These are all incredibly old, as a warning.

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eat your FACE
And now they dead from coke
~LJ icon fer yer pleasure.
Miguel - Marker
Tulio - Marker
~Beautiful bird really, lovely plumage.
~This is a halfway thing between really complicated colorin and lazy airbrushing. Rather weird I think. Yeah. And stuff.
Dream - Hands
~In color! Oooooo.
~This is so cute.
~I did this on da MSP Oekaki. I zoomed in and then totally fergot that I did it, which is why there's a huge background. Darn it.
Cuba! Death!
~More silly chibis. Hee hee.
Rain - Touch
~Another pic that took me ferever ta color. Tulio and Miguel in da rain. Yeah. I hate doin rain, it always looks weird. Friggin rain. This turned out kinda neat tho. Kinda from da Panic in Me, kinda from Cross my Heart, it's hard ta say sometimes.
~One of da few pics I spent a real long time colorin. I don't usually do this cause it takes ferever ta do. I'm also really bad at backgrounds. Anyway, I'm not sure what's goin on here. Apparently Miguel was gonna step off a buildin and kill himself or somethin, but Tulio'll have none of that. Rather odd. Tulio's position took me ferever too. What a weird picture. I think it's in El Dorado too, cause da thingy Miguel's standin on is gold. Ah well.
Bag o Coins
~More chibis! Ya can pretty much assume that any colored chibis'll show up in da sidebar at some point. And yes, Tulio's holdin a bag of coins.
~Hee hee. God, I wished I coulda seen that.
Little Ride
~From Without Question, kinda. Hee hee.
Sleepy Chibis
~This is prolly one of da smallest things I've ever drawn. And this is scanned at 1.5 times its original size.
~Hee hee, colored it.
Wanna play?
~NO this isn't supposed ta be dirty. It's just a reference back ta da ballgame when Tulio hit da ball with his hip and then was like ARRRRRGh. Hee hee.
Chibi Angel and Demon
~So cute. Argh. ARGH! I actually was thinkin of makin this da header, but I decided da boat would fit more (read: randomely decided ta call this place Any Regrets and da boat picture fit better).
~Ya may recognize this as one of da side banner picture thingies. This along with several other chibis occasionally pops up when ya refresh da page. Hee hee, so cute.
So let's be gods!
Your Forehead...?
~Poor Tulio's uke's been injured! Tee hee. God, I'm freakin weird. Tulio askin him if he's okay. Another one of those side pictures.
~Terribly cute. A scene kind of from Without Question where Miguel's sleeping on Tulio. ARGH ::dies::.
The Horse is a surprise
~Look familiar? I love Tulio's expression.
~I love Miguel's huge eyes here. Another side picture.
~This makes me giggle everytime I look at it.
You're talking to a horse
~I drew this one real fast. Another side picture!
This Way
~Tulio rights da map. God, Miguel's blushing like a friggin uke. Which he is, but that's beside da point.
Without Question
~Da end of my cute little songfic. Aren't they cute aren't they aren't they argh ::die::.
~I honestly have no idea what happened here. What da heck happened ta Miguel and Tulio? Were they attacked? Does da fact Miguel's feet are slashed up have anythin ta do with his torn clothes or da cut under Tulio's eye? What does this mean!? What da heck, brain, what da heck.
We're going now
~More silly chibis. I don't really like how this came out tho.
Chibi Furries
~They're so cute.
~So cute~!
~Another really early drawin of em, even in chibi form. I was beginnin ta get da hang of it around here.

~Black and White~

Tulio and Miguel Ranachus!
~No, even they did not escape my vast cross-fandom spree. (Ranachu-info)
Cute Chibi
~It's not obvious I'm forcing these out.
Oh that...
~It's that look they get!
Sit and Hold Me
~NO CLOTHES I mean...some clothes.
~Or somethin.
Are You Out Of Your Mind?!
~I like this one.
Small Kitty
~As I assume from da filename.
~It fits him.
Bibo Morph
~I went a little morph crazy.
Miguel Blobby
~Raizy's fault.
Heart to Heart
~Do I hear a hornbill?
~Technically they should be playin Red/Blue or not be playin at all, but SCREW YOU
Weird Look
~VERY weird look.
