They're just so cute. I'm not even kidding. They lend themselves ta cute fics.

Without Question
~I apparently had a plan to do a songfic to each song off the El Dorado soundtrack, although like so many of my projects it never came to fruition. Takes place when they're lookin fer El Dorado but haven't found it yet.

Hey Armadillo
~Songfic number two! This one required some interpretation, haha. Takes place...I dunno. Before "Forget Miguel" but after da ball game. I think. Another weird semi-dysfunctional fic.

The Panic in Me
~Songfic number three! This one isn't as weird as da other ones. It takes place after da first feast and stuff before Tzekel-kan's attempted sacrifice. Bad dreams abound.

Cross My Heart
~Songfic! But this one isn't from da El Dorado soundtrack, so it's off by itself. It's actually based on a song by da A*Teens called Cross My Heart (shut up). Takes place after da movie. There's a great deal of Miguel being incoherent and a BILLION flashbacks. CLASSY STUFF.

My Heart Dances
~Ah, back on track. Continuin in my little songfic series, this one is rather depressing. Takes place after "Forget Miguel" but before da feast that night, it has a lot of switching viewpoints and stuff. And angst.

The Road to El Dorado, California
~AUs! God I love AUs. Join our favorite conmen as they search fer da not so mythical city of El Dorado, California, in da late 90's. Cool.

Serenade of Fallen Angels
~Guest fic! This is from Terra. Have our two conmen gone straight? Or at least, as straight as two flaming gay guys could go? MAYBE! Read.
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Author: Terra