There are far more comprehensive and informative sites out there than mine. ^_^ So here ya go.

On The Road To El Dorado with Tulio & Miguel
~Very informative and has lots of pictures.

The Schemer and the Dreamer
~THE place fer pics. And any other info ya could ever want. Not even kiddin. Really great.

The Road Less Traveled
~Gorgeous, gorgeous art. Not even kidding.

DUDE! It's the Road to El Dorado!
~I find this way more funny then any sane person should. ::cracks up at Cortez's "Dude where's my horse" bit::

Megara's Place
~Slash! SLASH! SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! ::waves a Twix bar around:: God, I'm gonna be wasted tamarra.

That Girl of Barcelona
~Such a comprehensive link list and lots of info and other great stuff. ^_^ Ya know. yeah. Not cause I'm on da link list, no no. God this is incoherent. ::giggles again at da thought of da "Dude, where's my horse?"::

Infinite Monkeys
~And then he smote the wicked and plunged them into the fiery pit! Woah wait, wrong movie.

Miguel Luvs Tulio
~I run da archive! Fwee! ^_^

~Link to Me~