Sweet Kiss
~I like this one a lot.
Flower Giving
~GOD my back hurts.
Stolen Gameboys
~Now GAMEBOYS they would have.
Random Boat Chibi
~Self described...huguenot...?
~I actually made up most of this game.
Tulio is now, also, a fairy
Like you don't want me to want to go to spain
~Golden plate dropping.
Why do you let her do this?
Miguel's a FAIRY
~But I still feel dead inside.
~So yer saying I'm bald?
~Talking blobs.
~Expository sentence, dead fish? Glass cake.
Not that kind of guy
~I don't know why I put "hair" at da end of this filename. I work in mysterious ways.
Valentines again
~It's weird ta think I've done two Valentine's day related things fer this pairing. Three. I mean. Timewise. Sequentially. That's a word.
~Oatmeal cookie.
Big Ears
~I can't explain this.
~Actually wait. Gnomes. Gnomes.
~They were totally gonna hug in that sequence.
Girly Miguel
~Complete with MAMMARIES
Not the jealous type?
~I don't think so.
~I like what he wears. IS IT THAT OBVIOUS, TURKEY?
Now Boat Chibis
~God, isn't my artistic talent frightful? FRIGHTFUL?
Forget Tulio
~It was all an accident.
~There's a bee on Friend Bear's nose.
I Couldn't Forget
Fun At Beach
~Simel for Spiderman.
~That's what I'm assuming is going on.
Butterfly boatchibi
Bat boatchibi
~I'm sure yer in convulsions now.
Miguel with glasses
~An experiment can awry allows me ta melt pipes with a single touch.
Judicial system
~Can Tulio win da case?
~Miguel the uke, at yer service.
Wait a minute.
~She's trouble!
~Oh that miguel.
~Goth-Tulio returns.
~Of Fate.
White Rabbit
~I don't know what Miguel's talking about.
Miguel and a kitty
~Now I need ta run someone over in a car.
~Despite what da filename would have ya believe, they are not, in fact, kissin da curtains.
Looking back
~I keep smelling this weird smell...I can't identify it. How peculiar.
~I think that's what this file was called. there was a typo.
Goth and Punk
Tulio Needs Coffee
~Caffeine of the gods.
~There she is.
~Neuropsych fer da perverted and ridiculous.
Holding Hands
Boat Chibi Miguel
~Give da gift of Miguel.
Feed da Birdy
~They were scary things.
~I dunno.
~That wacky Bibo.
Happy Tulio
~Not enough of him this way.
Thinkin what I'm thinkin?
~Sex is coming.
~It's a hilarious concept, really. Think about it. I bet Miguel talked him inta it.
Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
~It counts. Shhh.
~With a capital BIZZAY
~ICE...MAN! ::chomp::
No You Don't
~Ooo, trust me came on.
Not with the face!
~THose big eyes are fun ta draw.
You Can Trust Me
~I should really write a fic ta this. I should.
Can I Get This?
~Told you.
Get it ON
~I need ta draw them making out more often.
Chel Dorado
~I do NOT have a thing fer chests arrrrrrrrrghhhh ::drowns::
~But they're NAKED
Nice butt
~Seriously, Tulio wasn't supposed ta look THAT lecherous.
~Their butterfly-bat forms are so cute.
I'll Take
~Zar is a dirty pervert fer 500, Alex.
Waa waa waa
~I need ta color this.
Sulking is happening
~He wasn't accepted at Hogwarts. Weep fer him. CRY! CRY NOW! I need it fer my final spell.
~From what I can gather from da file name, here Tulio has a large head.
Bored Angels
~Always good fer a laugh, that Johnson. He never saw it coming.
Let your hair down
~Pretty man.
Everybody DANCE
~ yaaaaaaaaay
~Wubbawubbawubba done.
I don't have to listen to this, I'm a god
~Perhaps it will amuse you.
~No chokey.
Someday we'll get out of here
~And purchase some new legs. Or some leg varnish. Yeah. McDougal's Leg Varnish. Fer those hard to reach scrapes. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT
~God, I hate my mouse.
~Short shirt but a loooooooong jacket
My Little Conmen
~Brush their manes.
