jaunt in El Dorado, right before the memorable "Forget Miguel" line. Chel wants half of the gold. Tulio refuses, saying she can come to Spain with him and Miguel and have ten percent. Chel then decides she'll take a third and not go to Spain.

Why didn't Tulio take this deal? It would leave him and Miguel with two-thirds to split between them. THEN, he says to forget Miguel, basically saying he'd take all the gold and Chel and go back to Spain with that. Now, he was probably kidding, on some level, but Chel, little temptress that she is, makes it so Tulio confuses his lust for gold with lust for other things and badness goes on from there. We never see what happens in that scene right after Miguel leaves. For all we know, Tulio pushed Chel away and went, "Ick. Girl cooties."

Also, if Chel stays with them, the gold is never really gone. If they go back to Spain and leave a third of it behind, then they won't get it back. It's possible Tulio was conning Chel at the same time, that he would take her back to Spain with him and get to keep the money anyway, even if he says she can have half, but lost sight of that because Chel wanted him to.

Regardless of all this, at the end of the movie, the only gold our boys have left is what's dangling from Chel's ears and what's hammered to Altivo's feet. So, Chel jumps on the horse, they get on behind her, she very purposely knocks them both off and rides away, leaving them behind.

She got what she wanted. She got her gold, she got out of El Dorado, and now she has a horse. No more need for Tulio anymore.

If you ask me, in the entire movie, Chel was conning them both. She had to go after Tulio because Miguel's just a big old softie and already agreed to stay away from her. If he had started hooking up with Chel, there's little doubt Tulio would have put a stop to that. However, Miguel's personality simply leaves him pouting and unhappy, but never really telling Tulio how he feels about being replaced.

So, at the end of the moive, Chel's got the gold and the horse and Miguel and Tulio have each other.

Sounds like a happy ending to me.

Personally I lean more towards the WOOO THREESOMES kind of line of thinking but hey.