Oooohh GREAT
~I love da semi-modern version of em. THEY SO STYLISH DELISH DISH
Chibi Heart
~It may be small, but his heart grew three sizes and crushed two bystanders.
I wouldn't step FOOT i there
~Pick up da phone, Barbara.
To The New Plan!
~I hope one of them doesn't get pregnant.
~Angst. Dice. Angst.
Miguel inna Shirt
~From one of Terra's more recent fics which name escapes me now. CAN'T REMEMBER. Can't draw legs either.
I'd die for you
~HA ya can find this one on da fanfic page. Yup. Yeah. This isn't one of my favs tho.
I'm Gonna Kill You!
~See above! Ahyuck hyuck.
Now Chibis
~I lift my eyes ta da sound in da sky and I heeeeear it somehow Tulio lost have his body WOOPS
Mascot Plans
~Watch me draw chibis and plan fer da MiguelxTulio mascot up above. Some of this didn't mak it cause my eyes exploded at that point. Too bad, really.
I'm not gonna fall fer it
~I love how I can draw things and have no idea what I'm doin while I'm doin it. That's da most awkward sentence that ever lived. ::shoots it:: I had ta do it. It was fer good of da clan.
What's wrong with you?
~I will never, ever draw a horse successfully.
Happiness is fleeting
~This actually shoulda made it inta da last update, but somehow it didn't. However, I found da runaway myself. I got rewarded handsomely, and da pic got awarded 20 lashes. DO NOT RUN FROM THINE MASTERS! I think the ocean should explode. What? WHAT? I did not...okay, I need ta stop writing right now.
Anything to say for yourselves?
~Oh no! Interrogation!
Hey, have you guys ever been to Uranus?
~ZOLTAN! ::hand thingy::
Forehead Kiss
~Kiss it good. *whpssh*
~Hey, remember that scene at da end of da movie where Chel kissed Tulio's cheek?
Let's Go
~This is how it SHOULD have gone! HAHAHAH!
BWEE Christ
~MBee bee beep. Beebeebeebeebeebee ::flies off into the distance ringing a 2d bell::
Not Right Now
~I present da everlastin loop of two pictures! There's a word fer this that isn't comin ta mind, darn it.
~Did THIS make Tulio do da above? Or did da above result in this? YA DECIDE!
Wherever that road goes, we shall follow!
~That's...very...mystical, Miguel.
Have a Present
~Present present present doo doo doo. CRISIS FROM OUT OF TIME! ::explodes::
Thought of a plan yet, Darling?
~DARLING! HA! DARLING! And not those Darlings who had that chick Clarissa, or those other Darlings, I think one of them owned that Lady dog. Wait, no. NEver mind.
Doing Something
~Whatever da heck it is they're doin, they sure look happy about it.
~Miguel with his hands tied. No, I don't know why. Shut up. Don't make me get da hose again.
~They dance da waltz of DOOM.
From behind!
~So cute.
~Flyin through a cloud is never as interestin as it sounds.
If this is wrong
Take my hand
~Everytime, there's a picture that totally baffles me. This is an example. what da HECK is goin on here?
Carry meeeeeee
~That sweatdrop is becomin a permanent fixture now.
Leading the Horse to water
Hotel 6?
~Now versions sleepin inna hotel yeah.
Hold me
~I THINK they're naked.
Tzekel-kan and Cortez
~Cortez or Cortes? Hmm.
Kiss the god of the sun
~It's wrong and yet SO RIGHT - http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1095824
Do you find me attractive?
~Lord yes. Aheehe. I wish da paper hadn't screwed up here. Yeah, those are bruises. Or something. I dunno.
Do you trust me?
~Bored. Demon-Tulio fer some reason.
Chibi Gods
~I worship, or somethin.
Chibi Sit
Modern Side
~From da impending California fic. Just a doodle of Tulio lookin off ta one side.
~Angel-Miguel and Demon-Tulio again. So cute.
~This looks kinda weird ta me now fer some reason.
Back to Spain?
Butterfly and Bat
~This is kinda a inside reference ta me, cause I've got these two other characters, a butterfly and a bat, that are inna relationship as well. So I was bored. Hee hee.
~They're fun ta draw this way. Hee hee hee.
I don't know
~I GUESS this is from CMH. I'm not really sure.
~Modern Miguel and Tulio face a small problem when they try ta hide from their pursuers inna nearby bus. It belongs ta religious zealot Cortez! Dun dun dunnnnh. It's really a lot more dramatic then that. Actually, no it isn't, I wrote it in this really sarcastic way. I should really stop writing so late at night.
~Evil Priest-Cortez chewin out our favorite conmen. Yeah. Or something.
Tulio and Miguel as women!
~I think that someone is me.
Have a flower, my dear
~Tulio's legs drove me nuts and ta this moment, they still threaten ta send me on a murderous rampage. GRR
Furry Hug
~They make such cute furries.
Wait a minute, that wrist doesn't have a license!
~I really don't know what's goin on here.
~Are you a gaaaamblin man, Sandy?
And Miguel goes fer da gold!
The Massage Incident!
~In an upcomin fic I'm gonna put here at some point. I shall make a quick explanation of da dialogue instead of typin it out cause I'm lazy.
Miguel: My shoulder hurts give me a back massage
Tulio: WHAT no
Miguel: DO IT or I'll send you on a guilt trip
Tulio: FINE.
The Massage Incident continues
~Miguel is such an uke sometimes.
The Massage Incident STILL CONTINUES
~This looked really terrible while I was drawin it when it wasn't done. Like sex scene terrible. I dunno why I felt like I should mention that, but whatever.
Kitty Massage
~Miguel IS like a big cat.
Wait wait, new plan
~Miguel really had a look on his face like that at that point. Go see fer yerself.
~And modern Miguel and Tulio spot da avenue of their escape!
Don't Rush Me
~I'm not sure what now Miguel is doin here, but whatever. Yeah, now-Miguel is quicker ta type then modern. Shut up.
When I see that highway, I could cry
~You know that's funny, so could I.
Dinner is served, darling.
~Now versions! And in my fic they WILL say that! HA! HA HA!
Just get me untied here
~From a PWP fic I read. Yeah. Like that explains anything.
~Sitting generically! And in their own universe too! Yeah. Too bad they look all weird here.
~Da two asleep on eachother. ARgh, so cute.
~Or should I say, Snow Tulio?
Let it Snow, baby
A slaying gone terribly wrong
~Wow, I'm havin flashbacks ta Calvin and Hobbes here.
~Ah, fun times. Fun times. With old Mr. Harper. Grant Harper. The sword named Grant. GOD WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT ::Dies::
~I wonder if this could put that other tiny chibi pic ta a challenge. I wish that sentence were coherent.
~Or Bonehead. Whichever ya prefer.
Xibalba 0wnZ j00
~I would SO buy a shirt with this on it.
~Chel watchin Miguel from My Heart Dances and stuff.
This Can't Happen
~From CMH. Kinda. Da thing with slave Miguel and whatever. Weird stuff, but he's fun ta draw this way. Fer some terrible, evil reason.
Don't Mark Him
~Watch me fail spectacularly at drawing large, threatening people.
I Will Get Out
~Miguel isn't some stand-by slave dealy or something. I'm being so incoherent right now. yeah! I like how this came out tho. Yeah.
~CMH Miguel kinda standin there. He's fun ta draw. I dunno. I can't really explain it.
~From behind! Actually it's kitty-Miguel.
I'm free...
~I don't think I can give this a description that wouldn't be really cheesy.
I guess I'll just have to wait
~Wait a minute...if they weren't supposed ta mark da merchandise, why did he have a black eye? Maybe it was a accident or somethin.
We can do this!
~Yeah! I have this idea fer an AU (god I love those things) called the Road to El Dorado, California. It would be a more modern take on da whole El Dorado story and it promises ta be really wacked out. Anyway, here's da sketches fer how our favorite pair would look in this NEW WORLD. Am I making any sense now? I wonder sometimes or something.
Sketches for Now
~Really really bad sketches of how Tzekel-kan, Cortez, and Chel might look like in above mentioned fic.
~I was really bored.
Carry Me!
~Cute shot of Tulio carryin Miguel from CMH. Well no, not necessarily EXACTLY from CMH, but based in that period. Wait, that doesn't make any sense.
Kiss Recoil
~I present da ambiguous picture! Is Tulio leaning in or out? MYSTERIES!
He gave me loaded dice!
~Silly chibis.
This is just GREAT
~Modern Tulio and Miguel are stranded!
Play Along
~From CMH again. Yeah. This picture took up a big chunk in my sketchbook. More so then usual. I don't know why that's relevent, but I feel like I should mention it fer some reason.
See You Soon
~Another shot from CMH. Yeah! I like how this came out fer some reason.
~Fer da first time in Cross my Heart. I really like how this came out. I only wish I didn't draw Tulio on da seam of da paper. Argh.
They always leave you
~Tulio sure looks like an Uke here.
And now we're BOTH out!
~Cute little chibis.
I can't believe this...
~More from CMH. Miguel drags wounded Tulio in. Hee hee.
I think you did fine
~I messed up on this one.
The Mystical Miguel!
~Tulio: Step right up everyone and witness the wonders of the Mystical Miguel! He can read your fortune by holding only one piece of your jewelry! Only five pesetas.
Or somethin like that.
Mystical Miguel makes a break for it
~Hee hee. There are actually some pauses between some of these scenes, but I think ya can pretty much guess where they are.
You're amazing, you know that?
How could this get any worse
~From da modern type fic. Hee hee.
Tulio: The car broke down, our map is vague, we're stuck in the middle of nowhere...how could this get any worse?
Miguel: Hey, look what I found! His name is Bibo.
Tulio: Kill me now.
The Bibo escapade continues
~Tulio: No! We don't have enough food as it is and- stop with the face!
Miguel: I think he likes you.
Yup, Bibo's a kitty in this. Cause it makes more sense. At least ta me. kinda. yeah.
That was close
~That's a bullethole in Miguel's sleeve if yer curious.
A Broken Engine
~Tulio: Your confidence is staggering.
Miguel: Dude, you've never even touched a car before. I'm getting away before the engine explodes.
You should try to relax
~It's really fun ta draw them this way.
Bus Sleeping
~Napping onna bus. Yeah.
Where are you going?
~More CMH fun! This woulda taken place after Tulio and Miguel take off durin da "Angel in Disguise" flashback. A cute conversation and stuff.
It depends...
~Da conversation continues! I swear I'll redo da text soon.
A few run-ins in the past
~I really don't know.
A Dream
~I had this really, REALLY messed up El Dorado dream lately. Not only was it slashy, but it was friggin MESSED UP and really weird. This is basically how Tulio and Miguel turned out by da end of it. I may put my dream up here kinda as a fic, cause god it was weird but it was very coherent. REALLY weird stuff.
Dream - Side
~Tulio got it da worst in da dream, actually. He got torn up, as if that weren't obvious. God it was weird. Like, Cortez held him hostage and made him try and lure Chel and Miguel out of El Dorado, but in da end he backed out and then he got friggin messed up cause of it. Poor Tulio. God, and in da dream most of da time I was Tulio. Not pleasant at all.
Dream - Sitting
~Tulio again. I don't like how this came out at all.
Angels and Demons in the air
~This is one of those extremely rare pics where I kinda planned it out before hand with stick figures and stuff like yer supposed ta. That's why it looks all different. It doesn't look that bad tho.
You Are
~I filled up a page with little illustrations fer da Cross My Heart song. They, in turn, inspired da weird flashbacks that happen throughout that whole fic. Hee hee. This includes "My sun up in the sky, a shoulder when I cry, a candle in the night".
You Are!
~More stuff! This one has "My laughter in the rain, my shelter from the pain, my angel in disguise." Da further I went with this idea, da weirder I began ta interpret it.
Promise You that I
~There are four of these, I think. This one has "Will catch you when you fall, will be there when you call, I'll always be around." Thing is I switched da first two by accident cause I was rememberin da song from memory. I begin really interpretin things weird around here.
Cross My Heart
~And da final bit. This has "Cross my heart/I promise we will never part/I'm by your side/Give my word/That nothing in this whole wide world/Can change what I'm feeling/I'm high on believing/In love." Another little note is that da last pic was again, done with those little stick figure type things, but it didn't turn out as good as I hoped. I should stop drawing so small.
~From da Panic in Me! Hee hee, I have such a clear mental picture of this in my head fer some reason.
Dream - Bind
~More from my bizarre dream. Miguel bindin up Tulio's wounds. Argh, that dream was so terrible and so cute all at once.
Dream - Hug
~Another shot from da dream. See, they separated da two of em after they caught em after Tulio tried ta help em escape. They tore Tulio up and then later told him they had hung Miguel and stuff. He was understandably upset. Later on it turns out that (somehow) Miguel had survived, which is where that big bruise on his neck comes from. It was so cute when they got back tagether. GOD my brain is messed up.
Are you purring?
~Interestin little note - Originally this was drawn with Miguel facing forward, but I couldn't figger out where ta put Tulio where it wouldn't look more terribly dirty then it was. So I did it from da side, and now it's as cute as I intended it ta be originally. HA!
Listen to Me
~From Cross my Heart! Yeah. God, Miguel goes off on such weird little rants in that.
Rain - Kiss
~This goes along with that color Rain picture up there. They were actually a series. Hee hee.
Rain - Fall
~This was da last bit. Hee hee. If ya get all three of these next ta eachother, ya can see how it works.
~Miguel and Tulio havin dinner. Rather odd idea. Ah well.
~Just a cute shot of Miguel, da guitar thing, and Tulio sittin tagether.
~Miguel cooking, Tulio talkin about somethin. Noooo, it isn't obvious that his hand gave me problems. ARGH.
~From Hey Armadillo. I can't freakin draw armadillos.
~Miguel in his god outfit.
My Heart Dances
~This is so sad. Just a shot of Miguel lookin really, really devastated. I'm not exactly sure why. I guess this is what I think his reaction shoulda been ta seein Chel and Tulio. Either way, this came out rather well, I think. I really like it.
~Speakin of which, I also really like this pic of Tulio. HA I drew him successfully fer once.
Angels and Demons
~I dunno, kinda silly pic of da both of em. Rather odd actually.
~This pic makes ya think dirty stuff, but in actuality it isn't really dirty at all. Just Tulio and Miguel again. But Miguel's asleep! And Tulio's awake! And they're half naked! Mwa ha.
You Don't Understand
~From Hey Armadillo again.
Go Away
~From another fic I'm writing that, surprisingly enough, is NOT based onna song. WONDER OF WONDERS!
Passed Out
~Tulio and Miguel after da feast. Hee hee, they're so cute. Features a semi-background. It's hard ta draw stuff from da top down.
I Never Had Enough Gold
~That line always makes me crack up. Hee hee, I interpreted it weird. HA!
~I dunno what's with me and drawin Tulio with his hair down. Ah well.
Your hair up
~Miguel looks WEIRD this way.
~Prolly da closest thin I'll do ta sex. Ha, enjoy it while ya can!
From Behind
~Again, Hey Armadillo. Argh, I really don't like how this came out at all.
It's fine.
~I really hate it when I draw somethin I really like and it gets all smudged and stuff. ARGH. I particularly like Tulio's hand here. From The Panic in Me. Well, no, actually it isn't. But it was supposed ta be. This is what I get fer drawin thins before I finish da back.
~From Hey Armadillo! I do like how this came out. Hee hee.
Tulio's Heaven?
~I was just being silly.
Protect me from what?
~Hey Armadillo again!
~When Miguel socks Tulio in Hey Armadillo again. Darn it, I don't like how this came out tho.
~From The Panic In Me. I really like how Tulio came out in this fer once.
~Sleepin again, altho here they're all loose and stuff. Like their clothes. I dunno what that means.
Make it stop hurting
~Actually inspired by da (several) fics I've read that take place in da brig that involve one or both of em bein whipped and stuff. Darn it, Miguel all smudged and ARGH.
Clothes Switch
~Why do I always do this?
It was terrible!
~This IS from The Panic In Me.
It was terrible...
~Altho this isn't. It's cute anyway tho.
~Miguel wakes up. From The Panic in Me again. Tulio's position drove me nuts. It's really hard ta draw from that angle.
What do you think you're doing?
~Tulio's response ta Miguel's jumpin offa buildin above. I'm not too fond of how he turned out, but Miguel looks rather cute.
~I think this is a response ta da above, but I'm not sure. It could apply ta lots of things. Poor Miguel.
~This is a terrible picture of her I drew real quick. Blarg.
Dragon-Demon Miguel: Bird and Hedgehog
~If yer familiar with my other Cid and Vin fic Dragon Wing and Demon Claw ya might recognize some of these races. It's just me playin around with character designs. Hee hee, Miguel was fun ta do. Cause his hair doesn't drive me NUTS
Dragon-Demon Miguel: Feline and Dragon
~I loved how both of these came out. Miguel makes such a cute little tabby, don't ya think? He looks pretty happy ta be a dragon too.
Dragon-Demon Miguel: Demon and Angel
~Miguel looks all confused bein a demon. Argh, he's so cute. Hee hee.
~Furry-Miguel! I think he'd be some kinda mustie. Maybe a ferret or something. Hee hee. He's so cute.
But...he's my partner...
~Miguel, yer so whipped.
~Miguel does what he does best; look hideously cute and somewhat feminine. THANKS MIGUEL.
Awkward Pause
~Just a real quick sketch of Miguel when Tulio leaves. Quick I mean it's his head and shoulders and nothin else. But he LOOKS sad. That's what counts, or something.
~Tulio's coming up with a plan! Hee hee.
Dragon Demon Tulio: Bird
~He's hard ta draw, darn it. ARGH.
Dragon Demon Tulio: Demon and Feline
~Hee hee, they both look so cute as kitties.
Dragon Demon Tulio: Dragon and Angel
~Tulio's spikes as a dragon are whacked out.
Dragon Demon Tulio: Hedgehog
~He'd be a kitty, I think.
~In case ya can't read my hideous writing, it says "We're both in barrels, that's the extent of my knowledge". This is perhaps one of da laziest drawins in existence.
~What would they look like NOW? Not much different, really. Really fast sketch.
Let your sword do the talking!
~Really quick little chibis swordfighting.
In the Boat
~One of da very very early pics I did of em. I'm not too happy with this one at all.
~I'm happy with Miguel here. Really. But Tulio drove me friggin NUTS and I STILL DON'T LIKE HOW HE LOOKS ARGAHRGARHAR
~I think Tulio's arms are a bit too long here. Other then that it's rather cute tho.
~Kissing. Pretty quick sketch, but I don't hate it as much as I thought I would. I should color it or somethin.
~More silly chibis.
You Drank the Seawater, didn't you?
~They make such cute chibis. Hee hee hee hee.
~Another pretty early pic of em which I'm not happy with AT ALL. ARGH.
~Tulio has his hair down! I guess they're in da brig or somethin. I dunno.
Wandering Hands
~I can guarantee this isn't what ya think it is. This didn't come out quite like I intended it ta tho...
Sitting Sketch
~I have a thing fer huggin, if ya haven't guessed yet. This is a pretty sketchy little sitting pose again.
~I wanna see a PG-13 version of El Dorado. I bet they woulda been sleepin closer tagether in it after da party sequence. Hee hee hee hee hee.
Standing there
~More quick sketches. I was just beginnin ta get a handle on em here. Another pretty early drawing.
Tiny Chibis
~Extremely tiny chibis.
~Another pretty early picture of em. I wonder what Miguel's lookin at.


She does real good art. Real real good art. eeeeee.

Cross My Heart
~More gift art! From da "Candle in da night" bit. Yeah! Oooooooo. ::stares and envies::
Hey Armadillo
~Eeee gift art eeee. EEEE ::dies::
The Panic in Me
~Miguel! WOW! These are so good. I really mean it. I mean, wow and stuff. Yeah. YEAH.
Without Question
~Da horse is based on somethin other then a spanish warhorse, but that doesn't change how terribly good this is. ARGH. ::dies::


HA! I convert people! HA HA HA! HA!

~So cute~!
Avalon - I Don't Wanna Go
~Done on da MSP Oekaki. Da song goes somethin like "I don't wanna go somewhere/If I know that you're not there/'Cause I know that me without you/Is a lie/And I don't wanna walk that road/be a million miles from home/'Cause my heart needs to be/Right where you are/So I don't wanna go". It fits so well! Hee hee god they're so CUTE ARGH.



Cheldorado no wait nevermind
~You know it.